20 Gorgeous Winter Wedding Dresses

By on February 12, 2015

Planning a winter wedding? Here you can see our picks to complement your snowy ceremony.


1. Dress coat.


Dress coat is a true rescue for a winter wedding, and the bride can look stunning even when it is freezing outside. In fact, a dress coat like the one in the photo above, has its certain charm and makes the wedding outfit look truly unique and outstanding. A dress coat gives a sophisticated touch to the whole wedding and brings back old times when a bride was an embodiment of purity and innocence.


2. Cozy knits.


Winter is the time when we can wear cozy cuddly knits and there is no reason why the wedding should be an exception. Thick knitted scarf and gloves will keep you warm and protected and at the same time will not hide your beautiful wedding dress. In fact, a contrast between different textures and fabrics will make the whole outfit more sophisticated and distinct. Fireplace, hot wine and tea/coffee for the reception will emphasize the cozy winter atmosphere and will make your wedding unforgettable.


3. New style collar.


Add extra layer for the upper part is another great way to stay dressed in winter wedding. This option is excellent for girls who dream of a strapless wedding dress but cold weather conditions will prevent them from wearing the dress of their dreams. Transforming a strapless dress into a sophisticated winter gown has never been easier with this pronovias bridal outfit. It is beautiful, stylish, and elegant, and will protect you from cold and wind.  http://www.myedresshouse.com/Free-shipping-online-sales-Pronovias-2013-Manuel-Mota-Collection-BRIDAL-bridal-gown-wedding-dresses-VITORIA-p1988.html


4. Long sleeves.


One of the easiest ways to have a good wedding dress for a winter ceremony is getting a dress with sleeves. It is traditional and romantic cut will keep your arms warm while walking down a snowy isle and will help keep traditions alive with its modest look. Long sleeve dress is a perfect option for a winter wedding in case the bride does not wish to add more layers and details to her outfit and would like to show off her gown in all its glory. .


5. Taffeta-twill.


This unique fabric is great for winter, and its expensive look is especially perfect for a winter wedding dress. The thickness of the fabric limits its use to only a few months a year, so if you made a decision to get married in winter, you should definitely opt for a taffeta twill wedding dress. It is unbelievably stunning and sophisticated and does not require extra decorations, as the dress represents ultimate chic and splendor and will look amazing on the wedding photos.


6. Gown and cape.

6 (Monique Llufier)

Simple and stunning, this combination of silk layers in a wedding outfit will definitely win the hearts of everyone involved, especially husband-to-be. If you prefer simplicity and do not want to stay cold in your own wedding, these wedding dress and cape is for you. Monique Lhuillier designed a perfect in its simplicity outfit that can both protect a sensitive bride from harsh weather conditions and look fabulous and distinct. http://www.moniquelhuillier.com/


7. Vintage jacket.


For all those who admire Coco Chanel elegance and style, why not try a vintage wedding jacket that will cover your shoulders and neckline from cold and wind? Vintage-inspired wedding outfit have been popular for a while now, and it is why. Stylish, elegant, and posh this wedding vintage jacket is designed to inspire and emphasize the importance of the event for years to come. “Fashion changes, style remains”, said Coco Chanel, and this wedding outfit will keep you forever stylish, forever young. http://www.rosaclara.es/en/


8. Column dress.


Winter wedding are fabulous. Who could’ve thought that cold season gives us so many opportunities to stand out and look gorgeous? Unlike frivolous and playful summer, winter is for those who takes life thoughtfully and is ready to present on their wedding in all their glory and beauty. Solemn column wedding dress fits perfectly into this mode of seeing the world around, as its intensity and elegance stress out the important day and the beautiful bride. http://www.rosaclara.es/en/coleccion/bridal/


9. Lace and tulle ball gown.


Multiple layers are not always appropriate for a summer event, as they will keep your legs sweaty and heavy, nevertheless, lace a tulle ball gown is just perfect for a winter wedding. It is time when you can express yourself through lace and tulle, and the more layers- the better. Add a light jacket for the top and you are ready to say “I do” while looking and feeling like a gorgeous beautiful princess.


10. Vintage dress.


Unlike common stereotypes, winter wedding is a great time when one can experiment with different styles and fabrics and achieve the perfect look dreamed of as a child. Vintage dress will look natural at a winter wedding, as its stylistics and dynamics implies Northern European landscape and mood, and brings us back to old times of romance and courtship. Wearing a vintage dress at a winter wedding makes the bride look and feel like Brontë sisters heroine, who dreams big and likes adventures, while keeping to traditional values.  http://www.annacampbell.com.au/collections


11. Fur wrap.


One of the most common and traditional ways to keep the bride warm and cozy is to wear a white fur wrap over the wedding gown. It is lovely, fine, impressive, and feels soft and nice. A white fur wrap brings you into a land of fairies and wonders, and makes this day truly unique. And remember to rather go for a faux fur wrap.


12. Simply jacket.


Jackets and coats are meant for cold weather, so it is only logical to incorporate a nice warm jacket into a wedding outfit in case the wedding is in winter. It is warm, it is wintery, it is cozy and it definitely looks very natural when it is snowing outside. The bride in the photo above knows a thing or two about style and coordination and her ivory jacket fits perfectly well in her overall bridal image.


13. Rustic style.


Shawl is a wonderful wedding accessory for fashionable brides who love vintage and classy style. A bright rustic shawl does not require an elaborate wedding gown, as it is unique and distinctive by itself and performs a function of a stylish accessory. A simple white dress and a bouquet that matches the shawl- and your stunning wedding outfit is ready to go. Perfect for a country wedding in style.


14. Cardigan.


Do not be afraid that an ordinary clothing item might not go well with a fancy gown. The game of contrast and difference can result in fantastically stunning outcomes. Here we see red and white, and suddenly a simple cardigan is a necessary part of the whole image and style. Experiment, play with color and texture, and your experience will truthfully rewarding, as you will be unique and exceptional bride.


15. Princess bride.


Winter wedding might be a tough experience but everything can be overcome and the bride does not need to choose whether to be beautiful and freezing or warm and plain. With a gorgeous winter coat to the rescue, no need to compromise and make sacrifices. You will look stunning and remind of queen (or princess if you wish) in a fantastic winter wedding coat. Nowadays there are plenty of choices for any taste, so you will never be cold at your own wedding.


16. Accents change.


Winter wedding sounds like a more traditional and conservative event, but it is not always the case. If you are bold and adventurous, try swapping the colors of your outfit and choose something bright as your base color and traditionally white as the additional one. Why not wear something red as your wedding dress for some distinct edgy look, and a white cape or a coat to keep things in a nuptial mode? Experiment and you will remember this day forever.


17. Winter wonderland.


Recreate a fairy tale with this divine wedding cloak. With a beautiful snowy background, frozen trees and deep blue sky, this cloak is just what one needs to experience one of the most romantic weddings of all times. For the best look, go for pastel colors and all shades of cold winter- sky blue, cloud gray, pink marzipan.


18. Fur coat.


Try something extraordinary for the winter wedding and combine different fabrics and textures for an ultimate stunning effect. A thin wedding dress will look good at the indoor reception and a long thick fur coat will be natural outdoors in the cold. Alternatively, you can choose a traditional wedding dress and pair it with a trendy fur coat of any other color. The choice is all yours.


19. Pantsuit.


Modern, business-like, striking, and unbelievably attention-grabbing, wedding suit is not for everyone. But, if you are a woman that knows what she wants and how to get it, changing the whole wedding dynamics and wearing a modern pantsuit instead of a cupcake dress is the right move for you. It will emphasize your temperament and the white color will still keep it traditional and appropriate. A thick pantsuit will keep you warm at any winter wedding, while making a serious statement about your choices and personality. http://www.stephanerolland.com/haute-couture/


20. Short dress.


Yes, that’s right, you can wear a short dress in winter. The key is to pair it with thick leggings and a coat/cloak/cape to keep you warm and in winter spirit. Excellent choice for young and daring girls who want to emphasize their joyous spirit and their joie de vivre.

All these options will help you choose the right one just for you and keep your winter wedding in style.


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