What to Wear to an Outdoor Wedding

By on April 2, 2015

Deciding what to wear to an outdoor wedding? It doesn’t have to be as hard as you think and we are here to help you.
We all know that a wedding is a celebration of joining two people together. The focus at a wedding should always be on the bride and groom. Finding something to wear should be easy, right?
You walk to your closet after being invited to an outdoor wedding, and suddenly realize you don’t have anything appropriate. Everything is a fancy black dress or a white pantsuit and 6-inch high heel shoes definitely won’t work in the sand. But, do not worry, we have that covered for you so you don’t need to exhaust your imagination thinking how to look appropriate at the outdoor wedding. So here’s a list of what to consider when getting ready for an outdoor wedding.

Buy shoes you can walk in 2Getting a heel stuck in the grass is never fun and may cause quite a scene if you actually fall down. A wedge heel is great for those that absolutely must have a heel, but you can also use a ballet style shoe, or generic dressy flats. You don’t need to pay high prices for fancy-looking shoes; online stores often have good deals on stylish shoes that will have a variety of colors in stock to match with your outfit. Read reviews about how comfortable they are to wear for long periods. Assume you need to walk more than 100 feet in your shoes, limping to the reception is never fun.

Pastel colors for summer and spring, more earthy tones in fall and winter.

3Follow the dress code on the invite. Generally a beach wedding is most casual; garden (backyard/venue) comes next, and then black tie. A jean jacket you might be able to pull off at a barn wedding, but probably not at a fancy flower garden; so try to figure out where it’s being held before you go shopping.

Keep things simple

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried

Simplicity is the key- from your dress, to your hair style and even your makeup! Light makeup, with neutral colors. No bright red lips or intense blue eye shadow, go neutral and accentuate what you have. If you want to spice up a plain dress, try some dangly earrings or cute necklace with a splash of color instead. You want the attention on the bride; this is her day to be special.

Find out the theme of the wedding 


This will help you  pick an appropriate style for your dress. A long flowing dress with bright colors or patterns works great for a beach, but may clash at an outdoor vineyard. Instead a pantsuit might work better. Make sure you know your body shape to best choose the right design to highlight your best features.

Wear all black

Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev

This is a no-no unless it’s a black tie event in the evening, it is generally not appropriate to wear your little black cocktail dress to a wedding. You might also try to find an appropriate cocktail dress in color to fit the venue rather than wearing all black; it is not a funeral.

Wear white

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

Forget about your favorite white dress, unless of course, the bride specifically requests guests to wear white, just don’t do it, you’ll be remembered as having poor wedding etiquette, even if you are a royalty.

Leave your underwear at home.
If you decide to get a dress that doesn’t allow for a bra, get nipple covers. The bride will thank you. Also in case of a tight dress, wear an invisible underwear that will have you all covered and looking decent.
Go overboard with your make up and your hair. 

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

A wedding is not the place to try out new themes, or youtube tutorials for attention-getting fashion. Try to keep it simple and blend in. The attention needs to be on the happy couple.

Wear outfits or dresses that leave nothing to the imagination. If you wouldn’t want your grandfather to see you in it, a wedding is probably not the appropriate place for it.
Forget a small hand bag or purse; you never know when you’ll need to touch up your lipstick or emergency allergy medication. Let’s hope they don’t have bees and you aren’t allergic to freshly cut grass. You can also use your purse to add a little color or style to a plain outfit.
And finally, don’t forget to pay attention to the time of day the wedding is. Morning or early afternoon, a more casual sundress style may be appropriate. If the wedding is in the evening a cocktail or more formal style of dress may be a safe bet.
With these tips and tricks you are now all ready for any outdoor wedding.

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