The Bachelorette’s Emily Maynard Under Plastic Surgery Scrutiny

By on November 9, 2013

Come on guys – you know who Emily Maynard is! She’s the girl that found her fairytale ending, courtesy of The Bachelorette; the TV show that literally took the world by storm. Twice…

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Seriously hunting for her “One”, she went on the show as one out of 25 female contestants, and Brad Womack chose her! Clearly that didn’t last very long and it wasn’t long before she found herself on the show as one of the “Bachelorettes”. Wooed by 25 men, she eventually chose Jeff Holm and on the season finale, he propose to her with the mother of all rings:

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(*Insert cries of envy/anger/annoyance here*)

Sadly, Emily and Jeff are no longer together. We wonder if she kept the ring…

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Once known as the wholesome, low maintenance single mother; it has been reported in the last couple of years that she has repeatedly gone under the knife to ensure that she stays looking younger for longer. We decided to take a closer look to see if we could sense any signs of celebrity plastic surgery….

The Emily Maynard Plastic Surgery List

It was pre-2010 and the lead-up to her debut on The Bachelor that saw her getting various forms of celebrity plastic surgery it would seem. Her breasts have been enlarged, veneers placed on her teeth, and even a supposed nose job. Not so low-maintenance now, right?

Sources close to the reality TV star have also come out to apparently tell of her “frozen” face that doesn’t move because of the fillers; possibly Botox. Her friends seem to confirm the celebrity plastic surgery reports and some have even commented that it could be down to her battle with the condition Bell’s Palsy and her insecurities surrounding it.

From first glance, the only thing that you can visibly see has changed is her teeth. You can’t deny that she has work done on those but they do look good now!


Celebrity Plastic Surgery – Veneers

Veneers are often one of the first changes that celeb’s make to their bodies when they first get famous because they are the first thing in the photos that you can see – those white, pearly whites! If you’ve got a less than perfect smile, veneers can help to sort that out to help to achieve the perfect smile. They are a quick fix, as such, for a wonky smile.

These teeth basically fit over the top of your own teeth in the same way that you would stick false nails on your own nails. They are the dental equivalent of a face lift and can completely transform your face in a way that you wouldn’t believe!

The process is pretty gruelling but can be worth it if you want the perfect smile – you will go through a series of sessions for moulds to be made, teeth to be fitted, check-ups to be had, etc. It’s a fairly long and complex process so you need to make sure that you have both the time and money to be able to do it.


Back to the Emily Maynard plastic surgery list and we come to the topic of her breasts. Although they do appear to have gotten bigger, there is a good chance that she could have just got the bigger boobs during the pregnancy of her daughter, Ricki, and they never went back down again afterwards. This can happen and does happen to a lot of women – you should remember that it is easy to speculate. We don’t think they even look that different…. What do you think? According to the surgeons, her breasts have increased in size from a 34b to a 36d….

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There was even one story in the media back in 2012 that stated she had become “addicted” to the plastic surgery she was getting. It would seem that our “girl next door” or “natural beauty” isn’t as natural as she likes to make herself out.

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Friends have been heard saying that she has been having facials and filler injections for years on her face; more specifically her forehead. That would explain the fact that she doesn’t have a single wrinkle on her face and could be the reason behind that “frozen” expression we talk about right at the beginning. On top of the boobs, teeth and fillers on the Emily Maynard plastic surgery list, a subtle nose adjustment has also been apparently completed. There have even been suggestions that she could be planning a bit of liposuction as well. We personally think that she looks beautiful just as she is but once again, this could be down to the fact that now she is considered to be a “celebrity”, visits to her doctor/plastic surgeon could be more and more frequent.

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