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  • Good Truths for Truth or Dare

    Ah, the beloved game of truth or dare. It’s such a fun game to play with a group, but let’s be honest- dares are a lot easier to come up with. Make the ‘truths’ just as interesting...

    • Posted August 16, 2016
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  • 50 Funny “Would You Rather…” Questions

    1. Would you rather foretell the future, or change the past? Gives you a clue to whether people have regrets or not…or live to have regrets. 2. Would you rather wet your pants or see your mother...

    • Posted November 12, 2015
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  • 40 Good Dares for Girls and Guys

    Truth or dare is a classic game. It can make your skin crawl if you get the wrong people in the group that’s playing though. It can also be a bore if people don’t go for it....

    • Posted November 12, 2015
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  • 50 Good Truth or Dare Questions

    Truth or dare has been one of the most popular games for all ages, it all starts with innocent childhood fun and continues later throughout your life with more adult revelations and discoveries. The popularity of this...

    • Posted November 3, 2015
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  • 40 Truth Or Dare Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

    Truth or Dare – the timeless game that can be simultaneously fun and terrifying. It’s a game to make you squirm, a game to make you laugh and, more importantly, a game that can teach you an...

    • Posted December 8, 2013
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