25 Benefits of Pineapple for Face, Skin, Hair and Health

By on August 3, 2014

pineapple benefits

Pineapples are a tropical fruit that present with a wide array of health and beauty benefits. This sweet fruit is easy to find and the fresher it is, the better. You can easily incorporate pineapples into your daily diet or even apply them topically to reap the benefits of this bright yellow fruit.

1. Preventing Free Radical Damage

Pineapples are full of important antioxidants and these work to prevent cell damage within the body by fighting against free radicals. When you are getting enough antioxidants in your diet, you are working toward preventing several chronic diseases and conditions, such as heart disease, various cancers, atherosclerosis and arthritis.

2. Keep Colds at Bay


A cold can put you on the sidelines for a week or more, making it really difficult to complete your daily activities. This fruit is rich in vitamin C, a vitamin that plays a crucial role in keeping your immune strong, healthy and ready to fight against the virus that causes a cold. If you already have a cold, eating some pineapple each day may help to shorten the duration and alleviate your symptoms.

3. Keep Your Bones Strong

Pineapples contain the nutrient manganese and this plays an important part in strengthening the connective tissues and bones throughout your body. You can easily get about 73 percent of the manganese you need each day by drinking a single cup of 100 percent pineapple juice. Add this to your breakfast and you will never forget to get enough manganese each day.

4. Improve Gum Health

When your gums are not healthy, you are at risk for a wide array of potentially serious health issues, such as tooth loss, periodontitis and even heart disease. When you eat fresh pineapples, you are working to make your gums stronger when translates into healthier, stronger teeth as well.

5. Ward Off Macular Degeneration

This is a condition that affects the eyes and it ultimately leads to vision loss if it is not kept under control. Pineapples contain a high dose of beta-carotene, a nutrient that plays a major role in keeping your eyes healthy and resistant to this disease. Eat some fresh pineapple each day and enjoy better vision and healthier eyes.

6. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Inflammation in the body affects everything from your joints to your heart so you want to eat foods that reduce inflammation. Pineapples contain powerful compounds that fight off inflammation similar to how nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs combat inflammation. Just a small serving of pineapple each day can help to ease joint pain and other ailments associated with inflammation.

7. Cures Swelling and Irritation

Many illnesses that affect the human body as associated with swelling and irritation, such as sinusitis, gout, sore throat and other issues. When you eat pineapple, you are consuming a compound called bromelain and this contributes to these positive effects.

8. Anti-Cancer Abilities

Pineapples will not cure cancer, but the nutrients in pineapples may work well as part of a complete cancer prevention regimen. The nutrients in this fruit work to combat free radicals and they help your body get what it needs for optimal health. Keeping cell damage to a minimum and being overall healthy may work to prevent cancer.

9. Preventing Atherosclerosis


This condition makes it difficult for blood to pump through the blood vessels because they get stiff and thick. Preventing this condition can help to reduce your risk of many serious health issues, such as stroke and heart attack. The antioxidants in pineapples work to fight the free radical damage that may contribute to atherosclerosis.

10. Better Heart Health

Keeping your heart healthy should be a primary goal because a healthy heart is a major component of a long and healthy life. Adding pineapples to your heart healthy diet help to prevent heart disease and reduce your cholesterol. This fruit also combats free radicals, another action that is important for optimal heart health.

11. Boosting Immunity

When your immune system is strong and getting everything that it needs to combat foreign invaders, your risk of getting sick is decreased. Those with a strong immune system are less likely to get frequent colds and other illnesses. If you do come down with an ailment, a healthy immune system works to ensure that you recover more quickly and that the symptoms are not as severe. Start eating more pineapple now to build more immunity.

12. Improving Digestion

The digestive process is incredibly complex and it relies on strict mechanisms to work effectively. Fiber essentially helps to keep things moving in the digestive system to prevent issues like constipation and this fruit is packed with fiber. The vitamin C and bromelain present in this tropical fruit also play and important role in keeping your digestive system efficient and in good working order.

13. Younger Looking Skin


Looking youthful is a goal that everyone has and pineapples can help you to achieve this goal. This fruit helps to keep the skin flexible and firm because it increases collagen synthesis. It contains vitamin C and amino acids and these are all skin-friendly nutrients. You can apply fresh pineapple directly to your face to reap the benefits.

14. Battling Bronchitis

Bronchitis is a very uncomfortable condition that generally results in a forceful and frequent cough. This disrupts sleep and makes it harder to conquer your daily responsibilities. The anti-inflammatory properties that pineapples have help to calm the inflammation in your airways, which is what causes this condition. When inflammation is alleviated, the swelling decreases and you will find it easier to breathe. This also works to decrease your cough and other symptoms that come with swollen and inflamed airways. Some people say that a pineapple can complement an inhaler, but never stop using an inhaler for pineapples. Use both to fight inflammation in more ways than one.

15. Combating Catarrh

This is a condition that is characterized by the mucous membranes in the body becoming inflamed. This can lead to a host of problems, depending on which mucous membranes are affected. Pineapple helps to calm this inflammation to work toward alleviating this condition.

16. Prevent High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the most common health conditions throughout the world and your diet plays a major role in whether or not your blood pressure is high. The many nutrients in this fruit, especially the potassium, help to keep your blood pressure stable and regulated.

17. Intestinal Worm Treatment

Pineapples, when combined with conventional medicine, may be beneficial in expelling intestinal worms from your body. Things like tapeworms do not like the bromelain in pineapples so getting plenty of this digestive enzyme essentially chases them away.

18. Alleviating Nausea

Nausea is something that all people experience from time to time, but you do not have to simply deal with it. You can drink some 100 percent pineapple juice to alleviate nausea associated with a wide array of health complaints, such as morning sickness and motion sickness. Simply sip on the juice and relax to decrease nausea.

19. Reduce Acne

Acne is a skin problem that can alter your self-esteem and it may even leave scars if left untreated. This fruit contains high amounts of anti-inflammatory substances and vitamin C, both of which fight the causes of acne. The vitamin C helps to improve your body’s ability to heal while the anti-inflammatory substances help to prevent new breakouts and a worsening of current ones.

20. Exfoliate Your Skin


Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and ensures that your skin is bright and glowing. Pineapples wedges will naturally exfoliate the skin so that your complexion and tone always look their best.

21. Eliminate Cracks on Your Feet

When your feet start cracking due to excessive dryness, pineapple can help to soothe this and restore health to the skin on your feet. Pineapple works to naturally exfoliate the skin, revealing smooth, radiant feet.

22. Healthier Nails

If you want your nails to grow and be strong, pineapples can help because they contain nail-healthy nutrients. Simply apply a fresh paste of pineapple, allow this to sit on your nails for 10 minutes, wash it away and thoroughly moisturize your nails.

23. Hydrating the Skin

Dull skin never looks good so you always want to ensure it has adequate hydration. Take one egg yolk, three tablespoons of fresh pineapple and a bit of milk and mix these together to create a hydrating face mask.

24. Stop Chapped Lips


When your lips are chapped, this can be painful and they can even bleed. Pineapple provides relief, hydrates the lips and it helps to exfoliate the dead skin. Combine with olive oil for even more hydration and for protective benefits.

25. Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is something that millions of people battle, but the vitamin C content in this fruit helps to fight against hair loss. Simply eat some pineapple each day to strengthen your hair follicles from the inside out.

You can add pineapples to yogurt and even salads to get at least a cup into your daily diet. This will help you to get the internal health benefits from this fruit without any hassle. When you apply it topically, make sure to do a patch test behind your ear first just to make sure that you do not have any skin reactions.


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