How To Dress For A Pear Shaped Body

By on September 15, 2013

Pear shaped figures are a fairly common shape upon women across the world. At times, those who sport a pear-like physique can look short, not  proportionate and even frumpy. This is usually due to the fact that they aren’t dressing themselves the right way to accentuate and complement their given figure. If you have a pear-shaped body, don’t fret! There are so many things you can do to really pull your look together. You may not even need to go shopping at all! You may just need to rearrange your wardrobe a bit. Here are some helpful tips to dress a pear-shaped body correctly:



1. Shirts:

When it comes to pear figures and the shirts they sport, it is all about elongating your torso and waist. To properly achieve this, it’s vital to avoid wearing any shirts that end above your hips. Always dress for success by ensuring your shirts and sweaters end below the hip-line. If not, then always make sure you are wearing along tank-top underneath the shorter shirt to still produce that longer look. Any shirts or sweaters that end above the hip-line will just make your hips and booty stick out even more and look short and frumpy. Bright, fun, patterned and unique tops will really draw attention from the lower half to the top half with no problem!


2. Neckline:

When it comes to necklines, surprisingly the type of line you wear can change your entire appearance. Avoid wearing: Sabrina necklines, boat-shaped necklines, square necklines and turtle-necks. You are going to want to put scoop-necklines, v-necks, off-the-shoulder necklines and strap-less necklines into place. The more flattering and cute the neckline, the more attention you draw upwards instead of downwards. Certain types of necklines can also shorten your appearance and that’s definitely something you are going to want to avoid when it comes to dressing your pear-shaped figure.


3. Accessorizing The Neck:


Scarves, scarves, scarves and more scarves! Or really fun, (non-tacky!) bold necklaces . Wearing cute, fun and outstanding necklaces and scarves will also draw attention away from your bottom half. Plus, they can be just so darn cute and really make an outfit stand out.

4. Pants:

Pants, slacks or shorts are the big, big things when dressing a pear-shaped body. Avoid straight boot-leg jeans, super clingy jeans or short-short shorts. If your shorts are too short, they may accentuate all the wrong parts or your pear-shaped bottom half and make it look HUGE. Straight-cut jeans will shorten your legs and hips, which is something you want to stir clear of. To elongate those legs and really accentuate those hips, always swing for mid-rise jeans or shorts. This will definitely give you the look you’ve been yearning for. Flares can also be a really good type of jean to try out when it comes to dressing that pear-shape. Flares will not only elongate your bottom half, but they can also draw attention away from your hips and butt by equaling them with the flared out bottoms.


5. Skirts:

Tailored skirts and pencil skirts are an absolute must for pears! Tailored skirts will help disguise that bottom-half really well and keep your shins and below looking thin. Pencil-skirts will help accentuate and smooth out your hips and bottom, all while elongating. You can bring more attention to your bosom by finding a shirt that you can tuck into either skirt, too. When it comes to picking out the perfect shirt, go for a shirt that will hang slightly over the skirt to make your top half seem almost slightly bigger than your bottom, giving you a balanced, cute look.


7. Sweaters: 

Off-the-shoulder sweaters are a major necessity for this body type! Over-sized sweaters or longer sweaters will help elongate and bring more attention to the top of your body and make your lower-half seem way smaller, too. Avoid wearing sweaters or sweatshirts with short necklines.


8. Shoes: 

]Stick with stilettos or a higher-heeled pump (especially peep-toed!) to never appear frumpy. Shorter pumps will cause a shorter, unflattering look. Also wear strappy or heeled sandals because they are perfect for pear-shaped figures. Never wear sandals that have straps that will cut off at the ankle. That will only make your legs look shorter. Go for sandals that have straps that will wrap elegantly around your leg, as well.  Wedges are also perfect for this body type and will really make a huge difference.


9. Dresses: 

Dresses are essential for most girls and when it comes down to it, for pear-shaped bodies it is hard to find the right type of dress. Empire-waists are life-saves for those with pear figures. That taken in waist will flatter both your top and bottom by drawing attention to the mid-section and it will make your body appear proportionate. The same goes with empire-waist shirts!


10. Jackets: 

Avoid (at all costs!) wearing jackets or cardigans that end above the hip-line and, therefore, are too short. Wear jackets or blazers that flare out a bit more towards the bottom and with cardigans, keep them longer and flowing down past the hips.

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