Make-Up Tips for Hazel Eyes

By on September 27, 2013


Make-Up Tips for Hazel Eyes:

When applying make-up to the eyes, depending upon skin tone and eye color, there are particular shades and applications that work best for each eye color. Hazel colored eyes are amongst the most common color and pair well with shades of yellow, green and purple. Other shades that pair well with hazel colored eyes include; gold, orange and brown.


Choosing an eye shadow color for hazel eyes

Hazel eyes are a lighter shade of brown to the human eye; however, upon close inspection hazel colored eyes have specks of yellow and green. By applying shades of yellow and green, it helps to bring out these colors in the eyes. The secret to applying the correct color of eye shadow is ensuring that you are using colors that enhance and brightening the eyes.

When applying shades of purple to hazel eyes they will appear to “pop.” Shades of brown and purple naturally pair well together and extrude a mystic appearance. Some shades of purple to consider; lilac, lavender, violet, plum and eggplant.

The most obvious shades of color for hazel colored eyes are gold, orange and brown. These colors are suggested for outdoor events in the sun, and or, an “evening out on the town.” Shades of gold and orange are known for brightening the skin and creating a glow. Darker colors, such as black and brown, are best known for creating a dramatic appearance; an appearance one may try to capture for an “evening out on the town” or on a “date night.”


Applying eye shadow to hazel eyes

When applying make-up to hazel colored eyes, it is suggested to start with a light based color. Light colors help to enhance hazel and green colored eyes. Next, starting at the outer edge of the eye, apply a medium based color keeping in mind the shades previously spoken of. Lastly, apply a dark based color along the outer edge of the eye working inward down the bottom of the eyelid and finish with a touch of the light based color on the enter eyelid to further high-lighten.

When applying make-up to the eyes, it is suggested to apply particular colors according to eye color. This way, it is the eye color that stands out, not the eye shadow color(s).

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