How To Apply Eyeliner

By on August 22, 2013

If there’s one thing in the beauty world that never gets old, it’s eyeliner. Actually, it just keeps getting more progressive. If you’re new to the whole thing- don’t worry! We have plenty of tips for you. Or, if  you are a pro, still take a peek below! There are endless colors, styles and types of eyeliner out there for every girl to enjoy. Knowing how to use them? That’s a different story. You can go for the same look with the same eyeliner everyday if you want to… But, where’s the fun in that? Your eyes are one of the most noticed features on your body and how they look tells people a lot about you, your mood and your style. Plus, it can bring out your eyes and truly make them sparkle. The way you do your eyeliner can be the difference between sexy, smoky, bigger or more dazzling eyes. So here are a few pointers on how to really apply eyeliner.

Liquid Eyeliner


There are many ways to apply this type of eyeliner. You can keep it thick, thin, simple or dramatic. Liquid eyeliner is pretty difficult to apply at first. It can get really messy if you don’t have a steady hand! Liquid eyeliner is best applied by keeping the line close to your lash line and stroking across the top of your lid. You can fan it out at the end to create a wing or leave it short. You can also go really dramatic by bringing a wing out and curve it upwards towards your eyebrow, but stop halfway to create a cute cat-eye like look. You can also use it on the bottom lid for an under eye look as well, but be careful because it can sting pretty bad if it gets into your eyes.



Cream Eyeliner


This eyeliner is a wonderful liner to use for a beautiful, thick and smooth look. Any type you buy usually comes with a small, angled brush and cream liner in a little pot. You don’t need to use a lot when applying this, either. Dip the brush in just a tiny bit and follow your upper lid lash line across the lid to the outer corner of the eye to create a cute look. You can do a wing with this eyeliner, too, by just dragging the brush out and slightly upward. It’s easy applicable to the lower lid as well. Be careful, as this liner is very smooth and glides easily (which if you have a steady hand can be a fast way to put makeup on in a hurried morning!)

Pencil Eyeliner


Oh, pencil eyeliner goes way back! This is probably the most common eyeliner used by woman everywhere. Best for the lower lid, but can be easily used on the top lid. It’s harder to create a smooth top lid line with this, but with practice it will look perfect in no time! This is the best type to use when it comes to different colors, too. They are easy to carry (compared to the cream pots) and can be sharpened to keep the line looking defined.  If you don’t want to sharpen then just get the retractable ones.

To create bigger eyes-



1. Use a lighter colored liner such as white or a beige color. It’ll give you brighter, bigger and simple looking eyes. Also, if you have bags under your eyes, brighter eyeliner will help take the attention away from those.

2. Create a winged tip or cat-eye look to make your eyes look bigger, but only apply it on the top lid. Keep the bottom look eyeliner free and just dabble on some mascara.


Intensify Your Lashes-


Use a dark liner on the top lid close to the lash line and create a medium thin line. This will give the look that your lashes are longer than they truly are and will amaze those who gaze upon you.

Smokey Eyes-


Ring eyeliner completely around your eye, top and bottom lid and make sure to extend the eyeliner to the very edges of the outer corners. Create a thicker line on the bottom lid. Add grey and black eye-shadow to get the full look. For a better approach you can use cream eyeliner. This is easier to smudge because of its ‘smear factor.’ You can smudge it to create a more messy, smokier look on both top and bottom lids and the outer corners.

Colorful Eyes-


Line the top lid with a thin line of black liner and then on top of the edge of the black liner put a colorful line. Create a light and dark duo to get a flirty, sexy and fun look!






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