20 Gorgeous Beach Wedding Dresses

By on February 9, 2015

The sand, the ocean, and the light breeze are just some of the reasons why most brides dream of a romantic beach wedding. If you envision a destination beach wedding but haven’t quite found the right dress, then look no further. Herinterest presents 20 gorgeous beach wedding dresses for unforgettable beach weddings. Each and every bride will find a dress style just for her, something that will reflect her personality and her aspirations. The key to a beach wedding success is finding a gown that feels as breezy and beautiful as your backgrounds — and here you will find everything you need. These dresses were made for saying “I do” on the beach with a stunning ocean as your heavenly decorations.

  1. Goddess style.


The sand and the sea remind of Ancient Greek goddess Aphrodite, which was born from the sea foam. Beach wedding is a perfect time for a woman to reincarnate the ancient image and to look like a true goddess with a perfect Goddess Style dress. Its flowing silhouette will fit just right into the romantic ocean atmosphere. With flowy fabrics that move with the sea breeze and special hand-worked details, the Goddess style wedding dress is casual enough for a beachside celebration but still fantastically gorgeous.

  1. A-line dress.


Simple and versatile, this dress suits all body shapes- from apple to hourglass. It will flatter plus size brides as well, creating feminine shape and emphasizing the neckline. The airy gown will look well in the ocean surroundings and will surely make this special day more memorable.

  1. Assymetrical.


This beautiful and distinct shape conveys the movement and the lightness that are essential for a romantic wedding, and we all know that beach weddings are among the most romantic ones. Different lengths in front and in the back will show off your beautiful tanned legs while still looking elaborate and sophisticated. A perfect dress for tall girls.

  1. Mermaid style.


This amazing gown is probably one of the best wedding dresses for a destination wedding, when looking like a mermaid is appropriate and just seems so natural. Open back will balance the long train and the whole look will be extremely captivating and relevant. Excellent choice for skinny bold and beautiful brides.

  1. V-neck.


Dresses with V-necklines draw the eye upward and make the figure look longer. This dress is perfect for shorter girls who would like to elongate their body and draw attention to their face and neckline. V-neck looks romantic and sexy without seeming vulgar and too revealing. Excellent choice for modest brides who value traditions and still wish to stand out.

  1. Knee-length.


This length will keep your dress dry from the ocean and clean from the sand, while emphasizing the lightness of getting married on the beach. It has a certain playful touch but the moderate length keeps everything serious and appropriate. Knee-length dress is a perfect balance between traditions and novelty placed right on the beach.

  1. Short and flirty.


This style is for young playful girls who enjoy every moment of their life and are not afraid to break rules. You are young, bold, and courageous and do not like long gowns as you are sure they make you look too serious and old? Then short and flirty wedding dress is just right for you.

  1. Ball gown.


Sometimes it should not matter where you are, the most important is that your dreams come true. When we think of a wedding dress, a traditional ball gown usually comes to mind. Sophisticated, elegant, posh- a perfect wedding outfit for such an important day. It will look great regardless where you are, and with a beautiful ocean in the background it will make you feel like a true princess.

  1. Casual.


Simplicity is meaningful. Why overcomplicate life and wedding outfit when a simple gown combined with a perfect background can convey more than thousand words? You already have everything you need and saying “I do” in front on the eternity is more than enough. This casual wedding dress is all you need to have a perfect beach wedding.

  1. Informal.


Loose and light, this wedding gown does not require an uptight hairdo and any unnecessary tension. An informal dress will definitely make sure to keep your day stress-free and relaxed, and let the nature do the talking. The sound of waves and wind will keep things between you and your groom and will leave all pointless hassle behind. Perfect dress for those who want to take things easy and just enjoy the day.

  1. Strapless.


Beautiful dress for everyone who wants to feel like a princess on this special day. Strapless dress might look out of place in normal circumstances, but a new wedding environment will change the dynamics dramatically. Beach is one of few places where strapless wedding gown will look appropriate and relevant, as exposing more skin is ok when you are standing on the sand. Just make sure to start a proper workout a few months before the wedding in order to show off your slender arms and beautiful neckline.

  1. Sophisticated and posh.


Wedding happens ideally once in a lifetime and why not make it very special with a sophisticated dress. This is your day and you can afford looking like a million dollars with a sophisticated posh dress. This dress will make you undeniably the center of attention and will keep the event memorable for years to come. Remember that having a sophisticated wedding dress for a beach wedding requires lots of preparation and attention to slightest details, and the beach should be just a beautiful decoration and not a fully active participant in your event.

  1. Unanticipated.


Sea, sand, ocean- these things associate with freedom and easiness. Why change the easy-breezy atmosphere for the wedding then? Nature prepared everything for your wedding to be extraordinary, so surprise your guests by something unusual they would not have thought of. Set your imagination free and use the beach background to your advantage. Floral, lacy, or patterned wedding dress will make you stand out and be the most unusual bride.

  1. Bikini bride.


Think out of the box and wear bikini for your wedding. Or, considering the venue and the whole environment, that would probably be thinking traditionally, since beach and swimwear are traditional beach outfits. Indeed, what can be better on a warm sunny day? Feel free and young on this very special day, as the ceremony is just between you and your husband-to-be. Remember to start training for a perfect beach body a while before the wedding day, though.

  1. Mini ball gown.


You dream of a perfect wedding but a traditional long ball gown would be too much on a beach? The solution is simple- a mini ball gown combines the elegance and sophistication of a traditional wedding gown and a playfulness and spirit of a shorter more modern dress. A mini ball gown is a wonderful choice for those who love traditions but would like to introduce a nice light touch to the ceremony without looking too bold and daring.

  1. Pantsuit.


Modern, business-like, striking, and unbelievably attention-grabbing, wedding suit is not for everyone. But if you are a woman that knows what she wants and how to get it, changing the whole wedding dynamics and wearing a modern pantsuit instead of a cupcake dress is the right move for you. It will emphasize your personality and the white color will still keep it traditional and appropriate. A pantsuit represents a true statement outfit for any beach wedding.

  1. Sea colors.


Blend in with the beautiful background by changing the traditional white color for your wedding dress for a blueish grayish shades that will coordinate so well with the strikingly gorgeous background. Ocean colors will make you look fragile and feminine, resembling some beautiful sea goddess that came out of her element for this significant day.

  1. Bright and colorful.


Destination beach wedding usually means some tropical shore where everything is bright and colorful. Use the climate advantage as a unique opportunity to change the whole dynamics of your wedding and turn it into a color riot by adding some deep bright colors into your wedding dress. It will look very natural against a bright beach background and will add colors and emotions to the day.

  1. Non-traditional.


A pure white outfit can play a role of a wedding dress if you have your wedding near the ocean in a tropical paradise. Anything white goes, the lighter the fabric- the better. Add some tropical accessories and a pair of leather sandals or flip flops and your non-traditional wedding outfit is ready to go. This idea is great for those who value comfort over looks and who think that bride should always look natural, relaxed, and stress-free. The whole idea of a non-traditional wedding outfit is to emphasize the natural beauty of the bride and a natural flow of the event.

  1. Bohemian romance.


Nowadays, the term “Bohemian” means artistic non-conventional people who value beauty and freedom. If you are artsy and would love to accentuate your independent spirit, then there is nothing better than a combination of the ocean (an eternal symbol of freedom) and Bohemian inspired wedding gown. Its light silhouette falling freely does not require complicated hair styles or decorations. The beach, the ocean, and the sky is all you need for a Boho wedding. Enjoy!

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