10 Second Date Tips

By on December 28, 2013

So your first date went over well and you’re wondering if this could potentially be the relationship of your dreams. But at the same time, you’re also worried about screwing things up on the second date. However, by simply following these simple 10 second date tips you can ensure your second date sparks just as many fireworks as the first.


1. Choose a Different, Fun Location

For your first date you probably stuck with the typical date scenario: dinner at one of the local restaurants in town or simply grabbing a drink at one of the fancier diners downtown. For your second date, opt for a more fun and engaging experience that gives the two of you a chance to get to know each other better. Choose something fun that doesn’t go overboard, for example a wine tasting course or horseback riding along the beach. Both offer a fun experience in a relaxed environment.

2. Don’t Dwell on First Date Mishaps

If something went wrong on your first date- like your soda going through your nose all over the table after an overly hilarious joke- don’t dwell on it. Simply apologize for the mishap and move on. He probably won’t be bothered by it, he may even think whatever happened was cute. One thing to remember is that he asked you for a second date, so whatever the mishap was on the first date was not enough to sway him into never seeing you again.

3. Don’t Be Overly Eager

Even if your date ended with a smoking hot kiss under the stars, that doesn’t mean the fire should still be lit the moment you see your date. This means absolutely no going in for a ‘hello kiss’ or trying to pounce on your potential mate the second you see them. Being eager is not only annoying, but extremely unattractive to most males. Put on your charm, keep your dignity, and most importantly, continue giving him that shy, innocent appearance he craves. You never know how the night will end if you just keep your cool (even if your heart is racing and your lips are dying for another taste!).


4. On the Other Hand, Don’t Be Disinterested

It’s true, you don’t want to be obsessive or eager- but you don’t want to come off as completely disinterested either, like you’re ‘too cool’ for the second date. Simply saying something like ‘It’s great to see you!’ with open arms and a great big smile is enough to show him that you’re happy to see him, but not desperate to be his lady right there and then.

5. Show Him You Care With Excellent Memory

You’re probably thinking, ‘What the heck does that mean?’ Allow me to break it down for you. Let’s say your potential boyfriend told you a couple things about himself during the first date, such as he’s afraid of heights or has 4 sisters. Bring this up in conversation during the second date to show him that you were paying attention and that you cared enough to remember the things he’s told you. That’s an instant way to win extra brownie points with your guy.

6. Be Secure in Yourself

During the first date you may have felt a little nervous and uncomfortable. You might not have given your opinion about certain matters or ended up agreeing with your date just to keep things running smoothly. But by the second date, you should feel more secure in yourself and be able to express your thoughts and feelings without remorse. If he is, in fact, offended or angered by your opinions and thoughts, he’s probably not the right man for you anyways. Better to find out sooner than later!

7. Switch Up Your Look

If you wore something a bit typical for the first date, like a pair of skinny jeans with a tank top and heels, then you might want to switch it up for the second date. Show him your style and how you can go from typical to dazzling within a moments notice. This will spark his interest and of course keep his eyes on you all night.

8. Don’t Forget to Flirt!

Some people will quit flirting after they get their first kiss with a potential mate. If you did, in fact, get a kiss goodnight on the first date, this doesn’t give you a license to stop flirting. Make your potential man feel hot and special with plenty of flirting. This gives him a generous confidence boost while also letting him know you’re still very interested in pursuing him.


9. Ask Him Plenty of Questions

The point of the first few dates is to really get to know a person (although you’ll continue learning about them for the rest of your life), so make sure you are asking him plenty of questions- but nothing to personal. This can be a huge turn off, while simple questions will let him know you are interested in finding out more about him as a person.

10. A Smile Goes A Long Way

Have you ever been on a date when the other person didn’t smile? Yeah, talk about a disaster date. During your second date, make sure you’re smiling as much as possible. Odds are he is head over heels about your beautiful smile and loves to see it. Plus a smile shows that you are enjoying yourself and the company you are with- a win, win situation!


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