More Plastic Surgery Reports! This Time: Goldie Hawn!

By on January 15, 2014


Goldie Jeanne Hawn was born in Washington D.C. on November 21st, 1945. This makes her currently stand at 68 years old. Just two years away from 70, when you look at this singer, actress, producer and film director, you certainly wouldn’t believe she was almost seventy years old!

The amazing actress from film and TV has had her fair share of hits over the years. With films such as Foul Play, Bird on a Wire, Death Becomes Her, Private Benjamin and The Sugarland Express behind her, you can understand how she has so elegantly carved her name into the world of Hollywood Royalty, but she has shown that she has so much more than that within her, especially with her featuring in TV shows as well as the producing and directing part of her career too.


c0a4afc7240fee4065cea6744eb02a4eSadly, the once beautiful Goldie Hawn appears to have done something with her face. It was just last year that photos of the once-stunning star were released showing her with what appeared to be rather badly done celebrity plastic surgery. With the sharpest cheekbones you’d ever expect to see on a  person, a swollen face, puffy “trout pout” lips and sunken eyes, it was a clear warning to the young and older girls out there – make sure you think twice before you decide to rush on in and get a bunch of celebrity plastic surgery work done!

Thankfully, things seem to have slipped back to some sort of normality with Goldie Hawn and photos have since come out showing her looking more like her usual self. The charity events that she has recently been seen attending brought Goldie back to us in a light we are more used to seeing her in – looking every part the elegant, mature Hollywood actress.

The one thing you can say is that Goldie Hawn looks amazing for her age. It was her autobiography released in 2005 that she first spoke about her clearly ongoing battle with plastic surgery saying that she had undergone breast implant surgery in a bid to achieve the fuller bust she had always desired. Funnily enough, Kate Hudson (the equally famous Hollywood actress daughter of Goldie Hawn) has also apparently gone under the knife in a bid to achieve a bigger cup size. Maybe it runs in the family?


Other surgeons have come out to say that it is unlikely that it’s just her breasts that have had a little nip and tuck work done. Some have come out to say that she has had a face lift, evident by the fact that her face is virtually wrinkle free for a lady that is fast approaching 70! Botox often goes hand in hand with most facial plastic surgery and from the swollen, puffy yet smooth appearance of her forehead is symptomatic of this.


The woman is constantly compared to her actress daughter, Kate Hudson, and for many years it was joked that they looked more like siblings than a mother and daughter combo. Perhaps this is what set Goldie Hawn on the apparent spiral of plastic surgery?

Fat grafting is another type of celebrity plastic surgery that Goldie Hawn may have had. This is something we’ve not really looked at in great detail yet, but it could have been fat grafting that lead to the stark cheek bones we have spotted her with. The stark cheek bones yet puffy “apples” is a surefire sign that this procedure has taken place… Or so surgeons may say anyway.

Fat Grafting

We’ve not looked at this type of celebrity plastic surgery procedure yet so why not now? This seems to becoming more popular in the celebrity circle, with some celebs preferring it over thinks like implants in the cheek to get a more desirable face shape. There are a few advantages to fat grafting over cheek implants and these are probably the main reasons why they are becoming increasingly popular.

Otherwise known as fat transfer, what basically happens is that fat is removed and harvested so that it can later be injected into other areas of the body, usually to re-sculpt or plump out the existing area. You can’t have fat removed in the form of things like liposuction and have this injected elsewhere; the fat cells would be too damaged to use. This is why the process is somewhat lengthy – the fat cells need to be specially harvested first.

b1e67375b345c443324236e8d2133f58Going back to the Goldie Hawn plastic surgery reports and it is pretty clear that she’s had some work done over the years. How much work seems to be unclear but there’s definitely evidence of a little helping hand from the surgeons knife. Sadly, it seems the norm for women NOT to grow old gracefully these days. To be fair to her though, she does still look pretty good for her age, right?

So there you have it – another plastic surgery report, another day. Why not have a look around some of the other reports that we’ve unearthed in our strive for perfection. It would appear that more celebrities are going under the knife than ever before. Is it really necessary? The world of Tinsel Town sure does seem like dog eat dog, doesn’t it?

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