30 Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes 2017

By on December 1, 2017

Women with blue eyes are the luckiest because they can choose many different color palette when doing their makeup. In general, you shouldn’t adhere to the latest makeup trends. Not all styles suit your facial features. If you have ocean blue eyes, it’s very important to stick to a style that can bring out the color, and make a statement. Whether we’re talking about neutral shades with earthy tones, or about bold eyeliner and glittery eyeshadow, the choices you make have to match with the shape and color of your eyes. Here are 30 amazing makeup tips for women with blue eyes. Get inspired, and wow everyone around you with the finest blends.

1. Glittery Blue Smokey Eyes 

via Pinterest/Maridee Trahan

There’s nothing more alluring than a makeup done right. The smokey eyes technique is all you need for a fancy party or wedding. Follow the steps below to get it done:

  • Apply foundation (mineral-based foundation is the best for a natural complexion)
  • Shape the eyebrows (brush them and leave them natural)
  • Apply glittery blue eyeshadow on the upper eyelid
  • Choose a matte brown for the under lid
  • Apply eyeliner on the upper lid and waterline
  • Go for a lighter shade of blue at the base of the eyes
  • Apply mascara
  • Frame the face with illuminator
  • Apply blush on the cheeks

2. Rose Gold Eyeshadow & Bold Lashes 

via Pinterest/GLAMINATI

Lovely rose gold eyeshadow is the best nuance for your blue eyes. Pair it with nude matte lipstick the end result will have the most striking effect.

  • Apply rose gold eyeshadow on both upper and low eyeshadow
  • Draw a thin line with eyeliner to contour the eyes
  • Frame the eyebrows
  • Apply illuminator on the upper cheeks and blush
  • Finish off the look with mascara (or use fake lashes for a more dramatic look)

3. Romantic Smokey Pink

via Pinterest/Nicole Perez

Pink is an excellent contrast color for women with blue eyes. It creates a dramatic effect without overcharging the face. The steps implied to get it done are easier than you think.

  • Start by applying foundation
  • Frame the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil
  • Apply pink eyeshadow on the upper eyelid
  • Choose a slightly darker shade of pink for the exterior of your eyes
  • Use a brush to craft a crease
  • Apply eyeliner and follow the line of the eyeshadow
  • Apply mascara
  • Contour the cheeks with blush
  • Apply illuminator above the cheeks in the T area

4. Whiskey Eyelashes 

via Pinterest/Lupita Trejo

You probably heard a lot about eyelash extensions. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t have to look artificial. To get this makeup, all you need is the right type of eyeshadow. Here are the steps to do it all on your own:

  • Choose a matte shade of pink
  • Use a puffy makeup brush and apply on the upper eyelids
  • Blend with a light brown shade of eyeshadow to remove harsh lines, and apply mascara
  • Apply black eyeliner on the waterline
  • Blend with the same shade of pink you used on the upper eyelid
  • Apply mascara

5. All-Natural Makeup & Pastel Pink Highlights 

via Pinterest/weheartit

Often times, the best type of makeup is the simplest. Women with blue eyes have a natural allure that’s absolutely mesmerizing. Use that to your advantage, and follow the steps below to get it:

  • Use a silvery pink eyeshadow and apply on the upper eyelid with a makeup brush
  • Apply white eyeliner on the waterline to open the eyes, and create a contrast with the blue
  • Frame the eyebrows, following their natural curves
  • Apply mascara, and you’re done

6. Brown Tones & Bold Lipstick

via Pinterest/Katie Beck

For a more dramatic, impactful look, choose bolder, more pigmented makeup colors. Dark brown and matte burgundy are excellent blends that will bring out your blue eyes.

  • Start with shaping the eyebrows (skip the plucking and leave them bare)
  • Apply brown eyeshadow onto the eyelids
  • Set up fake lashes, and apply eyeliner to give them a better fix
  • Use a lighter shade of brown on the lower lids, and create shadows at the corners of the eyes
  • Apply mascara and finish off the look with matte burgundy lipstick
  • Contour the cheeks with a rosy blush

7. All Nude & Sleek Face Contouring 

via Pinterest/RUNWAYDREAMZ

Glowing nude is one of the coolest and inspiring types of makeup. It might look easy to do, but to get it right you have to pay close attention to details. Some quick steps to get it right the first time:

  • Apply mineral foundation to keep the natural allure of your complexion
  • Frame the eyebrows using a light brown eyebrow pencil
  • Use a makeup brush to apply matte pink eyeshadow on the upper eyelid
  • Apply mascara
  • Apply illuminator above the cheeks and near the forehead
  • Apply blush
  • Use a moisturizing lipgloss

8. The Cat Eye Look

via Pinterest/mars

To make your eyes pop, the cat eye look is just what you need. Wear it on a daily basis with nude lipstick, or in the evening with dark purple to bring even more attention to the face.

  • After applying foundation and concealer under the eyes, move on to shaping the eyebrows
  • Grab a makeup brush and apply a light brown eyeshadow on the eyelids
  • Use a waterproof eyeliner to draw a thick line close to the base of the eyelashes
  • Move to the exterior, creating a crease
  • Apply mascara
  • Use the same brown on the lower lids to open the eyes
  • Apply white eyeliner on the waterline to make the eyes bigger
  • Finish off with illuminator and blush
  • Apply dark purple lipstick (matte)

9. Framed Eyebrows & Bold Eyelashes 

via Pinterest/abi huber

We love bold eyelashes because they open the eyes, and bring out your beautiful complexion. If you have blue eyes, that’s even better. For a complete look, follow these easy steps:

  • Choose a nude eyeshadow with accents of brown
  • Apply on the eyelids (both upper and lower)
  • Finish with mascara
  • Contour the face with blush and illuminator
  • Apply light matte lipstick

10. Deep Purple Smokey Eyes 

via Pinterest/FashionLady

Deep purple is an eyeshadow color that women will blue eyes will absolutely adore. It’s inspiring and bold, which just what you need to make an impression.

  • Choose a slightly glittery purple eyeshadow
  • Apply on the eyelid (both upper and lower)
  • Apply black eyeliner to contour the eye line
  • Apply black eyeliner on the water line
  • Create an eye-cat look with a darker purple eyeshadow on the exterior of the eyes
  • Apply mascara

11. Wedding Makeup Inspiration

via Pinterest/Katherine Gentile

All women want to look as natural as possible on their wedding day. An all-nude kind of makeup is the best to make your eyes pop. Complement it with a bright, big smile and you’re done. Here are steps to do it all on your own.

  • Choose your color palette: we recommend rosy pink and matte ivory
  • Apply foundation and concealer under the eyes
  • Use a makeup brush and apply rosy pink eyeshadow on your upper lid
  • Apply the fake lashes
  • Apply mascara on both the upper and lower eyelashes
  • Top off with blush and nude lipstick

12. All-Natural & Contoured Cheeks 

via Pinterest/Ana Perla Martinez

Can you even imagine putting makeup on your face without applying mascara? Think again. It looks like it’s the latest trend. Believe it or not, your face will look incredible, especially if your eyes are blue. That’s actually all you need.

  • Frame your eyebrows
  • Ditch the conventional foundation and apply a BB cream
  • Apply all-natural eyeshadow (just a smudge)
  • Apply blush and illuminator above the cheeks
  • Pro tip: if you want to have flawless skin, the secret ingredient is to moisturize often, and make sure your complexion is always hydrated.

13. All Natural Vintage Chic Makeup

via Pinterest/Andreen Wilson

Glossy lips and blue eyes is the golden combination that doesn’t disappoint when you want to look fresh and beautiful without putting too much makeup on. The steps involved to achieve this chic vintage look are easier to follow than you think.

  • Choose your vintage accessories wisely
  • Apply mineral foundation (choose high-quality and make sure it doesn’t charge the complexion)
  • Select a natural peachy shade of eyeshadow
  • Use a brush to blend it all in
  • To widen the eyes, apply illuminator on the lower eyelids
  • Apply mascara
  • Finish off with lipgloss and blush

14. Dual Tones – Pink & Gold Eyeshadow 

via Pinterest/Vivian Makeup Artist

Combined smart, light peachy pink and golden eyeshadow can make your eyes truly pop. Your main advantage is that you have blue eyes; meaning that the best blends are bright and as natural as possible.

  • Choose your peachy pink eyeshadow and apply on the upper eyelid
  • Blend gently with a lighter shade to remove harsh lines
  • Apply golden yellow eyeshadow on the lower lid
  • Apply eyeliner, drawing a crease to the exterior of the eyes
  • Finish off with mascara

15.Whiskey Eyelashes 

via Pinterest/Her Campus

If you haven’t had fake eyelashes before, now it’s not the time to despair. Believe it or not, the best don’t have to look artificial at all. Consult with a professional to help you set up your eyelashes.

  • To make your eyes and lashes stand out, go for nude eyeshadow on the upper eyelid
  • Frame the upper eye with eyeliner, creating a thin, discreet crease
  • Apply mascara
  • Brush the eyebrows and give them a nice shape
  • Top off with blush and choose an earthy red color for your lipstick

16. Flawless Pink & Bold Eyelashes 

via Pinterest/Miranda Ivette Flores

If you don’t have natural porcelain skin, you can always fake it with foundation. But it’s important to make the right choice, and invest in quality products to get the look most women crave for.

  • Apply foundation and blend with a makeup sponge
  • Top off with mineral powder
  • Apply matte pink eyeshadow & fake lashes
  • Apply glossy lipstick and mascara
  • Finish the look with blush and illuminator above the cheekbones

17. Bridal Smokey Eyes

via Pinterest/MODWedding

On your wedding day, you want to feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, right? Add a bit of color to your white dress with a bold, smokey eye makeup.

  • Choose a striking palette of glitter gold and brown
  • Apply the lighter shade on the inside of the eyes, and use the brown to mimic the cat-eye look
  • Apply black eyeliner and finish off the look with mascara
  • Only use a very discreet shade of blush (the aim is to preserve your natural beauty)

18. Gorgeous Autumn Brown

via Pinterest/Priceline Australia

Matter brown in a bold autumn shade is the best choice for women with blue eyes. For a dramatic look, add eyeliner and fake lashes into the mix.

  • Use a makeup brush to apply the brown eyeshadow on the upper and lower lashes
  • Apply eyeliner and remove harsh lines with black eyeshadow
  • Apply glitter gold on the inside of the eyes to brighten the complexion
  • Apply the fake lashes and mascara
  • Use black eyeliner on the waterline to frame the eyes

19. Brown Shadows & Nude Lipstick

via Pinterest/Jaeda Michelle

The blend of brown eyeshadow and blue eyes is ideal when the intention is to make yourself stand out. Don’t believe it’s tough to achieve. On the contrary, provided that you apply the right techniques.

  • Apply the brown eyeshadow on the upper and lower eyelid
  • If you want to use eyeliner, do it, draw a very thin line
  • Apply concealer under the eyes, on the T zone and on the upper cheeks
  • Finish the look with matte brown lipstick, blush and mascara

20. Baby Doll Cat-Eye & Yellow Eyeshadow 

via Pinterest/AmeliaM

There are so many women that crave the playful baby-doll cat-eye look. We love it because it’s youthful, playful and really chic. The secret is to choose a bold eyeshadow color and not be afraid to go over the top. Here’s what you have to do to make your makeup stand above the crowd.

  • Choose an unusual eyeshadow nuance, such as bright yellow.
  • Apply on the eyelid, and blend with a brush
  • Apply black eyeliner making a crease upwards to lengthen the eyes
  • If you have small eyes and you’d like to widen them, apply white eyeliner on the waterline
  • Finish off with mascara and fake lashes

21. Fall Brown & Red Lips 

via Pinterest/Laurence Richard

Autumn brown eyeshadow with a hint of sparkle can create the most dramatic makeup. Careful, ladies! It’s freezing outside, so you should remember to moisturize. For the best result, pair it with red matte lipstick with a hint of burgundy.

  • The glittery brown should be mixed with a darker, matte brown at the end of the eyes
  • Use eyeliner on the waterline, and upper eyelid to draft a nice create and frame the eyes
  • Top off with fake lashes and mascara

22. All Natural Makeup & Glossy Lips

via Pinterest/Kelly Tormey

We all crave that all-natural, glowy look that seems flawless without too much makeup on, right? The most important thing is to focus on the eyebrows and lips. Let your eyes speak for themselves, stop over-plucking your eyebrows, and drink a lot of water to keep your skin moisturized.

  • Rather than pluck your eyebrows, leave them to grow naturally and brush them give them a nice shape
  • Only apply nude eyeshadow on the eyelids
  • Highlight the face with illuminator, focusing on the inner eye, upper lip, and upper cheekbones
  • Apply mascara and blush to frame the face
  • Top off with light pink lipstick

23. Bold Glittery Blue Eyeshadow 

via Pinterest/Lush Makeup

In combination with your blue eyes, glittery blue makeup will look impeccable. Wear it at any party or formal event with the best dress, and you’ll definitely make a memorable impression. Avoid bold lipstick to bring all the focus on the eyes.

  • Before you apply the glittery blue, apply matte brown eyeshadow (as a base)
  • Blend gently, and now apply the glittery blue in the middle of the eyes, and on the under lid
  • Finish off with mascara

24. Glittery Rose Smokey Eyes

via Pinterest/Champagne Whisper

Glittery rose is a gorgeous eyeshadow color for women with blue eyes. It goes perfectly with the tone of your skin as well, provided you apply it correctly. Make sure to be precise when applying eyeliner if you want your complexion to look flawless.

  • Use a clean makeup brush and apply the eyeshadow (blend gently)
  • To unify the look blend with a matter brown moving the brush upwards (don’t go too high though)
  • Use the same matter shade and apply it on the lower eyelid
  • Apply eyeliner creating a nice, curvy crease that extends near the tip of your eyebrows
  • Apply fake lashes and mascara

25. Dramatic Cateye Look

via Instagram/PinkPerception

In the mood for a dramatic cat eye look for an important event? You might need some support, but believe us, it’s not that difficult to recreate the makeup idea in the image above. At the end of the day, you’ll feel like the most confident woman in the world; which is all women want. The right makeup can do that for you.

  • Make sure your hands are not shaking (very important)
  • Apply makeup base on the eyelids
  • Choose a glittery shade of ivory and apply with a makeup brush
  • Draw a thin line just above the eyelid and blend moving upwards creating a longer crease
  • Apply eyeliner making sure the line stays side by side with the eyeshadow line
  • Apply mascara
  • Top off with illuminator on the eyebrow crease

26. Vintage Brown Inspiration 

via Pinterest/Vanessa Yao

Vintage-inspired makeup will never go out of fashion. The best tone of brown is darker and has a royal-like allure. Pair the coolest makeup with the right attitude, and you won’t go unnoticed. Whether you’re attending a party, a business event or a wedding, a vintage-inspired look is just what you need to make a memorable impression.

  • Choose your brown eyeshadow and apply two layers on the upper and lower eyelids
  • Make sure the lower eyelids are more emphasized at the exterior of the eyes
  • Bring glittery ivory into the mix to create unified look
  • Apply rose blush on the cheeks
  • Finish off with light rose lipgloss

27. Bright Natural Makeup & Highlights 

via Pinterest/Michelle Sanchez

Women with heart-shaped bone structure and arched eyebrows don’t really need a lot of makeup to look impeccable. Your blue eyes should be enough to turn heads.

  • Apply glittery ivory eyeshadow on the eyelids, with an emphasis on the inner eye area
  • Apply mascara and illuminator on the upper cheeks
  • Finish off with blush and nude lipstick

28. Dramatic Glittery Rose & Nude Lips 

via Pinterest/Isabelle Di Stefano

Dramatic glittery rose is a fabulous eyeshadow nuance for women with blue eyes. To emphasize the effect, make sure to use matte nude lipstick.

  • Apply the rose gold eyeshadow on the eyelids (both upper and lower)
  • Eyeliner is optional but it will frame your eyes better
  • Apply mascara
  • Frame the eyebrows
  • Apply illuminator under the eyebrow crease and upper cheeks
  • Finish with light brown blush and nude lipstick

29. Gorgeous Lips & Nude Makeup 

via Pinterest/Glam Radar

Sometimes all you need is a nice lipstick to make your complexion shine; especially if you have gorgeous blue eyes.

  • For an impactful natural makeup you need rose matte eyeshadow
  • Apply on the eyelids with a makeup brush
  • Apply concealer under the eyes and under the eyebrow crease
  • Top off with mascara
  • Apply a nice golden blush on the cheeks
  • Finish with creamy red lipstick

30. Statement Eyelashes & Nude Eyeshadow Tones 

via Pinterest/Brittany Linden

Sometimes all you need is bold eyelashes to open the eyes and bring out your beautiful complexion. For this makeup idea, all you need is quality beauty products.

  • Invest in high-quality fake eyelashes
  • Apply foundation and frame the eyebrows
  • Use a light shade of pink eyeshadow on the eyelids
  • Top off with illuminator
  • Add blush and frame the complexion with concealer
  • Add nude lip gloss
  • Finish off with mascara

Women with blue eyes, brace yourselves! Your eyes are your best makeup asset. There are endless ideas you can use to turn people’s heads with your beauty. Whether you love the smokey eyes look, or you’d rather keep things more naturally, your blue eyes can’t go unnoticed. We’ve chosen 30 of the most amazing makeup ideas for you. Try them out, and let your complexion speak for itself.


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