Ways to Fight, Fix and Minimize Cellulite

By on January 8, 2013


Ladies – we all have cellulite. Those that say they don’t are usually lying, and if they are actually telling the truth, it doesn’t matter because we hate them anyway for having beautifully sculpted bodies that we “normal” people could only dream of.

If you have noticed the nasty orange-peel looking simples on your skin, it van seem like the end of the world has headed your way. There will be no more beautiful pictures of you on the beach. You are never going to be able to wear tiny shorts or a mini-skirt ever again. Not unless you fancy giving liposuction or laser mesotherapy anyway. Which incidentally, are two great ways to fight, fix and minimize cellulite.

One of the easiest ways to hide cellulite, especially if you are planning a naughty night in with your partner, is to use a dimmed, red light. You know those funny colored light bulbs you always skip right past in the hardware store? Well, the red lights contained within those aisles are actually the perfect type of lighting to basically make cellulite disappear. Why not try popping a couple of red bulbs in the lamps in your bedroom and have a peek in the mirror – you can barely see that cellulite!

Of course, everyone knows the way to get rid of cellulite is to encourage your body to produce more collagen. You don’t really fancy having collagen injections though – that just seems a little extreme, and let’s be honest; you never really wore bikinis on the beach anyway. What if we were to tell you that you could encourage your own body to produce more collagen to plump out that cellulite with the assistance of some foods that are rich in sulfur?

Sulfur is rich in those fresh foods that contain high levels of Vitamin A – carrots, sweet spuds, cantaloupe, etc. Generally, the rawest form of these foods, the better.

Other foods that are packed with sulfur to make fixing cellulite an easier battle include:

  • Celery
  • Black olives
  • Cucumbers
  • Green olives

Creams are often used in the fight against cellulite and in studies; those that were considered to be rich in caffeine often gave the greatest results. In the experiment, out of the women that used a high-caffeine cellulite busting cream twice per day for thirty days, almost 80 percent of them found a visible reduction in cellulite. Also, for those ladies that want to lose a little weight, the high caffeine creams also reduced the actual hip measurements themselves! Almost seventy percent of women found this to be the case. Now you can’t really argue with statistics like that!


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