Biggest Turn-offs For Men on the First Date

By on December 9, 2013


There is a lot of pressure, both for the guy and girl, when it comes to the first date. You both are nervous and excited, and you both want to make the best impression possible. But girls, what are some things that can become a major turnoff for your guy on this important first date?

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Poor communication skills
Have you ever been on a date and the person sitting across from you does something you don’t like? Maybe they burped loudly in the restaurant or did something else that bothered or embarrassed you. Did you brush it off and ignore it, even though it really bothered you? Most of us have, but there is a danger in this. If your guy belches at the table on the first date and you don’t say something, he will likely keep doing it. Down the road at a future date, he may do it again and you can’t bite your tongue any longer and you snap at him.  Maybe you even blew up at him and caused an argument that took him off guard.  Most of us have been guilty of this because we want to make the guy like us, especially on the first date, and the fear is that if we do not agree with him 100% or go along with everything he does he may not like us and move on. So we push it down and try to ignore it, even though it bothers us more and more every time he does it. When you repeat that kind of action in any relationship and avoid talking it out, the only thing you will gain is a massive blow up once you finally do start talking about it.  Chances are you want to be with someone who’s comfortable talking to you and who is honest and sincere about his wants, needs, and desires. Well he deserves the same from you, and you should be a healthy communicator.  Don’t say one thing if you really mean another.  Any long lasting and healthy relationship successes when the couple gets in the habit of saying what they really think and mean.  Guys appreciate that as much as girls do!

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Trying to change him
It’s cliché maybe but you would be surprised how many times women try to change their guys, even without realizing it.  Whether it’s changing how he dresses, what he watches on TV, his manners, or his friends, many women want to micro manage their guys.  Some things can be changed but most things need to be left as they are. How much would you be willing to change for your guy? Don’t expect him to change more than what you are willing to. Accept him as he is. And if you can’t?  Don’t date him, simple as that.  Rather than trying to change the wrong guy into Mr. Right, just keep looking until you do find the guy that is perfect for you. Being single and dating is one of the best phases of your life, so enjoy it and do not stress yourself out trying o force the wrong man to be the right man for you. That Mr. Perfect is out there, you just have to find him. Don’t be distracted by imitations or cheap knock offs, look for the right man. You will know him when you find him.

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Moving too quickly

Sometimes we girls jump into things too quickly. For most of us we have known what we wanted since we were little. We want a family, house, babies, a dog, and so on and so forth. We have had that dream in our heads for years so the temptation is to share it all with a guy we think might be Mr. Right.  But the key is to not overwhelm him too soon. You usually don’t tell all your plans and dreams to someone you just met, so do not do the same to your date. Eventually you will want to start talking about your hopes and dreams and how you envisioned marriage and life to see if the two of you are compatible. But the first date is not the place to do this. Men get turned off if you seem too anxious to get married and have children. You don’t really know them and they don’t really know you, and they need to trust you and feel you out some too before you get carried away designing the rest of your life together.

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Being irresponsible
Many men say that it is important for them to find the perfect woman and when they do she will be someone who is responsible. No one is perfect and everyone is at different stages of their lives, but there are some basic things that anyone should be able to answer. Do you pay bills on time? Do you max out credit cards every month on extravagant purchases? Are your things more important than the people in your life? Are you often late to appointments or to work? Do you forget plans often? Questions like these help a guy know a little better how things will work. If you are late for work and appointments often will you even care enough to show up for dates? If you cannot manage your finances, will he be the one having to help pay for your credit card debts? If you are lazy and irresponsible with your life, that does not bode well with him for how his life will be if he hooks up with you. Men need to know they will have a partner who will work with them to be wise and responsible in all areas of your life together.


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