10 Gorgeous Winter Bridesmaid Outfits

By on February 16, 2015

Winter wedding can be fun and unique, and contrary to common beliefs there is no need to make your bridesmaids experience the cold and the wind. This list of winter bridesmaid dresses will keep the bridesmaids warm and happy while looking stylish and gorgeous.

1. Blankets. 

One of the simplest and most efficient ways to keep the bridesmaids protected from tough weather conditions is to issue them blankets. In such a way everyone will still look homogenous while staying warm for the outdoor photoshoots, and there will be no need to change into something different for an indoor party.

2. Pashminas. 

Pashmina is a fancier and more trendy type of blanket. Pashminas are cozy and warm and at the same time stylish and chic accessory that can be easily incorporated into a bridesmaid outfit. Just adding a pashmina will create that definite winter wedding touch that makes the event so different and unique, and there is no more need to compromise between staying warm and looking pretty.

3. Pantsuits.

Which outfit is more suitable for cold weather rather than a stylish pantsuit? There is no need to invent something original and new when a good old pantsuit can perform a bridesmaid uniform function pretty well. The key to success is of course in keeping it trendy and very up to date to avoid looking bizarre, and in choosing winter fabrics for the suits, that is wool, velvet, flannel or corduroy. It is easy to find something that will flatter your winter wedding, the suit will fit any body shape and will keep the bridesmaids happy and modern.

4. Fur wraps. 

Fur is a very wintery accessory so why not integrate it into your winter wedding? The result will be feminine and gorgeous, and of course will perform its main function- keeping everyone warm. Go for this option in case you are planning to have a fur accessory yourself, and choose a different color for your bridesmaids’ fur wraps. The game of contrast and coordination will produce most stunning effect and will give your event a noble touch.

5. Capes. 

Aristocratic and posh, even plain and simple capes can enrich any wedding. Choose them for your bridesmaids for them to stay protected from weather conditions whilst remaining sophisticated and elegant. This is a perfect winter wedding bridesmaid option for classy and stylish girls who want to look their best in all the circumstances, no matter what the outside temperature is.

6. Coats.

Coat is a great winter item, it is easy to get and easy to pull off, and one does not need some expensive extraordinary accessories to look well in a coat. All this makes choosing coats for bridesmaid outfits in winter such a simple task that requires not many investments. Using a coat for bridesmaids in winter is an interesting experience, when an ordinary clothing item can be turned into a distinctive bridesmaid dress.

7. Long sleeves.

Lacy or cotton, a long sleeve bridesmaid dress is so perfect for a winter wedding on so many levels. First of all, it will look appropriate for the weather; secondly, it will keep the bridesmaids warm, and thirdly it looks very elegant and chic and will raise your whole event on a new level of sophistication and class.

8. Sparkles. 

Who wouldn’t want some sparkles on their wedding day?! Well, since white is a traditional bride’s color, why not get some sparkles onto the bridesmaids dresses? It will look festive, beautiful, joyous and at the same time posh. Getting sparkly bridesmaids dresses for a winter wedding will not only bring more joy into the ceremony, but will also create a certain fancy touch. Indeed, getting all sparkly during hot summer might run the risk of being of poor taste and too much, while bring it in winter makes everything more refined and chic.

9. Cardigans. 

Cardigans have a certain power of uniting. Certainly, adding same style cardigans into bridesmaids’ outfits will allow the girls to wear different dresses. Yes, cardigans here successfully perform a function of a bridesmaids’ outfits, and keep the girls on the same page while bringing out their differences as well. For a more festive mood, go for sequined cardigans that will emphasize the importance of your event.

10. Knits.

Winter is the time when we can wear cozy cuddly knits and there is no reason why bridesmaids’ dresses should be an exemption to the rule. Thick knitted scarf and gloves will keep your girls warm and protected and at the same time can be a significant part of a bridesmaid outfit. In fact, a contrast between different textures and fabrics will make the whole outfit more sophisticated and distinct.

These bridesmaid outfits ideas will help you plan a perfect winter wedding.

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