The No Weight Gain Winter – 6 Really Easy Expert Tips to Lose a Pound per Week!

By on January 30, 2013

It’s easy to pile on the pounds during the winter months. Let’s be honest, you allow yourself to have that extra slice of chocolate cake because you know you’re only going to be wearing baggy sweaters, and there’s definitely no chance of getting you in anything figure-hugging; it’s far too cold for that!


If, for once, you want to have a winter that doesn’t involve the pre-spring purge, you need to take a peek at the 10 really easy expert tips for a no weight gain winter.

Quit the comfort eating – Did you know that the 2 bar Kit Kat you eat every afternoon for a sugar rush contains over a hundred calories? If you cut that out, you would be losing 700 calories per week. When you consider that you only need to have a deficit of 3,500 calories to lose a pound, you are well on your way!


Get your fix with healthy foods – If you are craving a little something sweet, opt for a sweet piece of fruit rather than a candy bar. You will also be on your way to getting your five a day that you need! That Big Mac that you have for lunch contains almost 500 calories. 1oz of strawberries contains 7 calories. Remember that 3,500 you need to lose? By missing out the Kit Kat and swapping the Big Mac for a cup full of strawberries, you have already made a deficit of 1,150 calories. (One cup of strawberries, cut in half, contains around 50 calories)


Do your own housework – Cleaning your own windows, rather than paying the window cleaner, will burn 180 calories (approximately) in one hour. This means that if you followed the above tips with an extra hour of window cleaning per week, you will now be at a deficit of 1,330 calories. If you put on some pumping music and dance as you work, you will burn even more calories still!


Swap full fat foods for low calorie/low fat options – A bottle of full fat mayo will contain 660 calories per 100 grams. Clearly you are not going to eat 100g of mayo in one go, but this is just to give you a rough idea. The light mayonnaise contains just 278 calories per 100g. Let’s say you get through a 100g of mayo in a week – your deficit of calories will have just bumped up to 1,712. You are halfway there to your 3,500 calorie loss, and well on your way to losing that pound this week.

Start using shakes – By swapping your rushed sandwich at lunchtime that you buy from the local store with a weight loss shake that you can grab from the fridge, you will have jumped down from around 450 calories to just 200 calories. If you do this every day for your 5 day working week, you will have lost 1,250. This bumps your calorie deficit for the week to 2,962 calories.


Have a Green tea mid-afternoon rather than a Latte – The average Latte contains 250-300 calories. Let’s say 300 for arguments sake. The average Green tea contains just nothing. Zilch. Zero. Of course, this will depend on brand and whether or not you add sugar, sweeteners, honey, etc. Let’s say you have gone for a no-calorie option and you do this three times in your working week, you will have lost 900 calories. Your calorie deficit this week is now 3,862. This means that this week you have successfully cut your calories by more than 3,500 so you will lose one pound.

The healthiest way to lose weight is to aim for around a pound per week and with these six simple steps, you will be well on your way to losing AT LEAST a pound in 7 days. Just think – just by replacing full fat mayo with low fat and exchanging three cups of latte in a week with green tea, you could be on your way to losing weight without having to do an awful lot of anything else. Smart thinking, right?


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