20 Flirting Tips for Girls

By on November 18, 2015

Men, flirting, relationships- it’s all tough, isn’t it? It can be hard to figure out what you should say or do, especially when you’ve got your eye on someone and have NO idea where to start. Well, ladies, flirting doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking or frightening, in fact, it should be the EXACT opposite! To help you out we’ve come up with the 20 flirting RULES to get a guy to like you. Good luck!


1. Make Sure He’s Single
Before we even get started down this flirtatious future with Mr. Hot Stuff, please make sure he is SINGLE. You don’t want to waste your time with a man that’s in a committed relationship and you definitely don’t want to potentially ruin his relationship with whomever he’s seeing.

2, Make Sure Your Best Friend Doesn’t Like Him
You’re going to have a terrible time flirting with this guy if you find out your best friend likes him; that’s just a recipe for disaster! Always check with your BFF to see who she is interested in before putting on the charm. It only takes a quick couple seconds but it will save you loads of drama in the future, so just do it!

3. Smile at Him Often
There is simply no easier way to show someone you’re interested in them than by simply smiling at them. And I’m not talking about the friendly little smile you give your Grandma when you see her at Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’m talking about that flirtatious coy smile that makes a man’s heart melt instantly. Make sure you’re flashing him this smile often, whether you’re right next to him or across the room from him. And always make sure you’re smiling when the two of you are talking- this is a big sign to him that you enjoy the conversation and you love his company. (You know what they say, there’s nothing prettier on a woman than her smile!)

4. Play the ‘Caught-Ya-Lookin’ Eye Game
We all know this classic game: you’re sitting in class, you on one side and the guy you like on the other. Every now and then you catch each other looking, making eye contact only for a split second and then smiling shyly as you quickly turn away. It’s adorable in every way, isn’t it? And of course it’s a really easy way to show someone you’re interested. I mean, why wouldn’t you keep glancing over at someone you think is incredibly cute?

5. Laugh at His Jokes
We all know how hard men try to amuse us. They constantly want us to be smiling and laughing and giggling the entire time we are around them. Ladies, even if he’s not really being all that funny, if he is putting an honest effort out there to make you laugh, just do it. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top, where you’re holding your sides and barely able to contain yourself. Just a little giggle and a smile his way will make him feel like he’s the funniest man in the world!


6. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Silly
There is absolutely NO doubt about it: a man loves when a woman can be silly! I mean, can you blame them? Have you ever been around a girl that thinks she is ‘too cool’ or ‘too hot’ to be silly? It’s ridiculous, and to be frank, it’s downright boring. Who would want to be around someone like that, let alone DATE someone like that? Show them your silly side; they will love it to pieces.

7. Always Be Yourself
Don’t ever try and be something you are not just to land a guy. Your true self will come through eventually, and he will be extremely hurt and disappointed that you hid yourself from him throughout the entire relationship. Remember ladies: ALWAYS be yourself! If this guy doesn’t like it, then he wasn’t meant for you. Another man will love and cherish you for who you are, so never change yourself just to be with someone you think is cute or funny. It’s not worth it and you’ll lose a piece of yourself in the process.

8. Make a Little Physical Contact
Everybody knows this little rule of flirting! When you like someone and you really want to amp up the level of flirting, you gotta do a little touching and feeling. When he says something funny, giggle and softly touch his arm. That’s a classic symbol of “I like you” that’s been working for several hundreds of years!

9. Keep Eye Contact Strong
Eye contact is probably a lot more important than you think! Keeping strong eye contact with someone throughout the entire conversation shows them that you are interested and engaged in what they have to say. You are giving them your full, undivided attention, and that means a lot to an individual. And trust me, people can always tell when you’re not giving them your complete attention. Haven’t you ever had someone whose eyes seem to wander throughout the convo? It’s not only annoying, but pretty disrespectful, making you feel boring or unwanted.

10. Take an Interest in His Interests
If you want to show a guy you’re interested, why just keep things at the surface? Dive a little deeper into the flirting game and take on a few of his interests. Not only will this show him you were paying attention to what he likes and dislikes, but it also shows him that you’re a gal that’s not afraid to try new things and wants to enjoy something WITH him. That tells a lot about the kind of person you are and how awesome of a girlfriend you could potentially be.


11. Keep it Fun and Casual
One thing about the flirting game is you have to keep it calm, casual, and FUN. That’s what flirting is all about- having fun with someone with absolutely no strings attached. If the flirting happens to turn into something more one day, than great! But while the flirting exchange is still all brand new between the two of you, it’s best to keep things as casual as possible. If you start to develop too strong of feelings for this individual, you need to tell them right away. That way you can find out sooner than later if the flirting will turn into a relationship or if you should keep your distance.

12. Don’t Get Carried Away
When you start flirting with someone, it’s only natural to develop feelings for them (most of the time). If that’s the case with this new guy, remember not to get carried away. If you see him flirting with someone else, you can feel a little jealous on the inside but never show it on the outside. He is not your boyfriend, the two of you are only flirting around. So don’t get confused and start reading more into it (until the two of you make it official, of course).

13. Shoot Him a Compliment
You love him in that new red hat. You can’t get enough of his incredible humor. You think his nightly workouts at the gym are really paying off. Well, why not tell him! Trust me girls, getting a compliment from a woman is like giving him a small piece of gold. It will boost his ego, make him feel special, and he will definitely get the hint that you’re interested in him and want to flirt. Just don’t go too crazy with the compliments or he might be annoyed or even think you’re lying!

14. Send Flirty Texts
Why should you ONLY flirt in person? Heck, for some it may even be a million times easier to flirt over a text message. A simple “Hey handsome ;)” at a random time is sure to put a huge smile on his face. Don’t forget the winking smiley face, though! You could also send him a funny joke or a compliment over a text message. In fact there’s TONS of ways you can flirt with him over a text message, so be creative!

15. Use Body Language to Show You’re Interested
Using correct body language shouldn’t be confined to the interviewing room! Body language can easily show someone you are interested in them. So take the advice you got from your mom and dad about correct body language: keep your body facing them, slightly bent in their direction to show you’re really engaged in the conversation. Keep eye contact strong. Don’t fidget too much and try to keep yourself inviting.


16. Ask Him Personal Questions
When you like someone, of course you want to get to know them better! So why not ask this special guy some rather personal questions? If you notice a nice tattoo placed on those gorgeous, muscular arms, ask him what the tattoo means. This not only shows you’re interested in him, but you were also checking out his body. You could also ask him simple things like what his favorite movies are, if he’s ever been out of the country, or if he would consider himself a good kisser!

17. (But Not Too Personal)
Now, remember: you’re not trying to write a book on his life story. Any super personal questions should be kept for when the two of you enter a relationship. So any questions regarding his past and future should be kept to a minimum, especially questions about relationships. Don’t ask him about his past girlfriends and definitely don’t talk about anything like marriage or kids with this guy. Keep the questions casual, yet still personal enough to find out more about him.

18. Challenge Him
There’s nothing quite like a good old challenge between a boy and a girl. Let’s say he’s out shooting some hoops on the basketball court, and you just so happen to be wearing your favorite Nike’s that day. How about a little flirty one-on-one game? The two of you will undoubtedly share a ton of laughs and giggles during the game, plus there’s plenty of physical action throughout. So, if you have a chance to challenge this guy, then go for it! He will love that you’re willing to take him on and you’re not afraid of challenging a man. Your confidence and love for fun games and challenges will certainly be a big turn on for him.

19. Don’t Be Afraid to Show Your Tomboy Side
So many women are afraid of showing their tomboy side, in fear that it will be a big turn off for the guy they want to date. But seriously, ladies- don’t deny it! We ALL have that little slice of tomboy hidden deep in the crevices of our souls, and men actually love it. The majority of men love a girl who can get dressed up in heels and a dress for date night, but turn around the next day and root on their favorite football team while adorning their beloved football jersey for support. That being said, never fear storing away your tomboy side. He will LOVE to see this fun side of you!

20. Always Be a Lady
I can’t stress this one enough! Flirting doesn’t mean you have to be raunchy or say dirty things to a man. Flirting should be cute and fun, so keep it as respectful and coy as possible. You’ll land a guy faster being a lady and knowing how to flirt the right way than putting it all out there on display for him to see. Men still like a woman they can chase, and they’ll find you much more attractive if you remain ladylike throughout the flirting game.


See? Flirting doesn’t have to be difficult or a challenge at all! The best piece of advice in this entire blog is definitely to be yourself; the rest will follow!

Ladies, what are some of your best tips and rules of flirting to get a guy to like you?

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