5 Best Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes

By on September 15, 2013

Brown eyes can be hard to complement when it comes to applying makeup. It may be more difficult for women with brown eyes to pick out the right makeup because it’s challenging to match the right colors along with brown. To help, here are the 5 best makeup ideas for you girls out there with brown eyes:

1. Get Your Eyes To Pop  


How? You can really make those brown eyes of yours stand out by applying a light, electric color of shadow or eyeliner around them. The bolder the color, the more your dark eyes stand out. Brown, surprisingly, goes with a lot of the colors there are. Most women say that they choose a bright purple or plum to accentuate their brown eyes. Brown and purple are perfect together!

2.  Don’t Leave Out Your Eye-lashes! 


When it comes down to brown eyes and making them look their best, most leave out the worry about mascara and focus more on eye-shadow and the eye-shadow colors. It’s definitely important to remember mascara when bringing out those golden eyes. Instead of always applying the same old black mascara, which can give you an unwanted look of sunken eyes if you are not careful, go more for golden mascaras and purple, eggplant or plums.

3.  Brown with Brown?


Confusing right? Unlike blue shadow with blue eyes, it’s actually very ideal to match up different shades of brown with your brown eyes. If you have darker brown eyes, avoid dark brown shadow and go more for a golden-bronze shadow. Lighter and darker eyes are complemented by not only a variety of golds and burnt browns, but also with neutral colors and even sparkling shades of champagne colors.

4. Go Green… or Purple… or Blue!


Green is a great color to pair up with those dark eyes. Forest greens can really bring out every detail of your eye-color and give you a look of subtle, yet exciting beauty.  Purple and brown, as mentioned above, is the perfect combo for the most part. Suave purples and deep burgundy will truly get your eyes a very sexy and very desired look. Blues, especially navy blue, will also bring out brown eyes of all shades.

5. Get Your Metallic On


Nothing goes better with brown eyes than metallic colors. Since brown really is lost on the color wheel, it doesn’t have any set rules for what other colors it really goes with. This makes it pretty easy to dress up those eyes. But, the really get them to stand out, try to go for more pigmented and more metallic shadows. The most metallic, the better and the more your eyes will pop!

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