What to Wear in 50 Degree Weather

By on February 17, 2017

We all have our own thoughts and feelings about 50 degree weather, but most of us don’t think of it as tank top and flip flop weather. So what is a girl to wear during these slightly chilly days? We’ve come up with a list of 5 different outfit ideas that will see you through 50 degree weather, whether you’re looking for a cute school outfit or something to simply just go shopping in!

Oversized Sweater + Skinnies

When you are in need of something causal, relaxed, and unbelievably comfortable during 50 degree weather, this should be your go-to style. Oversized sweaters are high on the trend meter and they’re unbelievably warm; so if you’re the girl (like me) that thinks 50 degree weather could send her straight into frost bite, this is a perfect option. Pair it with your favorite skinny jeans to offset the ‘baggy’ look; if you wear baggy pants or jeans with an oversized sweater you may end up looking frumpy, and that’s definitely something to avoid. Finish off with a cute t-shirt and a pair of your favorite boots or sneakers to polish off this casual style.

Long Dress + Boots + Scarf

Just because it’s colder weather outside doesn’t mean you have to say ‘goodbye’ to your dresses for the rest of the season! A dress such as this that dangles below the knees and has a quarter or full length sleeve will still keep you feeling toasty, even on the chillier of days. But a lengthier dress isn’t going to be enough to keep you bundled: and that’s exactly why this style needs to be paired up with some high boots that come up at least to the knee and a trendy, adorable scarf around your neck. If you really want to ensure you’re feeling warm on a colder day, you could also try wearing a shirt underneath your dress to ensure utmost warmth.

Long Sleeve Shirt + Jeans + Heels

When it comes to outfits for 50 degree weather, most people think you HAVE to wear boots just to stay warm; but that’s not always the case, especially if the rest of your attire is lined up to keep you feeling toasty warm!

This particular outfit selection is incredibly versatile, which is one of the main reasons why we LOVE it so much! When it comes to the top, go ahead and go with a super long sleeve shirt that doesn’t end until it hits your wrists, or go for something a little bit more flirty and decide on a quarter length top. The top you decide on is completely up to you: grab something lacy, go completely plain, or even decide on a button up top; there’s so many options!

When it comes to the pants, feel free to go loose or go skinny. You simply can’t go wrong in this situation, but if you opt for a pair of heels you will want to stick with your skinny jeans. If you want a more relaxed outfit, switch out the heels for some sneakers and go ahead with those looser fitting jeans.

The possibilities are truly endless, but of course don’t forget your matching accessories like a cute clutch or cross-body bag.

Shorts + Tights + Beanie

Shorts? In 50 degree weather? Yeah, that just happened. Much like dresses don’t have to be nixed from your outfit choices, neither do shorts- you just need to know how to wear them so you don’t freeze your booty off!

If you opt for a more daring look and want to wear your shorts into the (treacherous) cold, we recommend throwing on a pair of tights underneath for that extra dose of warmth; I mean, we can all agree that feeling ice-cold weather against our legs is not the best feeling in the world. Tights- no matter if they are thin or thick- will help to block against the colder weather and leave you feeling fantastic. Finish off the lower half with a pair of short ankle booties for an on-trend look that’s fashionable and cute.

Last but not least, ladies, let’s not forget the beanie. Beanies are a perfect go-to for 50 degree weather outfits, and they’re a great addition to a skimpier outfit selection such as this. But whether you’re wearing a cozy sweater or keeping it casual with a long-sleeve top, you can’t go wrong with beanies. They’re fashionable, look ridiculously cute on women, and of course they keep your head warm throughout the entire day. (It’s also a great option for bad hair days when NOTHING is going your way!)


My biggest piece of advice when it comes to what to wear in 50 degree weather is this: WEAR LAYERS! Wearing layers ensures you are kept nice and warm, even if the temperature drops below 50 degrees. And when the temperature starts rising up during the middle of the day? Simply take off a couple of layers and you’re good to go. Needless to say, layering has your back no matter WHAT the crazy weather does.

So how does one ‘layer’ their clothing? It’s really easy. You want to start off with a simple get-up: say, your favorite pair of skinny jeans and some ankle booties and a short sleeve, plain top. Add on a really comfortable but flattering sweatshirt that hugs your body and curves nicely (you don’t want it too loose or you won’t be able to finish layering). Next, find a larger-sized jacket that you can throw over your sweatshirt; one that matches, one that’s comfy. Finish off your style with a cute scarf that’s designed to keep your neck warm.

See? Finding the perfect outfit for 50 degree weather doesn’t have to be a hassle. Just remember this: don’t say bye to your dresses and shorts, work around them. Always remember to layer, whether you do just a single layers or do triple layers. You can’t go wrong with beanies or scarves when it’s chilly outside!

What’s your favorite outfit for 50 degree weather?

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