The Truth Behind Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Reports!

By on January 4, 2014

Chelsea Clinton, as you are probably aware, is the only child of Bill Clinton, former President of the United States, and Hillary Clinton, former U.S. Secretary of State. Now if there was ever a girl to feel pressured into looking and being perfect 100% of the time, it’s gotta be this girl! No wonder there are already Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery reports…


She’s only 33 years old (born on February 27th, 1980 in Arkansas, US) yet there are already rumours flying. It may have been the marriage to the investment banker Marc Mevinsky that spurred the need to look beautiful – apparently the plastic surgery was done before the two of them got married and moved into their $10.5 million dollar condo in Madison Square Park. It’s gotta be nice, eh?


So, let’s take a look at what she’s apparently had done…



We take a closer look at what rhinoplasty is and what it involves in Kerry Washington – Plastic Surgery Reports. Why not take a peek if you want more information. Coming back to the Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery rumours and a couple of surgeons have come out to suggest rhinoplasty has been performed. A few years ago, her nose was rounder and larger in size. Recent shots of her out and about showed her with a more slimline-looking nose – not only is it thinner in length, it seems to be thinner at the end too. The bumps have seemingly disappeared also. This would point you in the direction of her having nose augmentation surgery but she has yet to confirm or deny the reports.

Chin Augmentation


Would you believe it; Chelsea Clinton has been under the surgeon’s knife a few times it would appear. As well as having her nose reshaped, her chin looks to be a bit different too. Some surgeons have suggested that she has had chin implants to make her face look less round in appearance. Her chin seems more defined this days – there’s a definite difference anyway. Do you think that this would suggest chin celebrity plastic surgery?



Although there isn’t really enough evidence to show whether or not Chelsea Clinton has had other forms of celebrity plastic surgery such as lip fillers, a couple of photos of her do seem to point us in the direction of believing she has bigger lips these days. It might be the teeth that are different however – it does appear that she has had some sort of dental surgery done to perfect her smile.

To be honest, the celebrity plastic surgery performed, if any, have only made the smallest of changes to her face which would suggest very fine work perfumed by a true professional. You will see how much damage too much plastic surgery done too soon can do to your face. Just look at Melanie Griffith if you don’t believe us. Her face has changed drastically a few times over the years!

Girls like Chelsea Clinton and Zooey Deschanel seem to have gotten things just right… Maybe more celebrities should take notice! (Especially Amanda Bynes!)

For more information on celebrity plastic surgery and the rumours that are flying around, why not have a closer look at some of the other artless on Herinterest? We are sure some of the reports might just surprise and shock you!

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