The New Rules of Figure Flattery

By on January 15, 2013

Over the years, the “perfect” figure has changed considerably. Once upon a time, Marilyn Monroe and her size 14 figure was considered to  be beautiful, but these days it would seem as if the waif-like figures of Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham were all the rage, encouraging more and more women to aim for the well-desired Size Zero dress size.


If you aren’t the sought-after size zero but still want to dress well then you need to check out the new rules of figure flattery; those special rules that make you look a million bucks, even when you feel your figure isn’t quite “there” yet, despite all your hours of working out in the local gyms.

1. Learn what your shape REALLY is. You will be amazed at how many women out there have absolutely no idea of what kind of figure they are rocking. Would you know the difference between an apple and a pear? What about the hourglass or petite? How about the athletic shape? What kind of shape would you consider your body to be? Some of the names are dead giveaways – the hourglass, for example, has a small waist, large hips and a voluptuous chest. The athletic figure is almost straight up-and-down, so to speak, with no real curves to speak of. The pear has a thinner top half and a larger bottom half, while the apple carries all of their weight in the middle of their body. Which of these would you consider your true body shape to be? If you are still struggling, look online and look at examples of each of these body shapes on celebrities. The biggest rule of figure flattery will be to know what your body shape is, and then dress appropriately for your body.


2. Buy your actual dress size. You may wish to be size 12 and buy size 12 clothes but if you are a 14 or 16, your clothes are going to make you look bigger than what you actually are. You’ve all seen those women in the street wearing clothes that are far too small for them – do you want to look like you have poured yourself into a tube? On the other end of the spectrum, don’t buy clothes that are clearly too big for you – you want to be able to fit in them comfortably, but not so comfortable that you could actually fit another person in besides you.

3. Wear good underwear. The basics of your outfit should always be good underwear – this can usually make or break an outfit. You should have your chest measured so you wear the right sized bra. You should always make sure you wear the right sized panties too. If you wear the wrong sized undies, you are going to look as if you have been cut in half and let’s be honest about this; no one looks good with back fat because their bra is riding too high up at the back.


4. Don’t underestimate the power of heels. Even the smallest kitten heels can make a massive difference. Wearing heels can help to tone your butt up without having to do too much exercise to achieve it, and they can also change the complete appearance of your legs from bulky to shapely. Wearing heels will also encourage you to stand up straight – this will give you a much better figure overall. Trust us ladies – it is well worth learning how to work in heels, even if you have to start off small and bulky, working your way to killer stilettos.


5. Last but certainly not least – learn how to wear waist belts. A thicker belt around a man’s shirt and jeans can create a beautiful Jessica Rabbit-style hourglass figure, and a thin black belt worn properly over a dress can give the impression of having a curvaceous figure even if you have no natural curve to speak of. This is one of the easiest things to do to completely change the shape of your body without having to resort to diet and exercise.


Learning how to dress properly can give you a massive confidence boost when you don’t feel great about the way your body has turned out. We all need to cheat from time to time and if something as simple as chucking on a pair of kitten heels or wearing a thin black belt can make the difference you need, why the hell not?

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