Fun and Easy Ways to Refresh Your Look!

By on February 3, 2013

You know what it’s like ladies; you want to go out without the kids for the first time in months and then when you turn to your closet to find an outfit suitable for such an event, you have absolutely nothing to wear. You don’t want to go out in the same old tired black dress that you bought a couple of years ago to hide the baby weight – you have lost a bit of weight running after your cute little brood and it’s time to show off the hard work that you have put in. The only drawback, of course, is that you don’t have the funds available to head out and start shopping for a whole new closet.

Rather than buying new pieces, why not take a look at what you already have and learn how to refresh it? It could be something as simple as adding a super cute accessory or the right pair of shoes, but with the right guidance, you could have a brand new closet without having to spend an absolute fortune.

Colors, colors, colors!


Sometimes adding the smallest splash of color can make the biggest difference to an otherwise drab outfit. For example, that little black dress will be instantly refreshed with a brightly colored belt wrapped around your waist, a similar colored pair of shoes and a bag to match. For the colder, winter months, warmer colors are best – think deep reds and rich greens, but for the spring and summer months, you have the option to pick from your favorites from the color palette and really have fun with them. Sometimes, even a colored or patterned pair of tights or stockings can make the difference, and these are very hot on the high street right now!

We said accessorize!


Just like the splash of color, the right accessories can make the world of difference. That little black dress will look like a brand new, modern one when you add a peter pan style necklace – it adds a collar when there wasn’t one before. Even big, chunky necklaces can add a little something special. When you throw in the right earrings, a structured belt or even a new glitzy studded jacket, your plain and boring dress has been instantly transformed into the modern rock chick look – all with the help of a few accessories. You can play up or down a black dress with a few added extras. For example, a little denim waist coat and gladiator style sandals will make the dress more suitable for daytime use, and with bigger heels and a lot of sparkle, you have the perfect night time look!

Spring cleaning!


Sometimes you just have to admit that the items in your closet are never going to be used again so why not do something about them? Go through your closet and pick out the things that you haven’t work in 8 months to a year. The chances are, if you haven’t worn them in the last summer or winter, you won’t wear them this year either. You should also get rid of clothes that you don’t fit into anymore – you may want to squeeze back into those skinny jeans but you are just wasting closet space. Rather than donating them to charity or throwing them out, pop them on eBay and make yourself some money. Then, once you have a nice little balance in your PayPal account, go back onto eBay and pick up some new goodies for next to nothing. It is amazing what deals you can get on this crazy site – I once picked up a $75 designer pair of jeans for just $10. That included postage too!


Online Shopping….


Sometimes the best thing to do is to get yourself online. Many women don’t like to do their closet shopping on the internet because you can never be too sure what you are getting – the color may be slightly different when you actually have it in your hand and you won’t know how it fits until you get it delivered to your door. However, most websites will have a good returns policy (something to check before you buy) and you can always send it back if it doesn’t meet your expectations. Usually, by shopping online, you will find a wider range of deals and a bigger chance of getting what you want, in your size and color preference.

It’s not a hard task changing your closet to make it more modern and up to date and for the most part, you will find that you don’t even have to buy new clothes to achieve it. Just a few choice accessories and some customization (see Instantly Double your Wardrobe Options) and you will have a closet that any fashionista would kill for!

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