10 Creepy Guy Types You Need to Avoid Talking To

By on May 2, 2016

In this thing called life, we’re all looking for our soul mates. We are looking for the man that is going to sweep us off our feet and love us until the end of time; but unfortunately that’s a lot harder than it should be=especially with so many creepy guy types out there. But which type of guys should you avoid talking to in the first place? We’ve come up with a list of the top 10 creepy guy types you NEED to avoid talking to!


  1. Mr Obsessive

Have you ever met a guy that is like, oddly into you? Like, verging on obsessive? Yes, there are a lot of guys out there who actually become obsessed with a woman they are interested in. They aren’t just interested in you, your personality, and becoming a part of your life; they take it to the extreme. They will probably text and call nonstop and he will get really hurt when you don’t answer right away. Caring is one thing, but obsessive over you is a whole other thing. Run for the hills, ladies!

  1. Mr Needy

Slightly less weird than Mr Obsessive is none other than Mr Needy. Mr Needy wants you to be talking to him all day long, and if you take longer than 2 minutes to reply he will probably be upset. e whw He is extra creepy because he probably wants to dive into a relationship right away and NOT take things slow; he wants you to marry him within a few dates, most likely. He wants to be around you and talking to you twenty four seven, and not only is that creepy, it’s downright annoying. Give a girl some space and chase her, don’t annoy her with your neediness!

  1. Mr Stalky

So you met this new guy and he seems really cool. Everything is going fine and he is nice, super funny, and downright handsome. But there’s just one thing- for some reason he knows where you live. For some reason he already knows what your brother’s name is. For some reason he knows where you work and where you to go school. Okay, creeping on someone’s Facebook page is one thing, but going out of your way to find out important and private details about someone is another. Mr Stalky needs to take a hike from the moment he shows his true colors, because you never know how far he will take his stalking. Drop him as quick as you can.

  1. Mr Rich Stuck Up

Nobody likes a man that is stuck up; it is SERIOUSLY unattractive. But do you know what is even worse? The stuck up man who has tons of money. This man believes he is SO rich that he can do whatever he wants. He can date whoever he wants and he can talk to people however he wants. He is probably incredibly rude and thinks he can be a jerk to you and you’ll just accept it because he’s got some extra cash in his bank account. WRONG! No matter how much money a guy may have, don’t ever let him take advantage of you.


  1. Mr Horny

Okay ladies, let’s just be honest: I think we have all ran into a guy named ‘Mr Horny’ at one point in our lives. This is the man you go on a date with, and three minutes into the date he’s got his hand on your thigh and is trying to near the finish line. Umm, hello!? GROSS. Mr Horny only has ONE thing on his mind and he makes it known right away. He doesn’t try to ‘earn’ the prize and he certainly does not want to work for it. He wants to get up close and personal from the get-go, which probably ends in a very awkward and weird date that is cut off earlier than expected. Run from this creepy, super horny man as fast as you can.

  1. Mr Staring all the Time

Don’t you just love it when you glance over at a man and he quickly turns away with a shy grin on his face? It’s adorable. It’s shy and sweet and is an obvious sign he was checking you out and likes what he sees. You know what isn’t cute? When this guy continuously stares at you. He doesn’t smile. He doesn’t do anything. He just stares. Maybe he is just super shy, but seriously, at that point, who cares- you are being creepy. If he’s creepily staring at you, I suggest moving positions right away to a location where he can’t stare.

  1. Mr Staring at Your Breasts/Butt

This guy could easily be renamed to ‘Mr PIG’! I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand it when a man looks at a woman like she’s a piece of meat. It’s not right and it’s very disrespectful. I understand men like to look at the female body, but at least be coy about it. If you make it obvious you’re staring at my breasts or butt and you make no effort to even LOOK at my face and strike up a conversation, that’s just creepy! Don’t even give this kind of guy the time of day- he doesn’t deserve it.

  1. Mr I’m Too Old for You

Let me just say this: there is NOTHING wrong with dating an older man! But we can’t deny the fact that there are some older men out there who are just plain creepy. They want to date you because you are wrong and naïve- they basically want to take advantage. NO THANKS.

  1. Mr I’m Too Young for You

On the other hand, there are also younger guys out there who only want one thing. They don’t want to do any work; they basically just want to get laid. They aren’t mature enough for a relationship, so they’re just looking at you like you’re another notch on their belt. Like older men, younger guys aren’t ALL like this, but a majority of them are.


  1. Mr Loving

Everyone loves a loving, caring man, right? Of course! But there comes a point when the loving man is just TOO much. He has no opinion of his own and he doesn’t stand up for anything. He is basically your pet and does whatever you say. He is probably very overbearing with his love and affection and it’s just overwhelming. He doesn’t mean half of what he says; he just tries to make you fall in love with him. Umm, a little weird.

Have you ever been with a creepy guy? What was your experience?

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