Sexier by Tonight: 10 Shortcuts to Hot!

By on January 15, 2013

We ladies would love to be known as “hot” by the guys we see. As much as we love cute, pretty, classy, elegant, etc., sometimes all we want to be is hot, hot, hot with a capital “H”! The thing is many of us are unaware of our natural sexiness to men but here are a few cheating tricks that you can use to instantly transform yourself from cute or funny to downright HOT!

1. Throw in a bit of lace. There is something about this racy material that literally sets the heart racing. It is seductive and feminine and shows just the right amount of skin. Think about it logically – you can wear a lace dress, show off a tiny bit of skin while still being covered over and you are both classy and sexy all at the same time. Black and red lace tends to work the best, whereas white has a habit of looking rather innocent.


2. Big up your eyes! Men are attracted to the type of women that have full, pouty lips and big, beautiful eyes. These apparently convey youthfulness and sex appeal to men, and the perfect example of the type of look that you should be going for is that often rocked by the actress Mila Kunis. Try playing around with your eye makeup to see which looks you can pull off!


3. Sticking with the theme of makeup, try making your lips look fuller by adding a think slick of lip liner just on the outside of your natural lip line and using a lighter shade of gloss or lipstick right in the middle of your lips. This reflects the light and can help to make your lips look bigger than what they are. You may also want to try using a lip gloss specially formulated to pump up the lips too!


4. Use cleavage, but not too much! Men love a bit of cleavage and by pumping your breasts up; you divert their eyes from the areas that you are not happy with! It’s a smart move made by any chick with a love of their own bosom!


5. Have you noticed how most Hollywood A-List red carpet parties have glamorous looking side-swept hair? This is one of the most desired look by men and reminds them very much of Hollywood glamour. Try a wide-barreled curling iron and a side-swept style and you will be showing off just the right amount of neck to get them really hot under the collar!

6. Red is the color! Red conveys passion and men love it! Women that wore red showed to be more attractive and sexually desirable to men. It’s got to be worth a shot, right? If you are not brave enough to pull off a red top or dress, try a splash or red lipstick instead.


7. Have a good signature perfume. You are going to want to look for perfume that contains natural pheromones, and orange blossom, vanilla and rose were said to be the ones that got the guys’ pulses racing the quickest!

8. Going back to the hair theme, men love shiny hair so if you haven’t got it, fake it with a good sleeking-effect oil. You don’t have to spend a small fortune on this; there are plenty of cheaper varieties on the market!

9. Have a signature sense of style that is unique from that of other girls. It could be a pair of glasses, a different pair of shoes or even a really unique dress – whatever it is, make sure that it suits you and no one else in the room is wearing it. The best way to get his attention is stand out.

10. High heels are a woman’s best tool to really get the temperature soaring. Heels completely change the shape of your legs and make you walk differently – almost with a butt-swaying swagger that most men can’t resist. Next time you fancy being lazy and wearing a flat pair of ballet pumps, man up and stick the heels on instead. You will be glad you did when you have guys falling over themselves to buy you a drink.


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