How to Make Brown Eyes Pop

By on July 7, 2015

It’s no secret: brown eyes are dark, mysterious, and seductive. However, unless you’re wearing the right makeup and colors for your eye color, brown eyes can get washed out and look drab and depleted. Avoid this faded brown eye nightmare by ensuring you’re making those luscious brown eyes POP with these simple 9 tips and tricks to really make those beauties come to life.


1. Metallic Colors – Golds, Bronzes Light Browns, Pinks

Sticking with solid colors is a definite no-no; it’s a surefire way to create a worn down appearance that’s boring and unpleasant to the eye. Instead, choose eye shadows with a metallic flare. Metallic golds, bronzes, light browns and pinks work best, all with a bit of glorious shine that will really bring your eye color pop.


2. White Eyeliner

White eyeliner is a fashion DON’T, isn’t it? Maybe ten years ago, but definitely not anymore!

White eyeliner can certainly be a huge mistake when you’re dealing with lighter colored eyes like green or blue (if you don’t know what you’re doing, that is!), but the white hue against a dark eye color is nothing short of intoxicating. It creates a defined, look-at-me style that can’t be overlooked. Apply a little bit of white eyeliner to the inner or outer eye creases to add that little splash of beautiful depth and dimension. Or apply to the entire under eye for an incredibly daring and gorgeous look!


3. Plum, Navy or Green Eyeliner

When it comes to eyeliner, you want to avoid blacks or dark browns- unless you’re creating a very thin line. Think black/dark brown eyeliner can really hide your eye color and make things dingy and desolate. Instead, choose an eyeliner color that will provoke gorgeous, gleaming eyes that really take over the room. Some of our favorites include plum, navy, and dark green eyeliners. Again, not really designed for those with colorful eyes, but absolutely PERFECT for all shades of brown!


4. Black Mascara is OKAY

After reading tips 2 and 3, you might be under the impression you need to run into your bathroom and chuck out all your favorite black mascaras. But don’t! Black mascara is A-OKAY! In fact, black mascara combined with the eyeliner and eye shadows listed above will really make your brown eyes energized. However, don’t be afraid to try on some other colors too, like eggplant or emerald green!


5. Mix Colors

Want to know a super cool thing about having brown eyes?! You can mix and match eye shadow and eyeliner colors with ease.

While a green-eyed or blue-eyed gal might look ridiculous with a pink and peach color combination on her eyes, you can get by with just about anything. Don’t be afraid to bring a variety of colors together on your eyelid. For example, consider plum eyeliner with peach eye shadow, or emerald green eyeliner with plum mascara. There’s SO many options and you’ll love the results!


6. Under Eye Concealer

Okay, ladies: nobody looks good with dark circles under their eyes. That’s just a simple fact of life! To ensure you’re reducing the amount of darkness underneath your eyes, don’t forget your under eye concealer. It’s especially important when you’re dealing with dark eyes, as dark circles can really provoke a bleak and dreary overall appearance. Under eye concealer will make your skin bright and beautiful, thus making your brown eyes POP!


7. Avoid Too Dark Colors

Yup, you guessed it: super dark colors with super dark eyes is a recipe for a dingy disaster.
Dark colors will hide your eyes and make them appear smaller than they really are, and may even give them a dull look; and that’s exactly what we’re trying to avoid here! That being said, stay away from black eyeliners and eyeshadows. If you’re going for brown eye shadow, make sure it’s on the lighter side and has some sparkle or shine built inside. Black mascara is a-okay, but keep it at that.


8. Wear Complementing Colors

Making your eyes pop isn’t just a job for your makeup; your wardrobe will have a major effect too! So the next time you’re setting out your outfit for tomorrow morning, make sure you’ve got at least one of these colors in your getup: blue, maroon, eggplant, sepia, tan, emerald, violet, navy, or gray (the same colors you SHOULD be using on your eyes). You’ll want to avoid light pinks, baby blues, yellows, light greens- basically anything light and bright- at all costs. Bright, out-there colors will draw attention away from your eyes immediately.


9. Wear Gold Jewelry

So you’ve got all the right makeup products lined up and your wardrobe is lined from front to end with all the successful colors; but what about accessories?!

When it comes to jewelry, there’s only ONE way to go: GOLD! Gold looks SO stunning paired with brown eyes, adding a bit of glimmer and shine that’s nothing short of fabulous. Seriously, if there’s ONE piece of jewelry in your jewelry box, let it be a pair of gold earrings or gold necklace!

How do YOU make your brown eyes POP?

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