Lisa Rinna – The “Trout Pout” is Back!

By on January 13, 2014

They’re big, they’re little… Now they are big again! What are we talking about? Yes, that’s right – we’re talking about Lisa Rinna’s lips. In our search for “hidden” celebrity plastic surgery, we’ve come across a few women that clearly aren’t afraid of the surgeon’s knife. Lise Rinna sadly is one of them!

It was just a couple of years ago that Lisa went under again to reduce the size of her “trout pout” and get her lips looking halfway normal again. At one point, her lips were the brunt of many jokes and it was hard to see how she would ever get taking seriously as a TV host or actress again. It would seem that Lisa Rinna’s plastic surgery list isn’t quite finished yet though… Her lips are bigger once again.


She’s a self-confessed fan of plastic surgery. I guess we could almost call it a hobby for this once considered to be beautiful woman. Her new reality TV show recorded the whole thing too – her entire journey.

a4793981a858f202581caa9070c9e2bbWith her ever-changing lips, Lisa Rinna is almost as famous for her pout as she is for the role of Billie Reed from the hit TV show Days of our Lives. Or Taylor McBride on the TV show Melbrose Place. Or even as the host of Soap Talk on SoapNet.

She’s an actress that loves to cause controversy and it would appear that controversy in Tinsel Town usually comes hand in hand with plastic surgery. Melanie Griffith – crazy, changing face with an increasingly confusing personal life. This is just one example. Just take a look at the other plastic surgery reports on the site and you’ll soon see what we mean. By controversial we mean things like posing nude for Playboy magazine (and appearing on the cover) whilst being six months pregnant. That’s a pretty brave move for any woman really. Most women are shy about their figures anyway, and this is most definitely the case for women that are trying to get used to a changing body such as during pregnancy.

The good thing about the Lisa Rinna plastic surgery reports is that she has come out and confirmed the rumours. Although to be fair, we do love it when they keep us guessing for a while, right? There isn’t really any way that Lisa could have denied the rumours when you take a closer look at exactly how much has changed… Not even the best liar in the world could get away with protesting those lips are real.

1d9ea7fdbdc972172ed2fe02385204e1She’s a fan of Botox and other fillers but has reportedly had Juvederm fillers that she hated. These were injected into her skin as a form of wrinkle control but left her with very little in the form of facial movement and she has since admitted that having the Juvederm fillers was a mistake. At one point, her cheeks were ridiculously puffy.

She’s had silicone injections in there too, if you believe all you read. It would appear that there’s not a lot left that’s natural for the 50 year old starlet…

Clearly the lips have been done – we’ve already discussed this. What else has changed for Lisa Rinna over the years?

Her breasts have changed – she has undergone augmentation surgery to make them bigger. This, again is a common thing among Hollywood women… Although usually the younger ones are the biggest “enhancers”, there are many older women that “treat” themselves with new boobs too.

Lisa has come out to say that her journey with plastic surgery all started when she saw the beautiful plump lips that Barbara Hershey sported in the film “Beaches”. Her and a girlfriend got some silicone fillers popped in there and it was these that needed to be removed in the surgery that she had a couple of years ago because they had gone. This should be a lesson to all women – there are always risks with plastic surgery, even if those risks pop up 25 years down the line!


The woman that was once considering herself “done” with collagen fillers in her lips to enhance them seems to have slipped under once again… Is it possible to become addicted to plastic surgery do you think? It would seem that Lisa could be addicted. She just can’t stop having plastic surgery done!

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