40 Good Dares for Girls and Guys

By on November 12, 2015

Truth or dare is a classic game. It can make your skin crawl if you get the wrong people in the group that’s playing though. It can also be a bore if people don’t go for it. And it can be hilarious if you have the right group of people that use fun questions and dares – things you can actually do without throwing up! So here are some great dares that are daring enough to make people tremble just a little bit, but not so bad they pass out…

Let’s start with 20 great dares for girls, followed by 20 for guys. Feel free to mix them up though!

1. Make-Over

Pick anyone in the group and have them do a five minute make-over on you. It can be either funny, or seriously a great make-over. Use whatever clothes and make-up can be had where you are at.

2. Do a 45 Second Striptease

You have 45 seconds to do the striptease of a lifetime. You have to do the moves to music and take off at least one item of clothing. The group will give you three tunes to choose from to use for your striptease.

3. Whisper a Secret to the Person Sitting Next to You

Turn to a person next to you and whisper a secret in their ear. Nothing quite as scary as revealing something intimate about yourself to someone else…


4. Give the Most Attractive Guy in the Group a 30 Second Hug

Go up to the most attractive guy in the group and hug him. For 30 seconds. Then tell the group what makes him so attractive… At least three things about him that makes him attractive and will make him blush when he hears them… Funny how awkward it can be to say something nice to someone, huh?! Get used to it. It will serve you in life.

5. The Funny Call 

Call a random number and pretend you are hysterical as you are trying to get someone committed to the psychiatric ward. This will certainly bring out your acting skills!

6. Pretend to Be a Lion

The lioness inside of you is waiting to be released. You need to act a lion for at least 30 seconds. That’s it – show your paws and let’s hear your roar!

7. Cook Something

You have seven minutes in the kitchen, using whatever ingredients there are to create a masterpiece. The group will have to try what you cooked, so it shouldn’t just look good – it should taste good! Then let them judge your presentation and the taste.

8. Sing Your Heart Out

Find a karaoke tune on YouTube and blast it out to your heart’s content. Do it properly, or with humor, doing a funny voice…

9. Dance

Let your group choose a song for you and dance like no one’s watching…but everyone is! Will definitively force you to bring out your inner Madonna or Rihanna.

10. The Neighbors

Walk over to the neighbors and ask if you can borrow some sugar for a cake you’re making. Maybe not the scariest of dares…but that depends on the neighbors!

11. Facebook Status

Let someone else in the group write a Facebook status for you. You’re not allowed to take it off for 30 minutes. Now this could lead to interesting comments…

12. Act Out a Scene from a Movie

Pretend to be your favorite actress and act out a scene from one of your favorite movies.  You can add something to the scene you think the character would do just before the actual scene starts. Can’t remember a scene from a movie? Go for something from a music video.

13. Let Someone Style Your Hair

Let someone in the group style your hair in an insane hairdo. With emphasis on the insane bit. This will require plenty of styling products. You have to keep the hairdo for as long as you are playing the game.

14. Compliment Someone

Someone else in the group will choose someone you have to compliment – non-stop for a minute! Don’t let the adjectives run out…

15. Tasty Socks

Remove the socks of the person sitting opposite of you – using your teeth only. Now here’s the time to squirm. And hold your breath!

17. Ice, Ice Baby!

Have someone in the group appoint someone else to put ice cubes under your clothes… Of course, you may not scream. Or squirm. It will definitively force you to control yourself.

18. Look in the Eye

Go up to an attractive man in the group and look him in the eye for one minute without smiling. If you fail you have to kiss him.

19. Stand Up

You have one minute to make everyone in the group roar with laughter. It’s time to make that stand-up routine you, erm, never prepared to work for you! Did you know that one of the things that make people the most frightened is standing in front of an audience trying to make them laugh? We’re sure you feel much better knowing that.

20. Check Someone’s Oral Hygiene

It’s time for that inner dentist to come out – brush the teeth of the person sitting next to you. There’s something quite intimidating about digging into another person’s mouth, isn’t there?

Now moving onto the guys! (Of course, you can use some of the dares for the girls for guys and vice versa!)

1. Act a Mouse

It’s time to get small. Do your best impression of a mouse. Really go for it. It may seem embarrassing to act a mouse (hence the dare), but if well done, it’s actually impressive.

2. The Most Attractive Girl

Walk up to the most attractive girl in the room (the one you find the most attractive), look her straight in the eye for 30 seconds and give her a heartfelt compliment. Chances are you’ll blush (and learn the secret to winning a girl at the same time)…


Dance to Village People’s “YMCA”, doing the full routine.

4. Disco Dancing

Put on a disco tune from the 70s and get your best Studio 54 moves on. If available, wear a wig or something sequin. Nothing to make you squirm like disco dancing…

5. Sing “All by Myself”

Belt out like the best of the divas – sing along to “All by Myself” together with Celine Dion. Let out your inner female out…

6. Get a Tattoo

Have someone appoint someone else in the group with a tattoo on your back or belly with a permanent marker. They must, of course, make a tattoo that satirically suits your personality perfectly.

7. Pretend to be Magic Mike

You know the drill. It’s time for a striptease. Magic Mike style. Cowboy hats, police costume, or nothing at all – it’s your one minute of striptease fame coming up. Can you handle it?

8. Perform a Romantic Monologue

Bring out your romantic side with a monologue. A really, really romantic monologue. And perform it like your life depended on it.


9. Write a Love Poem

It’s time to transform into Shakespeare. Write a love poem. No cheesiness spared. Most people find declaring their love for someone more embarrassing than getting caught naked in public, so this will be fun!

10. Dance 

Someone will put on a blindfold on you and choose a dance partner for you to dance with. You have to dance for a minute like this and then guess who the other person in the group is!

11. Put on Some Make Up

Nope, not on yourself – you have to pick a girl in the group whom you put lipstick on. Using your mouth to hold the lipstick. And yes, you have to paint her lips with it – not her arm.

12. Eat Up! 

Another player will get you some ice cream, mashed potatoes or other messy food to eat. Without using your hands. You have to eat for one minute.

13. Make Love to an Apple

In this case, don’t go all the way…just kiss it passionately. Pretending it is…something more than an apple.

14. Ice in Your Pants

Let another player put ice cubes in your underwear. Then let it melt. If it’s more than one cube you’re allowed to go get it out straight away though!

15. YouTube It

Record a one minute video that is uploaded to YouTube. You pick if you want to speak, dance, sing…whatever! (Remember, especially if you’re tipsy: don’t put anyone down or crack jokes that might imply you will commit a criminal act. It’s like joking about being a terrorist when walking through customs. It won’t end well.)

16. Pretend You Just Met the Queen of Sheba

Make someone in the group your Queen and worship her in a feverish speech. Really go for it. No adjectives are too much.

17. Tickle

Someone will tickle your feet for one full minute. You may not laugh. Torture, much?

18. Conquer Your Fears

Run around the block screaming “I will conquer my fears.” And sure enough, you’ll probably not be very afraid of making a fool of yourself in public ever again…

19. Hug Someone 

Choose an attractive girl in the room and hug her. For a full minute. Isn’t it nice to show your lovey-dovey side in full public?

20. Have the Other Players Rename You

Let the other players give you another name for the rest of the day. Beware nicknames sometimes stick…

Have other dares you love? Mention them in the comments!

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