How To Dress For Your Body Type

By on January 31, 2014

I’m sure we all know what it’s like when we see a model or mannequin wearing a fab outfit then when it comes to us trying on the exact same clothes for ourselves the outfit suddenly looks entirely different. Maybe it nips us in too much at the waist or the baggy top suddenly drowns up, perhaps the sweeping neckline doesn’t flatter us at all or the flared skirt simply doesn’t work. My point is, outfits look different from person to person for one reason or another, even if the people involved are technically the same clothes size.

But it’s not all about size though, is it? It’s about shape! You could have the most beautiful body in the world but if you dress is wrong all that’s attractive about you will suddenly be lost. With that in mind, it can be confusing to know exactly what your body shape and also how to dress for it. Never fear, I’m here to present you with the facts and of course some good old fashioned advice on how to dress for your body type!

Pear Shaped Bodies

Pear shaped bodies are thicker at the bottom than they are at the top, meaning women with this body type tend to have slim shoulders and breasts but widen out below the waistline. Their hips, bum and thighs will be quite broad. The best way to dress if you have a pear shaped body (also known as a bell shaped body) is to find clothes that balance out your figure. Clothes that give the illusion of widening your bust or shoulders will be perfect but you can also try hip skimming tunics and skirts too.


Apple Shaped Bodies

Women with an apple shaped bodies have round, often large, equally sized hips and breasts with no waistline in between. They have no definition of the waist making it seem as though the waist is the same width as their bust and hips. To counteract this, try wearing baggy, floaty clothes especially when it comes to dresses and tops. A thin belt around the waist will work wonders in making it seem like you have a waist, just remember not to make it too tight or your curves will stand out too much. Straight leg jeans will look fab too as while you may have wide hips you legs will slim down towards the ankle. Add a pair of heels to draw attention to your slim ankles and feet.


Column Shaped Bodies

Women with column shaped bodies tend to be tall and don’t tend to flaunt many curves. They’re very up and down with long legs and straight waistlines. If this sounds like you then congratulations – you can wear virtually anything! There are no type of clothes it’s recommended you avoid so feel free to dress however you like! One thing you might like to try however is wearing clothes that nip in at the waist to give you the illusion of curves.


Hourglass Shaped Bodies

Hourglass bodies are also known as cello shaped bodies so I’m sure just by that you can imagine what they look like. Women with this type body are equally top and bottom heavy and their body nips in a the waist. They have amazing curves that are great for showing off. If this is you then choose clothes that really show off your curves to make the most of your body. Wide, V-neck tops are also great as this lessens the impact of your breasts as often covering them up too much can make them seem overly big.


Goblet Shaped Bodies

A goblet is another easy shape to picture and I’m sure you’ve guessed it means these type women have slender, long legs and a slim waist which open up into wide shoulders. Chances are, these women are tall too. To dress this type of body, stick to skirts and trousers that really flatter your legs as they’ll likely be your best feature. Don’t drown them and hide them away. To take focus away from your broad shoulders, wear wide necklines so the focus moves onto your bust.


Lollypop Shaped Bodies

Having a lollypop shaped body means you have slim legs and hips and a narrow waist which open out into a full bust. With good diet this type of body becomes much more pronounced with age too. If this is you then try wearing bootcut jeans or flared skirts to balance out your bust. You could also try adding a belt around your waist to help give the illusion of a curvaceous waist and wider hips. If you do for a belt however don’t make it too tight – while it may show off your desirable, narrow waist it will also make your large bust stand out and seem over pronounced.


Cornet Shaped Bodies

This is the classic body type of most models. It means you have broad shoulders, small and quite flat boobs, virtually no waist and tiny hips which extend into long, elegant legs. The best way to dress for this body type is to highlight your best features – skinny jeans which show off your fabulous pins and tiny hips will work wonders for you. A belt or top tha clinches you in to give the appearance of a waist will look great too.


Vase Shaped Bodies

The skittle body shape is really an extended hourglass figure. It means you have a long, curving waist, a full bust and long curvaceous hips and legs. It’s an incredibly desirable figure so lucky you if yo have one! This type of body can pull of virtually any type of clothes but to really show off that amazing figure of yours try going to tailored clothes. Single button jackets and belted dresses and jumpers will look fantastic on you. Wide, scooping necklines will also look fab as they draw attention to your assets.


Fingers crossed all that helped! If you don’t already know your body type then I suggest you find out, knowing that simple fact and how to dress for your body type will work miracles when you’re choosing clothes!


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