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    40 Micro Braids Hairstyles

    By on December 4, 2015

    Is your hair super frizzy and you can’t keep it under control? Do you want to look cool, sleek and stylish? Well then you have to give micro braids a shot. The hairstyle is incredibly modern and alluring. It will beautifully shape your face and it will bring out your beautiful features. Micro braids are tiny braids that will change your hair completely. There are numerous styles you can opt for. Here are 40 amazing ideas you might like to try out.

    1. Super Chic Goddess Microbraids 

    micro braids_01

    Micro braids can look fabulous, particularly if you have long hair. Embrace your curly hair and let it transform you into the most fashionable gal. To make the hairstyle even more interesting, opt for a knitted cap or hat. It will definitely make you stand above the crowd.

    2. Micro Braids with Side Parting & Lower Bun

    micro braids_02

    Unlike box braids, which are bulkier, micro braids are tinnier. This means that the hair is more compact and it’s als easier to style. You’ll be able to create a variety of styles from microbraids. Check out this amazing hairdo. It has a sleek side parting and a lower bun, which makes it extremely romantic and interesting.

    3. High Bun & Long Back Strands

    micro braids_03

    In the mood for a over-sized bun? Make sure yours is as high as possible, and don’t make it look too perfect. Leave just a few strands of hair to run wild in the back and front. This way your hairdo will appear a lot more original and chic.

    4. Loose Micro Braids with Middle Parting

    micro braids_04

    Style your micobraids in the coolest ways and opt for this effortless hairdo. Really long hair strands are ideal if you have a rather prominent face. To hide your imperfections even better, go for a middle parting. This tip should be taken into account if you want to emphasize your eyes and lips.

    5. Sleek Micro Braids

    micro braids_05

    Beautifully layered and neatly done, these sleek micro braids will certainly draw some attention. Wear them down with a middle or side parting and you will look fabulous. Own your braids and let them transform you into the most elegant woman.

    6. Micro Braids Mix

    micro braids_06

    This stunning blend of micro braids and regular hair will make your hairstyle appear unique and sleek. Give a touch of romance to the hairdo by combing it on one side. Let your natural curls run loose and your locks will surely turn some heads around.

    7. Red Micro Braids

    micro braids_07

    Don’t you think your hair needs a change in color? If you haven’t tried red before, now it would be the best time to give it a shot. Redheads are hot! Wear red lipstick to top off the look and people will instantly notice your unique sense of style when walking on the street.

    8. Micro Braids in a Bun

    micro braids_08

    The famous ballerina bun we’ve been seeing all year long is not going anywhere. Redefine your locks and give it an extra edge. Wear your micro braids up and go for the most ingenious and elegant bun. Top off with some hair spray for some extra sleekness and you’re done.

    9. Micro Braids with a Twist

    micro braids_09

    These corn row micro braided hairstyle is pretty interesting. The hairdo seems incredibly complex, although if your wish is to make an impression, then go for it. We love the rose-like bun on top of the head. It gives the hairstyle a fresh, sophisticated allure.

    10. Structured Braided Hairdo

    micro braids_10

    This perfectly structured hairstyle is absolutely fascinating. The corn row braids are neatly done and the pony tail on the back is left loose and bouncy. The overall hairdo has an air of both freshness and sophistication. It’s amazing how effective braids can be when styled properly.

    11. Curled Micro Braids

    micro braids_11

    Just because you have micro braids, it doesn’t mean you can’t have them curled. Feel free to play with your frizzy hair. Turn it on one side to give it a romantic touch, and be proud of your micro braids.

    12. Corn Row Braids with Sleek Touch

    micro braids_12

    This fine blend of corn row braids and micro braids is fantastic. It looks polished and really attentively crafted, and it is perfect on women with symmetrical facial features. In the above picture, we have a woman with a flawlessly shaped head and really nice bone structure.

    13. Dark Brown Micro Braids

    micro braids_13

    This hairstyle is gradual. The braids are thicker at the roots and thinner at the ends, where they turn into micro braids. Basically, the illusion created gives the impression of more volume at the base. It is an ideal hairdo if you have a small head, and you’re trying to compensate to have balance.

    14. Hints of Color

    micro braids_14

    Think outside the box and give your micro braids a touch of innovation by coloring some strands in a striking color. Brunettes should opt for a couple of blonde strands. Top off with a front bun and the end result will appear incredibly interesting.

    15. Goddess-Like Braids 

    micro braids_15

    Goddess-like micro braids are meant for women with really long hair. Make sure to have yours done neatly and try out a side parting for an extra wow effect. This hairdo will bring out your eyes and lips, and the urban effect created will surely turn some heads around.

    16. Micro Braids & High Bun

    micro braids_16

    Micro braids are cool. The hairstyle is an opportunity to do something different with your locks. Keep things interesting and go with a blend of braids and high bun. The bun is not braided, and it will add volume to your style. The end result is chic and sophisticated; perfect for a fancy night out with your friends.

    17. Loose Microbraids

    micro braids_17

    This beautiful combination of micro braids and regular hair is ideal when you’re just trying to cut back on the volume. The hairdo is light and fresh, and it actually looks pretty ingenious. Give your style a boho allure, and stand out with this cool blend of braids.

    18. High Pony Tail

    micro braids_18

    A high braided pony tail is a great idea when you’re short and you want to appear taller. The micro braids are easy to style, and the end result will make you look cool and stylish.

    19. Micro Braided Bun

    micro braids_19

    Sometimes a high bun is all you need to feel confident and stylish. To achieve this look, your microbraids have to be perfectly constructed. No parting is required, and for some extra balance, make sure the bun is not bigger than your head.

    20. Micro Braids with a Side Fringe

    micro braids_20

    There’s no need to cut your braids to get a fringe. All you have to do is use your imagination. Use several strands from one side and twist them on the other to get a side-parted fringe. Use a hair clip to hold the hair and you’re done. You’ve just changed your style to 180 degrees!

    21. Gradual Corn Row Braids

    micro braids_21

    These corn row braids look amazing!  The hairstyle is thicker at the roots and thinner at the tips, where the micro effect is created. We love the gradual effect. It gives the hairdo an extra hint of sex-appeal and originality.

    22. Highlighted Micro Braided Bun 

    micro braids_22

    This is not your average micro braided bun. It’s actually more interesting than meets the eye due to the blend of colors. The dark brown mixes beautifully with the lighter shade, thus giving the hairstyle a hint of freshness and ingenuity.

    23. Messy Bun

    micro braids_23

    Messy buns are in trend this season. And if you have micro braids, you can still get it done. All you need to do is make your bun look shapeless. Just get a hair clip (or more) and don’t struggle too much with the styling.

    24. Micro Braids & Side Buns

    micro braids_24

    Playful buns look so youthful and interesting, especially if you have braided hair. They’re quite easy to style, too. Use the top half of your hair to make the high buns, and let the other half run loose. The final hairdo will appear fun and playful.

    25. High Braided Pony Tail & Shaved Head

    micro braids_25

    This hairstyle is quite bold, and unless your head is round and small you shouldn’t do it. The micro braids are folded up in a high pony tail. It’s quite an expressive hairdo, so if your goal is to impress your friends, then this is exactly what you need to make yourself noticed.

    26. Micro Braids & Front Bun

    micro braids_26

    This super chic hairdo is recommended if you want to look taller. The goddess-like braids are sleek and thin; which makes the creation of the bun so much easier. Use the top half of your hair to do it, and position the bun as close as possible to your forehead.

    27. Micro Braids & Gray Insertions 

    micro braids_27

    Long hair is sexy! However, if you feel like you need a change and you don’t want to cut it, you should consider adding gray insertions to your dark brown or black hair. When braided, your hair will have a duo nuance that will instantly draw people’s attention.

    28. Top Braided Bun

    micro braids_28

    Buns looks delightful this season. They’re incredibly sleek and elegant. This hairdo is perfect at a party where you’re planning on dancing all night long. Also, it will make you look chic, tall and absolutely gorgeous.

    29. Extra Long Micro Braids

    micro braids_29

    Take your traditional micro braids to a whole new level and maximize their length with extensions. Don’t do anything else to the hairdo; that extra length created will be enough to draw everyone’s attention.

    30. Braided Micro Braids

    micro braids_30

    Braiding your micro braids in an elegant top hairdo is a great way of standing out. Split your hair in half, and use the top half to make a high bun. Use the other half for a front bun, but braid it in a classical way first. The final hairstyle will look incredibly appealing.

    31. Extravagant Hairstyle with Micro Braided Sides  

    micro braids_31

    Let your inner rocker come to the surface and give this fabulous hairstyle a chance. It’s extremely bold, so if you want it, just make sure you’re wearing it at a suitable theme party. We love the messy front bun paired with the corn row braids on the sides. It gives the style an extra edge.

    32. Corn Row Braids with Mohawk 

    micro braids_32

    Micro braids can be styled in so many different ways. This hairdo in particular, is just stunning. The braided sides go perfectly with the voluminous mohawk. The hairdo is hip, extravagant and ultimately, sophisticated.

    33. Funky Brown Braids

    micro braids_33

    In the mood for a funky hairstyle? Try out this amazing micro braided hairdo. The loose construction of the braids go really well with the facial features of the wearer in the picture above. If you love braids but you don’t want to hide your face, fold up the top half with a hair clip.

    34. Micro Braids & Mohawk Corn Braid

    micro braids_34

    This minimalistic hairdo is ideal for boho-chic women. It’s complex but at the same time, fresh and modern. Wear it on a daily basis with a scarf and colorful earrings, and you will definitely make an impression.

    35. Corn Row Braids & Side Micro Braids

    micro braids_35

    Corn row braids are in style this season. The hairdo is quite unusual but incredibly appealing. If you have prominent bone structure and delicate facial features, than this style is exactly what you need. The shape and sizing of the braids is quite fascinating, too. In fact, everything about this hairstyle is original and innovative!

    36. Pixie Hairdo with Funky Braid

    micro braids_36

    Give a twist to your classic pixie hairstyle and include a micro braid into the mix. It will totally change the vibe of your hairdo by making it stand out.

    37.Punk-Inspired Corn Row Braid

    micro braids_37

    Be bold this autumn season, and go for this incredible punk-like hairstyle. It won’t just make you feel confident, but it will also spice your personal sense of style. A side braid is just want you need to make your hair look cool again!

    38. Colorful Micro Braids

    micro braids_38

    Brown, purple and pink are a killer color combination. The hairdo in the picture above is truly ground-breaking. There’s structure at the top, on the sides and at the tips. The spikes are just fabulous; they make the hairstyle seem genuine, wild, and ingenious.

    39. Discreet Braided Hairstyle 

    micro braids_39

    If you’re a huge fan of micro braids, but you’re fond of the trend you should try out braiding just a few strands of hair. It will change your usual hairstyle and it will make you look fresh and chic. Make sure those braids come with a corn row on a side, just to spice things up a bit more.

    40. Messy Mohawk & Corn Row Micro Braids

    micro braids_40

    This is an absolutely marvelous hairstyle! It’s wild but elegant, sophisticated but not ridiculous, and it is perfect on women going to an extravagant party. However, you should get it only if you have gently facial features and a perfect bone structure.

    Ladies it’s time to get micro braids! There are so many beautiful styles you can opt for! We’ve picked 40 of the best. Which style is your favorite?

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