50 Best Long Hairstyles with Bangs

By on February 28, 2014
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Rocking some beautiful long locks, but don’t know how to style them? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out these gorgeous long hairstyles with bangs, with everything from clasy and elegant to edgy and wild.

1. Cheryl Cole Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Straight with Voluminous Curled Ends

Cheryl Cole Big Hair_Curls

Really- what’s not to love about this gorgeous hairstyle? It’s so simple, yet has so much sexy style it’s ridiculous. To achieve this gorgeous style, start by styling your hair with a generous side part. Thick side bangs are almost essential to this style. Leave the top half of your hair completely straight, giving the bottom half plenty of curls and fluff. This achieves the ‘full’ look that gives your entire head plenty of fullness and life.

2. Jessica Biel Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Straight, Straight, Straight


Jessica Biel’s long hairstyle has one thing on its mind: straightness. And while this long hairstyle is so obviously simple to achieve, it’s also bursting with beauty and elegance. Our favorite part about this style is that it’s so versatile and can easily be worn to any event- from the most glamorous occasions to simple get togethers. Leave your hair straight and pair it with some long, lovely bangs that lay just above the eyes.

3. Ashlee Simpson Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Straight Side Part



Although Ashlee Simpson seems to switch up her ‘do every other month, we aren’t complaining- we love all of her beautiful, sexy styles. And this is just one of those hairstyles we fell in love with. Ashlee Simpson shows off beautiful, long red strands that are completely straight. We’re talking at least a little bit of product and a lot of hair straightening to achieve that soft, perfectly straight style. Paired with a set of sexy side bangs, this lovely long hairstyle is definitely one to try.

4. Carrie Underwood Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Layers Framing


Beautiful layers framing the face, shockingly bright blonde hair, and a set of full side bangs- it’s so Carrie Underwood- and it’s oh-so glamorous. This adorable long hairstyle comes with a series of multi-length layers which give plenty of focus to the face while also giving the hair a bouncy ‘flip’, which we can clearly see in this photo of Carrie Underwood. If you’re a gal who loves flirty hair that is bouncy and fun, this may be the style for you.

5. Mariah Carey Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Curls Galore!

Mariah Carey - Curls Galore

What better to accompany a gorgeous woman than a set of beautiful curls? Here we see the stunning Mariah Carey showcasing a full head of lovely, tight curls- I mean, even her bangs are curled! (Which, of course, we don’t see too often). If you’re thinking of a high-class hairstyle for your next black-tie affair, consider this curly ‘do.

6. Rashida Jones Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Ballerina Bun

Rashia Jones Ballerina Bun

With bun hairstyles being so incredibly hot this year, there’s really no questioning why this lovely style hit the best 50 long hairstyles chart. Here we see the lovely Rashida Jones rocking a very high ballerina bun- so high it’s basically on top of her head! We’re loving this great look with accompanying wispy bangs for a very on-trend look.

7. Anna O’Reilly’s Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Low Ponytail with WavesAnna O'Relly Low Ponytailwith waves

Need a style for busy, on-the-go days? Why not try out Anna O’Reilly’s beautiful down hairstyle. She begins by giving her entire head of hair some loose waves, some of those “I just got out of the beach” waves that we all know and love. She then pulls her hair back into a low ponytail, leaving her cute bangs dangling down the sides of her face. We love this style as it is totally low maintenance and can stick by you through the most enduring activities.

8. Diana Vickers Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Crimped Side Ponytail


What, you thought crimping your hair was out of style? Think again! It might be a flashback from the ’90s, but my oh my is it cute! Diana Vickers is clearly making an adorable statement with her low side ponytail, which is obviously one of the cutest ponytail styles you can achieve. Topped off with crimped ends and loose bangs, this crimped side ponytail is a surefire WIN!

9. Becki Newton Long Hairstyle with Bangs : The Infamous Bun


Here’s another great style that can ride along with you through all your events and errands: the simple, but infamous bun. Again, you can’t go wrong with this style. Why? Because buns are seriously all the rage right now and women can’t get enough of them! This style is so basic, you’d wonder how it got to looking so perfect! Simply tie up your hair in a bun placed directly at the back of your head- not too low, and not too high. Feel free to add some curls or waves, or leave it natural like Becki Newton!

10. Miley Cyrus Long Hairstyle with Bangs : Clips and Waves


It’s been a long while since Miley Cyrus had her long hair, but it’s still a style that is loved by long-haired women around the world. This style gives off a cute, feminine vibe that looks absolutely perfect! For this style, start with a few waves throughout. Then, grab two small strands of hair on each side of the face and pull it back to a very thin up-do, leaving the bulk of the hair to lay beautifully in front. Perfect for classy situations or even roundabouts in town.

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