Hot Swimsuits for Every Shape!

By on February 5, 2013

It’s almost time for bikini season again and if the thought of baring your everything in a teeny-tiny little bikini or swimsuit fills you with dread, perhaps it’s time to adding more fabric rather than taking it away. It is easy to get carried away when we celebrities in the most daring of swimsuits and two-pieces but the rest of us “normal” people could probably do with a little extra material!


Tummy control, for example, is a perfect example of how to do a swimsuit the RIGHT way. Usually appearing in a one piece, but can be seen in two piece bathing suits that combine a vest style top with briefs or shorts, the silhouette is trimmed down and tightened, and you will have the appearance of having a better figure than you actually have. If all else fails, why not just fake it?

Rouching and prints in the right places can also help to direct the eyes away from the places that you hate – the tummy, etc.


Let’s say, for example, that you actually quite like your tummy but you aren’t brave enough to bare all in a bikini. Why not opt for a cut-out designed swimsuit instead? There are plenty of asymettrical designs out there, especially when you have a look at the internet. You will find a whole range of these beauties – halter-neck, balconette, bandeau…. You name it, choose a color and you WILL find it!


What about if you have killer legs? A high-legged number is the right one for you. This style of brief can also help to elongate your legs if you would like them to be a bit longer. You could even sex the look up with a pair of killer wedges by the pool and your legs will rival Victoria Beckham’s in no time!


What about the plus size ladies? They deserve some killer swimsuits too! Slight V-neck swimsuits will help to even out the size of your beautiful bust, and a good elongating print on the front of the suit will help you to appear longer rather than wider. You could even get the swimsuits with 50’s style larger short-style briefs rather than little tiny ones, and this will give you the beautiful 50’s pin up appearance that just looks amazing!


Want bigger boobs? You’re going to want to look for a push-up, halter-neck bra. You can even find gel ones if you want a killer chest. Plenty of structure is what you should be looking for here, and you can pretty much get away with any color or print – in fact, the more print and detailing surrounding the chest area, the more pronounced they will seem.





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