10 signs you’ve got a toxic friend

By on July 30, 2013

Who is a toxic friend? That is the question you need to answer before you evaluate the possibilities of having one in your circle of friends. A friend in need is a friend in deed. When you are trying to make ends meet between the understandings, you have with your friends and somehow you realize things tend to get out of control, there is a menace that needs to be cut loose. There are many facts that could lead you to understand that you probably have a toxic friend in your midst. Women are fond of sharing their success stories with their closest women friends. But when the secrets are no longer between you and them, it means someone is sharing them out. The following 10 signs can help you know whether you have toxic friends or not.


A friend should be supportive at whatever course, when you realize that there is one friend who is always showing you how your objectives are wrong and theirs are better, you should cut them off because they are toxic. Note that someone who supports your interests but also provides you with other alternatives to think about is a better friend.
Avoid those friends that talk bad about those that are close and important to you
When you see various friends calling you, it makes you feel bad and sometimes you may not want to pick the call. Those are toxic friends.
When a friend hurts you, she should be on the frontline to apologize but those toxic to your circle, they will probably think it’s normal.


When a particular friend makes you feel guilty for something she owns and you cannot afford it, you should cut them off.
Don’t associate with those friends who regularly share your secrets with others, especially those sensitive secrets such as genital warts.
Avoid a friend for whom you are always trying to justify yourself to them in order to keep the bond stronger.
Friends who always remind you for what they did to you are not friends you should trust.
A friend who makes you feel judged when you take part in things that make you whole should not be in your circle of friends.

If a situation is already terrible, it should not construe a big challenge; friends who make you feel challenged should be cut loose. These are friends that will only take you to more stress and problems that you already are in.

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