4 Mistakes That Doctors Make … And How to Sort Them!

By on February 6, 2013

You may have been going to the same doctor for years but that doesn’t mean that he or she hasn’t made mistakes over that period of time. Doctors, just like anyone else, are humans and ALL humans make an error from time to time. The trick is learning more about your body – the way it works, what it does when it is not well, and also having a little bit of common sense. We don’t want to tell the good Doctor how to do his job but if something isn’t right, you should have the option to put it right!


Bad Communication

This is the biggest reason behind medical errors – just because you have only ever seen the same Doctor for the last five years, doesn’t mean that he or she knows everything about you. If there is something obvious that you “think” your Doctor should know already, point it out to them. There is a chance that they may not know, and the more communicative you are, (and the less you think of them as psychic) the easier your ride will be.

Bad Handwriting

There have been jokes for years about the state of the Doctor’s handwriting and how no one else can understand a single word that they have written, but it could be more than just a bad joke to some people. The main cause of wrong medication handed out to a patient is bad handwriting – this is perhaps why some Doctor’s surgeries have gone all digital with printed prescriptions, rather than handwritten ones. If you can’t read your prescription, how do you expect your pharmacist to? If you are not happy, ask the Doctor to re-write it – most of them will actually find it funny.

Wrong Medication

If you know you are expecting a certain type or brand of medication and you don’t get it, speak up. As well as Doctors, pharmacists can make mistakes too. Use your head – ask them why the brand or drug has been changed or get them to verify what they are giving to you. You are well within your rights to have them formally explain what you have been given – so if all else fails, just ask!


For the most part, you will find that a lot of the errors that we are nothing here are down to lack of common sense on your part. As finger-pointing as that may sound, these people are just human and mistakes will always be made. You do have some sort of responsibility to open your mouth if you feel that something is wrong, and also to ask questions when something is new to you. Don’t be afraid to use the voice that you have been given or you could find that you are in serious danger. This is especially the case with wrong medication or a misdiagnosis.


Sometimes your symptoms may belong to more than one type of medical complaint and the misdiagnosis of an illness is often a medical error made by Doctors. Although you are not a trained Doctor and you couldn’t really know whether or not they have made the right decision about your illness and treatment, you can ask for a second opinion if you are not happy. Do some research on the internet if you are not satisfied. There is always another Doctor that will be more than happy to help.


At the end of it all, when all is said and done, the thing that you should remember above anything else is to speak up. Don’t leave it too late. Wrong treatment and a misdiagnosis can result in death in very severe cases and if you feel that something isn’t quite right, speak up about it. You wouldn’t settle for cold food in a restaurant, so don’t settle for mistakes made by Doctors.

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