50 Good Truth or Dare Questions

By on November 3, 2015

Truth or dare has been one of the most popular games for all ages, it all starts with innocent childhood fun and continues later throughout your life with more adult revelations and discoveries. The popularity of this game is easy to explain: you don’t need many prerequisites to play this fun game (in fact, all you need is some imagination and curiosity) and it is based on human natural desire to know people’s secrets and to test the limits. Sometimes, though, it might be not easy to come up with interesting and new truths and dares, but do not worry, we’ve got this covered for you. Our 50 truths and dares will make sure you have asked the right questions to help you find out more about your friends and possibly your crush.

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These questions will leave you with lots on new information about your group of friends, and possibly, even yourself. There is some reasoning behind each question, which will help you understand why the question is insightful and useful.

1. What was the biggest lie you came up with?
Reason: gives you an insight of what the person considers a lie and how far they can go in order to get what they want.

2. What is your guilty pleasure you try to hide from everyone?
Reason: Gives a really good insight into the person’s character and passions.
3. If you only have one day left to live, how would you spend that day?
Reason: explains in just one simple scenario what the person’s values are.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

4. Who is your secret crush?
Reason: might be you, who knows? If not, might give you an idea of which type of girls he finds attractive.
5. What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done in your life and have not told anyone about it yet?
Reason: this might be a fun or a serious one, depending on what the embarrassment was.
6. If you were granted just one wish, what would that wish be?
Reason: a secret wish, what else can tell us better about a person’s character than that!
7. Who was the first person you fell in love with?
We all love to know what makes our friends’ hearts beat faster. First love can tell us a lot about many things!
8. Who was the first person you kissed?
Reason: if it’s your crush you are talking to, reminding him about nice experiences will put him into a romantic mood. And then it’s up to you what to do next!

9. Which person in this room would you like to kiss?
Reason: helps unleash our mind and make all of the friends in the room more relaxed and confident. Remember, Truth or Dare game should be based on mutual trust and respect.
10. What is the stereotype or a prejudice you have that you are ashamed to tell anyone about?
Reason: makes your friends trust you by sharing something intimate like that. Talking about fears, prejudices, and stereotypes sometimes takes more courage than confessing about kisses and crushes.
11. What is your wildest fantasy? What would you do if it came true?
Reason: a question like this reveals some pretty wild side even in a shy wallflower.
12. What is something you regret to this day?
Reason: this simple question can be a true teller of who’s who. It will show sensitive guys out there you might not have noticed before.
13. If you could change something about yourself, what would that be?
Reason: an instant insecurities spotter. Also gives a good insight into the guy’s true personality.
14. What do you like about yourself?
Reason: opposed to the previous truth question, this one can actually reveal some interesting sides about the most confident as well as the shyest people in your group.
15. What do you really think about the person sitting next to you?
Reason: breaks the ice (and that fake smile) when needed.

16. What is the craziest thing you have ever done in your life?
Reason: the person sitting next to you might be more interesting and exciting than he looks, and might have done some crazy things in his life, so this question will help you see the real person in there.
17. If you got an invisible cloak for the day, what would you do with it?
Reason: this question will tell the real romantic souls with golden hearts from some tough machos who just want to impress.
18. What is the question you are dreading being asked?
Reason: there might be a reason why it is the most dreaded question. Also it might be something he actually wants to share with you and that’s why he is bringing it to your attention.
19. Who would you ask for a date in this room?
Reason: quite straightforward, isn’t it?
20. Who is the person you have been stalking on social media?
Reason: ask this question someone you like, and you never know what the answer might be, maybe it’s you!
21. What is the worst birthday gift you have ever received?
Reason: it’s most probably your friend, so it’s some valuable piece of information to have for future reference.
22. What is your intimate fantasy you wish you could do?
Reason: maybe someone from the room will end up granting this wish, who knows?
23. What do you think you are most talented at?
Reason: a question like this can be a real revelation of some hidden talents you never knew your friend had.
24. What is your idea of a perfect date?
Reason: ask your crush this question, it will give you a true insight into whether he is worth being in love with or not. Because beer and chips is not something that will absolutely win your heart.
25. Have you ever lied in Truth or Dare and did it happen in this game?
Reason- no explanation needed here.

Dares: these dares will keep your party up all night!

1. Give your phone to the person next to you and let them do whatever they want with it for the next three minutes.
Reason: you can find lots of interesting things about your friend through their cell phone.
2. Be blindfolded and kiss three objects without knowing what those objects are.
Reason: it’s just fun to watch! No other reason whatsoever.
3. Put on someone’s bra on top of your clothes and go outside dressed like that.
Reason: let’s check how brave you are in front of complete strangers.
4. Try to make the person next to you laugh. You have only one minute.
Reason: a good insight into the person’s sense of humor.

5. Send a text to someone you know saying “I know what you did during the spring break”. Do not reply to your friends’ messages anymore.
Reason: you can find new things about your old friends.
6. Take off your shoe and suck on one of your toes. If you are not able to suck your own toe, suck someone else’s in the room.
Reason: you’ll check your friend’s flexibility and his grossness factor. Or maybe his fetishes, who knows how much he really enjoys sucking other people’s toes.
7. Make your best crying face. Take a picture taken and make it your profile photo on your social media for the rest of the night.
Reason: time to see whether our social media friends really care.
8. Record a video of your favorite song and post it on YouTube.
Reason: maybe it’s time the whole world discovered a new star. If that’s not the case, then at least you tried.
9. Give ten strangers on the street a hug.
Reason: very altruistic one. Scientists keep saying that hugs are vital for our existence, so maybe you manage to save someone’s life.

10. Give a lap dance to whoever you wish in the room.
Reason: this might be the beginning of a new relationship! Maybe you were always too shy to tell your crush how you really feel about him. This dare will not let you miss the chance!
11. Put lipstick on another player of your choice without using your hands.
Reason: it gives everyone an insight of your creativity, flexibility, and your imagination. Also it’s incredibly fun to watch!
12. Put on a blind folder and dance with a person. Guess who that is by just touching him.
Reason: let’s see how observant you are and whether you know your friends that well to tell them apart by just touching them.


13. Get in the shower wearing your clothes.
Reason: are you afraid of water? If no, this dare will let everyone see how sexy you can get (or how ridiculous, which is more probable).
14. Have another person select food from the fridge for you to eat without using your hands. The messier the better.
Reason: we can check the level of your neatness and also your OCD. Also it’s often useful to get out of your comfort zone and do something you would never do if not for this game. It really helps you understand yourself better.
15. Walk up to a stranger on the street and ask them to tie your shoelace.
Reason: it really makes you get out of your box and the practice of asking strangers for something might be useful for you in future, when, for example, you need some real help.
16. Wear all the clothes inside out for the rest of the night.
Reason: why not? How much more ridiculous can you get? It will give everyone a good laugh and will keep you out of your comfort zone for quite some time.
17. Continuously talk for three minutes without stopping, even when it overlaps with someone else’s conversation.
Reason: it gives you some freedom of expression, makes you less shy and more assertive and might be a good exercise of making yourself heard when nobody is listening.

18. Make an obscene phone call to a random number.
Reason: teaches you not to be afraid to talk to strangers. And it might actually be hilarious for the rest of the group.
19. Apply makeup on yourself with your non-dominant hand without looking in the mirror.
Reason: besides being a very fun dare for everyone to watch (why not even record it and put it on YouTube as a makeup tutorial?), it actually activates your brain in a different way and may unexpectedly unleash your hidden creativity.
20. Say three really nice things about each player in the room.
Reason: this is one of the nicest dares, it makes everyone realize why they are all here together.
21. Put an auction on EBay selling old dirty socks.
Reason: let’s see how far your limits can stretch, and who knows, maybe you will manage to make some money with all those weird people out there.
22. Imitate a cat and a horse at the same time.
Reason: some fun acting activity can reveal your well-hidden acting skills. Also it makes you think a bit more in order to act this one out and puts you into a creative mode for the rest of the game.
23. Go outside and dance like crazy.
Reason: again, your comfort zone needs some serious breaking. Dancing! In front of strangers! In public! Like crazy! This might be some serious challenge for some of us, but it’s definitely worth doing and will be fun remembering later in life.

24. Do a belly dance.
Reason: so you can dance, why not show it off? If you cannot, more so reasons to learn! Start now with this belly dance then. If it’s a dare for the guy, believe me, it will be very fun to watch.
25. On a sunny day ask your neighbors for an umbrella. On a rainy day- for a sunhat.
Reason: no reason whatsoever, other than once again show your neighbors that there is a complete weirdo living next door. Well, they already know that, don’t they?
These fun truths and dares will tell you a lot about your friends and will make your next party a success. Don’t forget to print them before your next gathering. Have fun!

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