10 Fashion Tips for Petite Women

By on November 26, 2014

Have you ever struggled finding right clothes that doesn’t make you lost? Are you 5’4’’ or under? Then these fashion tips are for you—they will help you define your style and take pride in your miniature body.

  1. Get a perfect fit.


Oversized coats and shirts might be comfortable but clothes that are actually your size are way more flattering and easier to wear. A jacket that is right for you will not fall off your shoulders and will benefit your petite body, emphasizing your assets. Get your clothes adjusted if they do not fit you perfectly.

  1. Avoid bulk.


Choose items that are plain with as little de’cor as possible. Too much design adds size and can make petite women look shorter and heavier than they are. As a petite woman, you probably would like to look taller and not broader, therefore avoid ruffle and rumple. If you still want to add more fluff to your outfit, opt for something that looks neat and accurate, like a bow blouse, a peplum dress, or a lace hem jumper.

  1. Choose the right bag.


Remember that you might get lost behind an oversized bag, so when investing into a good purse opt for something smaller and less massive. A clutch or a crossbody bag are always in style and will give a final touch to your petite style.

  1. Know which shoes are best for you.


Everyone knows that the easiest way to add height is by wearing heels. However, it’s not that simple and not all heels add height. Wedges and platforms could be right for a petite girl only if she has either curves or tiny feet, otherwise they might make your elfin legs visually shorter and larger. Ankle shoes and sandals can look great on you in case your legs are super skinny. The heels do not have to be extremely high; always pick a height that is comfortable for you. Stilettos will work magic for your legs, making them longer and more noticeable. If you think stilettos are not for you, pick shoes with heels that are not too heavy. Plain light flats will work well too. Shoes with open or pointed toes, no matter heels or flats, can give the illusion of height as well.

  1. Go skinny.


Skinny or straight jeans were made for petite girls. To keep a thin line, choose pants without cuffs, bulky pockets, or any other decorations. Also, forget about those baggy cargo pants and boyfriend jeans. Petite pants for petite women!

  1. Work with color.


Decide which skin type you are and dress accordingly. Wear monochromatic clothes that do not distract attention from your little figure. Besides, unicolor clothes lengthens your frame. A petite woman might simply vanish behind something too colorful. If, however, you would like to add a splash of color, aim for different shades for your top and bottom, but stay within homogenous outlines.

  1. Choose the right patterns.


Petite women have delicate features so big patterns might be too overwhelming for them. Small and gentle outlines will look great on you without shifting the focus from the airiness of your body and your features. Also, remember to go for patterns that elongate you, like, for instance, vertical stripes.

  1. Take care of your neckline.


V-necks and scoops look great on petite girls. They elongate your look and show your beautiful neck. There is nothing else to add here, just make sure your tops and dresses, no matter which style and design, open your neck and maybe some cleavage. Take a look at Eva Longoria’s outfit in this photo; doesn’t she look great in this V-neck blouse?

  1. Wear fine accessories.


Narrow belts, thin silver or golden necklaces, stud earrings- fine jewelry should be your first choice. Petite women cannot always pull off bold heavy accessories, so rather pick something more expensive that would be an investment jewelry. You should avoid extravagant accessories, especially when your height is or below 5’4”. Do not go for big heavy earrings or a choker, because women with petite figure do not usually have long necks. When deciding on a belt, choose a thinner one that will cover just your waist and not half of your torso. Nowadays, there is always a big selection of designs available to choose from, which can complement your look while preserving your gentle frame.

  1. Go cropped.


What is your best asset, as a petite woman? Many miniature women are proud of their think wrists and ankles, and they are right. Your delicate arms and legs are worth showing; besides wearing full-length pants and shirts might make you look smaller than you are. That is when cropped jeans and three quarter sleeves work magic.

I hope these tips will be useful to our petite audience. Remember though that every person is different and you will need to play with these recommendations and see what works best for you. (all images sourced via pinterest)


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