What Does Primer Do: 15 Benefits of Using Makeup Primer

By on April 11, 2017

We’ve all heard of makeup primer, whether it was on TV, from a friend, or simply seen at the store. But why should a girl actually want to spend the money to purchase a primer?

Well, ladies, I have to tell you: primer is going to be your next best friend and a MUST in your makeup routine after trying it just one time.

It’s like a miracle worker that just keeps on giving.

Check out these 15 huge, amazing, incredible benefits of using makeup primer and you’ll never go without it again!

Smoother Skin

One thing every woman can agree on is this: smoother skin is ALWAYS a bonus!

We’re always striving for the smoothest, softest skin possible; well, by using a primer you can instantly enjoy the benefit of overly smooth skin that feels sensational to the touch. Such a simple fix for skin that may be a little bit dry- which of course can make your makeup look a little bit ‘cakey’ and unpleasant.

Hides Acne

Acne is a tough battle to fight; and if you’re struggling with acne, you are most likely sick and tired of your makeup not hiding all those awful blemishes.

The great thing about using a primer before applying your foundation is, primer instantly reduces the visibility of acne, hiding your acne as if it never existed. That’s a huge plus for women of any age, but especially younger girls and teenagers who are constantly finding themselves in an uphill battle against breakouts.

Hides Redness

Acne can definitely cause some excess redness on the face; but even if you have acne or not, some women still struggle with redness of the face. The awesome thing about primer is it reduces redness the moment it is applied, which means you can enjoy a red-free face with just a dab of primer.

Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Whether you’re younger and have a slight onset of fine lines and wrinkles or are a tad bit older struggling with the same issue to a larger extent, you’re probably somewhat upset; I mean, yes, fine lines and wrinkles are just things that happen to us over time, but why should we be so worried about them?

Primer- especially those that are specifically designed to hide fine line wrinkles- have the potential to cover up these issues for a more youthful appearance that anyone can enjoy. Who wouldn’t want a more flawless appearance with just a dab of primer?

Seriously, ladies of ALL ages can enjoy the benefits of a primer. Softer skin instantly gives a younger look that’s great for any lady out there.

Minimizes Pores

A lot of women out there suffer from overly large pores; and hey, even when you have smaller pores, using a liquid foundation can bring those pores to life in an all new way! It is a SERIOUS struggle when using liquid foundations. It seems as if they automatically give us pores that just WON’T QUIT!

Using a primer is a great way to hide and fend off those pores, whether you’re a woman with pores that are larger than life or just smaller ones that come up after the foundation is applied.

With instant relief from pores, you won’t have to worry about the type of foundation you are wearing day in and day out.

Easy to Use

Some makeup products require SO much time and effort. It can be a serious pain in the butt when you’re not sure exactly how to use it or apply it for the best results.

Another great thing about using a makeup primer is you don’t have to worry about any strenuous application procedures whatsoever. It is as easy as dabbing a little bit of primer on your fingers and applying it to your face, as if you would your favorite moisturizer.

Remember ladies: you do NOT need a lot of primer; a little goes a LONG way, so whatever primer you end up purchasing is surely bound to last you a very long time. Great for you and even better for your wallet!

Works for All Skin Types/Colors

Sure, when you are shopping for your perfect primer there is going to be some specific products designed for ‘oily faces’ or ‘dry faces’ or the likes; but at the end of the day, ninety percent of primers are going to work amazing on literally every type of skin and skin color.

Since primers typically have no color attached with them, you won’t have to worry about a primer changing the color of your skin or anything like that. Everyone can use the same primer, no matter their skin color from light to dark, and every primer is designed with one mission: smoother skin, less redness and acne, and a flawless finish every time.

Whatever primer you end up choosing you can rest assured it will work with your skin type and color. A very simple decision, especially if you tend to be a gal who is not so sure of the colors of brands she should be using.

Something for Everyone

As I mentioned above, every primer is going to work magic on your skin no matter which one you choose.

HOWEVER, if you think your face is overly dry, you may want to find a specific primer that works for drier skin. On the other hand, if you need something with a little less moisture to accompany your oily skin, you can find a primer specifically for oily skin on the marker with ease.

Do a little bit of research before purchasing your primer and you are bound to find the primer that suits ALL of your needs no matter what they may be.

Cheaper Options

You might think adding a primer to your makeup ritual will cost an arm and a leg, but that is simply not true. While some primers are a bit more pricey, there is TONS of primers on the market available for under ten dollars. And the best part is- primers will last you a pretty long time, so it is easy to find a primer even if you are on a low budget.

No Special Equipment Needed

Remember earlier when I mentioned how easy a primer is to use? Yeah, I definitely meant that statement. There is NO special equipment like brushes or sponges needed to use a primer. Simply put it on your finger and apply it to your face.

It does not get any easier than that!

Use for Touch Ups

We all need touch ups on our makeup throughout the day. Instead of using your pricey foundations or powder, simply put on a little bit primer and you will be good to go.

Seriously, a product that can actually help you before AND after you put on your makeup a product worth purchasing, hands down!

Makeup Stays on Longer

One of the most annoying things about makeup is it NEVER STAYS ON! A few hours after applying you are left with makeup that looks sub par at best, something you are not pleased with. Using primer is an easy way to make sure your makeup is staying flawless all day long, which means no trips to the bathroom during your lunch break trying to fix up your makeup before heading back to the office!

Won’t Cause Breakouts

Any woman who struggles with breakouts is constantly afraid to try new makeup products as they are almost SURE it will cause a new breakout. The great thing about using a primer is they DO NOT CAUSE BREAKOUTS. Even the most sensitive skin is safe from the breakout aggressors!

Don’t let the fear of breakouts stray you from primer that could literally change your makeup game. If you’re really worried about it, find a primer specifically made for ladies who have a tendency to break out.


There’s nothing quite like the heaviness of makeup- it is TERRIBLE, and I think we can all agree on that. No need to worry about a heavy feeling with primer. In fact, primer is so lightweight you won’t even notice that you are wearing it.

Seriously, primer will probably be the lightest thing on your face. It’s practically invisible but it has so many benefits attached to it!

Creates a Gorgeous Airbrush Finish

Flawless finishes is what we, as women, STRIVE FOR. But let’s face it- an airbrush look like the ones you see on television seems practically impossible. Well, you can get one step closer to an absolutely perfect, airbrushed look by simply applying a pinch of primer before you do your normal makeup routine.

You see, primer has the power to hide all of those ‘imperfections’ and create an incredibly silky smooth platform for your makeup to be placed on. The end result? Gorgeous makeup that looks PERFECT every time.

It is such a simple step to take, why WOULDN’T you want to try it out?

What is your favorite primer?

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