Bra Guide A-Z: 26 New Problem Solvers (Part Two)

By on January 24, 2013

If you have been following the A-Z of bra problems, you will have already seen parts A through to F. If not, you can read it HERE! For now, we are continuing with the annoying problems that girls have to face when bra shopping.


G is for Gap! If you have a gap in the center panel of your bra, or it seems that there is a gap in the top of your cup, it doesn’t mean that you are buying the wrong size bra; it just means that you are wearing the wrong shape and style of bra for you. Some women get away with different types – busty girls can wear halter-necks, skinny girls can wear bandeau. Maybe it’s time to look at a different style of bra for your breasts and figure?


H is for Halter-neck! This is a life saver bra when you really need one. This means that if you don’t have one in your goodie drawer, you should definitely run out and get one. For the bustier ladies, the halter-neck gives them more room rather than “hoiking” them up to your chin. Give your ta-ta’s a break and wear a halter-neck without under wiring! Even small chested gals can pull of this great look – just look at skinny celebs on the beach.


I is for Index Finger! You should be able to place your index finger between the skin on your shoulders and bra strap – the strap shouldn’t move or pinch your fingers. This is how your bra SHOULD fit. If you can’t do this, you are wearing the wrong sized bra.

J is for Just in Case! Always keep your receipts “just in case!” If you get the bra home and realize that it wasn’t as comfortable now as it was in the store, most places will let you take the bra back within 7 days as long as you have the receipts. This can work if you are too embarrassed to get measured in a store. Get yourself a YouTube video and buy a bra in two or three sizes (checking the refund policy first) and then measure and try on in the comfort of your own home – great idea for internet buys!

K is for Knackered! When your bra really has done its duty twice, maybe even three times over, it’s time to throw it out and get measured for a new one. The bra will generally only last around six months – this means it will only offer its full support for about three months, with repeated washing and wearing. Wearing an old bra is just as bad as wearing the wrong sized bra. Learn when to give it up!

L is for the Lymphatic areas! Wearing the wrong sized bra can cause it to cut into the delicate tissues on and surrounding the breasts. When your breasts are squashed into a bra, you are damaging tissues that are in charge of removing toxins from your body. This can damage your overall health.

M is for Minimizer! The minimizer bra is perfect for the busty women that hate it when guys stare at their chests. Making your breasts *LOOK* a whole cup size smaller, they also give you fabulous support which can really come in handy with busty ladies. Give them a shot under tops with buttons so you don’t get that ugly button-popping look.


Keep your eyes peeled for the third and final part of Bra Guide A-Z: 26 New Problem Solvers (Part Three!)

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