How to Flirt With a Guy at Work

By on May 12, 2016

When you’re busy at work and a cutie suddenly catches your eye, you probably go into  shock-survival mode: “Oh my gosh, who is this new guy?” followed by “I need to make my move before my co-workers get to him!” I mean, let’s be real ladies, if there’s multiple single employees and a handsome fella joins the team, we’re all in close quarters and want to find out more about that new guy. Here’s 10 ways to flirt with a guy at work so YOU can catch that new cutie.


  1. Dress to Impress

I’m not saying pull out the skimpiest outfit in your wardrobe and wear it to the office; keep it classy ladies, but make sure you’re accentuating your best features. For example, a sexy workplace attire may include a form-fitting pencil skirt, tights, and some lovely black heels that aren’t too high. Pair it with some loose waves in your hair, a pair of dazzling earrings, and a blazer to piece it all together. The point is to be sexy and smart all in one.

  1. Compliment Him

Whether you’re in the workplace or out of the workplace, the easiest way to flirt with someone without being blatantly obvious is to throw them a compliment. Maybe a simple “Hey Jim, I like your new t-shirt” or “Wow, you did an amazing job with your business report” is all you need. Keep it short and to the point. While you’re complimenting him, be sure to throw him a coy smile and make flirty eye contact. As you’re walking away, you may even want to look back to see if he’s looking at you. The two of you will smile and look away quickly which is one of the cutest things ever, right?


  1. Be Good at Your Job

There is NOTHING sexier than a woman that’s good at what she does and takes her work seriously! If you’re good and hardworking, he will notice; seriously. He will also have a newfound respect for you, and when a man respects a woman he becomes more interested in her. So don’t be ‘cool’ and hate your job, doing half the work you could be doing; go above and beyond, not just to impress him, but for yourself too.

  1. Ask Him for Help

Since the dawn of time, men have always loved to help women, whether it was bringing home food for the family to eat, helping a lady change her tire, or spotting her at the gym. They LOVE to help ladies, so why not use this simple way of flirting in the workplace as well? Asking him for help will make him feel like a big tough guy that can take care of you- think of it as him being the Superman to your Lois Lane moment. You will boost his ego instantly and you’ll get to be close to him for awhile- everybody wins!

  1. Walk By His Desk.. Slowly

There’s nothing like a woman’s sexy strut, right? Men love to watch a woman walk- just something about watching our hips sashay that drives them wild. Well, drive him crazy in the workplace by walking by his desk extra slow. Let those hips glide and don’t forget to wear a nice pair of heels to add to that sex appeal; he won’t be able to take his eyes off of you, that’s for sure.


  1. Touchy-Feely

So, okay. He is cute. You like him. And you can’t lie to me, you want to touch him. I mean like, you want to feel his muscles with your fingertips; that’s totally normal. So, why don’t you? There’s a coy way to touch a man gently that will not only drive him crazy, but give you a little satisfaction as well. Try gently tapping his arm and giggling when he says a corny joke. It may sound silly, but it’s an awesome way to show a man you’re totally interested in him and you want to get closer to him.

  1. Personality is KEY

Inside or outside of the office your personality needs to be on point. Don’t be so rigid that you can’t take a joke, but don’t be so comical that you can’t be serious. There’s a middle ground you need to reach, where you’re not afraid to be silly and have fun, but you still know when to flip the switch and be ‘real’. Try to smile as much as possible and work on your confidence- they say confidence is one of the most attractive things about a woman, and if you can pair that with a killer personality, you’re golden.


  1. Leave a Note on His Desk

Leaving a sweet note on his desk is super cute, and will definitely put a smile on his face. Keep it anonymous for awhile- make him sweat a little. Just a note that says ‘I really like you’ or ‘Have a great day handsome’ is enough. Eventually you can tell him who the writer was- you- but keep him guessing for a little while.

  1. Ask for His Number

If you like him, you probably want to talk to him outside of work, right? And what better way to show someone you’re seriously interested in them than by asking for their digits. Go ahead, don’t be shy! If everything is going well at work and you’re feeling a connection, ask him!


  1. Hang Out Outside of Work

Now, there’s two ways you can do this: for one you can do it as a group outing with a few people from work to make it more casual, or you can be blunt about things and ask him out on a one-on-one date. It’s entirely up to you but if you don’t want to ‘beat around the bush’ so they say, then consider asking him out on a date!

How do you flirt with a guy at work? We’d love to know your ways! Share with us all your juicy stories below.


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