Make-Up Tips for Purple Eyes

By on October 1, 2013

Being amongst the rarest color of eyes, purple eyes are normally only an appearance; although, the deep blue eyes of some people, like Elizabeth Taylor, can appear violet at certain times, “true” violet-colored eyes occur only in those whom have albinism. By “true” we are referring to “real” eye color and albinism is a condition characterized by full or partial lost of pigment in skin, hair and or eyes.

To obtain the look for purple eyes, many opt for the use of colored contacts. Colored contacts are available  in practically every color and varying styles. If you are looking to change the color of your eyes, colored contacts are an option to be consider.


Choosing eye shadow for purple eyes

For every color of eyes, there are sets of colors that pair best. These colors can be worn in lighter-darker shades and or from completely different color pallets. For instance, a blue color pallet will offer shades such as periwinkle, liberty and navy and a pallet of varying shades will offer colors such as gold and green.

Colors that pair best with purple eyes are shades of the following; greys, yellow and green. Greys and black can be used to create a smoky eye and yellow and green can be used in combination with one another or both colors can be paired with shades of purple to capture a more dramatic look.

By using green and purple on purple eyes you can create the look of fantasy like in “The Little Mermaid.”  To capture this look, refer to the image below:

purpl 3

Applying eye shadow to purple eye

Applying a smoky eye can be difficult; however, by practicing you can achieve the desired look. Start by applying grey to the entire eyelid; this is just your base color. Highlight with white on your brow bone (under your eyebrow); this will make the color “pop.” Take a deep black and add it into the crease. It is suggested to use more eye shadow on the outer “V” of the eye. Lastly, take a big blending brush, or big eyeshadow brush, and blend the eye together ensuring that the black is well-blended )from the eyelid to the cease of the eye).


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