How to Flirt with Your Boyfriend

By on November 13, 2015

So you managed to get the guy, then what? How do you keep the romance, the attraction and the butterflies that go with it alive? Here are some excellent tips for doing just that.

Physical Closeness

You’d be surprised at how much hugs, kissing, hand holding and caressing can do to a relationship. Holding hands when out walking, an impromptu kiss for no reason, putting your hand on his thigh when out eating, giving him a massage when he’s tired and cuddling up for a long hug when watching a movie, or when you see each other after a long day, all work wonders. Physical touch releases chemicals that make us feel great.

However, physical closeness does not mean you should cling onto your guy for dear life. That’s annoying. You don’t have to hold his hand every second of the day.


To keep the flame alive you need to remember what you like about your man and tell him about it. A guy wants to feel good when around you, that’s what will make him happy. And compliments will do just that. It will also make him feel proud and he will feel attractive in your eyes. A definite winner!

Be sure to vary your compliments. Tell him how you think he rocks at something he does at work, or in school. Tell him what you love about his personality, like how kind he is for example. Tell him how much you appreciate it when he does something for you (he’ll do it again!). Tell him how hot he is when wearing certain clothes (he’ll wear them again!). Tell him how sexy his eyes/mouth/shoulders…whatever, are. Tell him how much you believe he will succeed with x, y, z. Tell him how attracted you are to him in general. Be sure to throw in at least one compliment a week.

Play Fighting

There’s nothing like a flour, foam, pillow, or water fight to have some fun and flirting!

Romantic Dates

Yup, they’re like made for flirting. Dinner at home with candles. Eating out at an intimate restaurant. Picnic on the beach. A day at the spa (or someone’s hot tub!). Spending the day at a lake rowing in summer. Ice skating and hot chocolate in winter. When there’s romance in the air, sparks fly!


Send him flirtatious texts. Maybe you can’t stop thinking about him. Maybe you just went lingerie shopping. Maybe you’re in bed thinking about him as you’re falling asleep. Maybe you think he’s hot. All these are things you can spin off on in text messages.


It’s been proven that looking someone in the eye and revealing intimate details about your life leads to attraction. You can play games where you ask each other questions for intimacy, or you can simply have deep conversations whilst having a candle lit dinner in a cozy restaurant, whilst looking each other in the eye. You can also go to a romantic location and just sit looking each other in the eye for a little while.

Check out the original experiment here.

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