12 Lingerie Styles for Different Body Types

By on May 30, 2017

When you’re wearing lingerie, you have one idea in mind: to look as completely sexy as possible, whether you’re wearing it for a lingerie party or spicing it up with your lover in the bedroom. Whatever your reasoning may be, you want to look drop-dead gorgeous in your outfit of choice. But what outfit works best for your body type?

Believe it or not, not all lingerie styles are made the same. Certain styles will work better and show off your best features more than others, and that’s what we are going to break down for you today!

Pear Shape: Babydolls and Ruffle Bras

Pear shaped women tend to have a smaller upper body with wider hips and thighs. Because of this particular structure, you really want to add some more flare up top to look more proportionate. One easy way to show off those tantalizing curves is by purchasing a babydoll. The flare will make your hips appear smaller while emphasizing your upper half. If you’re working with smaller breasts, try finding a babydoll with plenty of padding.

Ruffle bras will also work this same magic on a pear shaped woman. The ruffles add some extra dimension up top that may be lacking with a normal lacy bra.

Inverted Pear Shape: Chemises and Teddies

Unlike a pear shape, an inverted pear shape is the exact opposite build: with a a larger upper half and smaller hips. To showcase this structure ideally, you will want to go with a chemise because they will tighten in around the hips to add some extra curves to your overall frame. A teddy is another wonderful choice because the v-shape design of a teddy will accentuate all your best features in a flash.

Hourglass Shape: Corsets and Bodysuits

Ah, that delightful hourglass figure, with ALL the curves in ALL the right places. If you’ve been blessed with an hourglass figure, you undeniably want to show off those feminine and downright tantalizing curves on your body. The easiest way to make sure your curves are the standout feature is to opt for a corset or tight bodysuit. Both of these lingerie styles will cinch in the middle, accentuating those gorgeous curves up top and down below in an instant.

Apple Shape: Lacy Panties and Corsets

An apple shape will most likely have a larger belly and upper half with slender legs down below. To draw more attention to your body half, try wearing a pair of sexy lacy panties. You could also go for embellished panties as well, or any type of panties where there is plenty of tantalizing designs that will instantly draw the eye of the lucky lover you’re with.

Another great choice that works for apple shapes is a corset. While they tend to draw in waist and accentuate the hips, they also work very well at disguising any tummy troubles with a slendering effect. If you opt for a corset, you will want to work with a pair of heels to really grab attention at your lower half. A deep v-neck cut will also show off those luscious breasts in an all-new way that can’t be ignored.

Banana Shape: Push Ups and High Rise Panties

Banana shaped ladies may be lacking in the curve department, but that doesn’t mean their beautiful bodies can’t be admired! If you are trying to create an illusion of extra curves, you will need to do a bit more of work than simply throwing on a piece of lingerie.

Make sure your bra has plenty of padding. Including a push up bra into your lingerie attire will ensure your breasts are getting the ample lift they need to create some extra volume.

Pair up your push up bra with a pair of high rise panties. High rise panties- especially when paired with a sexy pair of heels- will definitely show off those long, slender, and sleek legs in no time.

Push up + high rise panties = banana shape dream come true, it is as simple as that!

Smaller Breasts: Pantyhose and Bustiers

So you weren’t blessed with extra large breasts; that’s okay! If you were born with smaller breasts that won’t even pop up with a push up bra, you still have plenty of options for looking downright breathtaking.

Your best friend is going to be really anything that draws extra attention to your luscious lower half, especially the leg region. Pantyhose do a wonderful job at drawing the eye to the lower half, especially if paired up with a seductive bustier.

Larger Breasts: Halter Lingerie

On the other hand, if you’ve been given a nice rack in life, you might as well show it off! Any lingerie you decide on should be built with a halter style. The halter strap will ensure your breasts are being given the attention they deserve.

Shorter Torso:

Find ANYTHING low rise and it will work like magic elongating your midsection. Anything high-rise or one piece may end up swallowing your entire figure up!

Longer Torso:

On the other hand, if you’re rocking a longer torso with a shorter set of legs, you want to try your hardest to cut the length of your torso and give more focus to the rest of your rockin’ bod. Anything with a crop top will do a great job at showing off your other features while shortening your midsection.

For Everyone: Silk Lingerie

There is something about silk that is instantly appealing no matter what your shape or size is. Lingerie and silk simply go together like cookies and milk- it’s delicious to the eye, and anyone who sees you wearing silk will instantly want to gobble you up.

The best kind of silk you can wear in the bedroom is probably a silk, one piece nightie. They are extremely elegant with an utterly sexual appeal, and it’s almost guaranteed to make your partner want to run their fingers along every inch of that stunning lingerie.

To make it even more appealing, try wearing your silk piece with some chic heels before romping and roaring between the sheets. Let your hair down in an elegant manner for that feminine appeal that is sure to have his mouth drop the moment he sees you.

For Everyone: Robes

Yes, a robe can absolutely be a part of lingerie- especially if you have something even naughtier hiding underneath.

Now, I am definitely not talking about the thick wool robe you strut around the house in when it’s below zero outside. I’m talking about those short, possibly silk robes that are just downright wonderful.

Shorter, sexier robe options are a great way to show off those legs and tease your mate before surprising them with a delicious package underneath.

So go ahead, make them want and crave you before they even SEE what is hiding underneath that robe!

For Everyone: Panties of All Designs

One easy way to spice up your relationship and have your mate craving you with every step is to simply throw on a new pair of sexy panties!

There are so many different options to choose from, from g-strings to thongs, boy shorts to high rise. Find a pair of panties that you know is going to drive your partner crazy. It could be a pair of lacy panties, a pair with chains all around them, or even just a color that they absolutely adore.

Panties can easily work on all shapes and sizes, especially if you are buying a pair that you know your lover is SURE to enjoy!

Buying lingerie does not have to be a hassle. It should be a fun experience that gets even funner after you wear it in front of your lover! Follow this simple guide to finding the best lingerie for your body type so you can accentuate your best features with ease while hiding those ‘problem’ areas in no time.

What kind of body shape do you have? What type of lingerie works best for your body type? Share with us below!

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