Make-Up Tips for Brown Eyes

By on October 1, 2013

Brown eyes, statistically the least favorite color of eyes, may be under hyped in popularity. Most with brown eyes wish to have blue eyes and many will go as far as to change their eye color by wearing colored contacts. What’s strange about this, is that brown eyes can appear to be the prettiest of all colors provided make-up is applied properly.

Making their mark on society, brown eyes have been wrote about in songs that have been sung by some of the best-known artists. These songs include Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison and Ebony Eyes by Rick James and featuring Smoky Robinson. Another notable fact pertaining to brown eyes was the making of a film in 1936 titled “Big Brown Eyes” featuring Gary Grant and Joan Bennett.


Choosing an eye shadow for green eyes

Colors that look best with brown eyes include darker shades of; grey, brown, black, gold, rose and green. These colors can be worn in combination or on their own. For instance, with brown eyes, black and brown pair well and gold, rose and green pair well. Greens are particularly ideal for brown eyes as they enhance the color an allow for the eyes to “pop.”

Other colors to consider when applying make-up to the eyes are as follows; cobalt blue, dark purple (such amethyst) or deep reds (like cranberry).


When choosing make-up for the eyes, you will want to purchase a color pallet includes a light, medium and dark based color. These colors can be of the same shade or varying shades. You will also want to purchase an eyeliner and “volumizing” mascara that will enhance the overall appearance of your eye make-up.

Applying eye shadow to brown eyes

When applying make-up to brown eyes, after selecting your color pallet, it is suggest to first cover the eyelid with your lightest based color. Next, on the bottom of your eyelid, starting in the lower corner of your eye, apply a thin line working outwards with your brush. Nest, apply a thin line of your medium based color across the crease of your eye. To soften and high-lighten, last, apply another coat of your lightest based color over your entire eyelid to complete the look.

For a better understand of color pallets and where to place each color, please refer to the image below:


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