Get Bikini Ready in 7 Days!

By on January 25, 2013

The heat is on ladies – winter will be soon be over and spring/summer is fast approaching. It’s time to start getting yourself bikini ready for beach season. The more you put it off, the harder it will be….

If you have left everything to the last minute, don’t fear – there are ways that you can trim down to fit into your beautiful new bikini and all it takes is a little bit of determination. Now ladies; it’s time to sit up and start listening.


We should share a few tips before we get down to the hard stuff!

  • Don’t starve yourself – you’ll actually put on weight. When you starve your body of food, it doesn’t know when it will get its next “fix” so it will store anything that is already on your body, and anything else that you put in to it, meaning that you will find it very difficult to lose weight.
  • Start drinking lots of water – this will help to flush out all the bad stuff, and will add a bit of lubrication (when combined with plenty of fiber) to get all the waste stuff out. You might even want to consider a spot of colonic irrigation.

Day One

The first day of your 7 day bikini ready diet is here and it’s time to give up the bad foods. This means takeout meals are off the menu for just now, as well as any food that you can’t pronounce. It might be worth sticking to fresh meat and vegetables, with a side order of fresh fruit. This may seem like hard work, but for now it’s only seven days and in the long run, it could be a good lifestyle choice.


Day Two

Start thinking of laying off the sauce. A nice glass of wine might make you feel good when you first get home from work, but it is causing you to put unnecessary calories into your body. It has also been shown that you will consume more calories by nibbling when you’ve had a drink too, so it’s well worth being drink-free for the seven days.


Day Three

As we have mentioned before, fiber is important to get all the waste stuff out of your body. On day three, you will want to look at increasing the levels of fiber in your diet. Try adding a sprinkling into your yoghurt for a fiber-rich breakfast fix or you could even munch on a few almonds for your mid-afternoon snack. These are just two very easy ways to encourage the waste products to leave your body.

Day Four

On day four, you should change the way that you eat. Rather than having a big breakfast, reasonably sized lunch and a hearty dinner, you should opt o have smaller meals but more often throughout the day. This means that your daily calorie intake should be spread out with the nighttime meal being a few hours before you go to bed, containing more calories than the rest of your meals. Try five meals per day that are around 300 calories each, and add a few extra calories on for supper time.

Day Five

Stop eating the foods that are going to cause you to bloat out. We all have that one food that makes you feel fat and “stodgy”. My personal bloating food is bread – this always makes me bloat out for a few hours. You are going to want to avoid a few proven “bloaters” too – peppers, onions, broccoli are three prime examples. You should opt for foods that are high in water content such as asparagus, cucumbers and spinach.

Day Six

It’s the penultimate day of your 7 day bikini ready diet and today you should massively increase your water intake. The more water you drink, the more you will pee it out and the faster you will get rid of toxins and waste products. At this point, you should be looking at drinking around three liters per day.


Day Seven

It’s the final day and by this point, you should have flushed out more than your fair share of toxins and waste products, and also be on your way to losing a few pounds. The final thing that you should do is cut down on carbohydrates and increase your protein intake.

If you continue these healthy eating habits long after your bikini vacation, you will find that losing the pounds that you have always wanted to get rid of will be a much easier task. Why not give it a go today to see how much of a difference you can make?


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