Make-Up Tips for Blue Eyes

By on September 30, 2013

Being amongst the most common color of eyes, blue eyes are also the most desired and spoken of. One way to enhance the appearance of blue eyes is to add a thin line of eyeliner in shades of blue, green, brown or black. It is also suggested to use a “volumizing” mascara. If you have short or thinned out eyelashes, it is also suggested to use “falsies” (false eye lashes).

In order to further enhance the appearance of blue eyes, suggested below are tips for choosing an eye shadow color and applying eye shadows to blue eyes.


Choosing an eye shadow color for blue eyes

Colors that pair best with blue eyes are lighter shades of; pink, purple, green and yellow. It is suggested to dabble around with the colors and choose more than one to apply. For instance, yellow pairs well with each pink, purple and green and pink pairs well with purple. For more dramatic results, choose shades of grey, brown and or black. These colors are also ideal for evening wear.

Another suggestion when choosing an eye shadow color is to consider what you are wearing. You can match your eyeshadow to the color of your top or dress or you could use a different color that pairs well with both blue eyes and your outfit color. Either way is fine; however, it is suggested to consider this pairing of apparel and make-up before applying.

Blue eyes also pair well with darker colors such as; gold, rose and green. Please refer to the image below:

blue 1

Applying eye shadow to blue eyes

When applying make-up to the eyes you want to first start with a color pallet from the shades previously suggested. First, apply a base coat of your lightest shade to lighten the area. Next, add one color (such as pink) to the lower, corner of the eye. Next, add a different color (such as purple or yellow) to the lower, outer eyelid. Using your light base color, lightly cover the entire eye to enhance and soften colors.

Other colors that pair together nicely with blue eyes are as follows; pink and silver, pink and brown, blue and silver, blue and brown, purple and grey and purple and black.

The image below offers another technique for applying eye shadow to blue eyes:


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