The 4 Big Myths about Aging

By on January 15, 2013

We all think we know what will happen to us as we age – we are going to get wrinkles, we are going to start losing “our marbles” and we are going to get age spots, right? Well actually, these are only things that will happen if we don’t look after ourselves properly and these are just some in a long line or common myths or misconceptions surrounding the whole aging topic. Thankfully, we are here to put some of them to bed.


Dementia is going to happen to you!

This is total garbage. Dementia or just “losing it” in general is something that doesn’t happen to everyone as they get older. Exercise, good diets and making sure you keep stress levels down are just three of the ways that you can keep all of your faculties just as they should be, and regular stimulation of the brain with simple games on the Wii and Nintendo DS can help too. There was a study done on one of the world’s oldest females when she died and in actual fact, she showed no signs of losing her faculties!

In your 40’s? It’s too late to start exercising!

You could have been lazy your entire life and still start working out in your 40’s, 50’s and even older if you wanted – it is never too late to start working out! You can start exercising at whatever point of life – the earlier the better, of course. Actually, losing weight and working out can massively decrease your chances of getting various health conditions so it’s probably a good idea to start thinking about it right now if you haven’t before!


Wrinkles WILL happen and there is nothing you can do about it!

Once again, this is a total myth. If you take care of your skin you CAN prevent wrinkles, or at least slow them down considerably. Cutting out smoking can help, as well as making sure that you drink plenty of water. A good diet can also help your skin to be in tip-top condition, and using a good moisturizer meant for your time of life can also slow down the common signs of aging. Again  – it’s never too late to start. One final thing that you may want to consider is that sun can seriously damage your skin so make sure that you are using a decent SPF and keep out of the sun as much as possible.


You shouldn’t have sex as you get older!

Did you know that the hormones that are released when you are sexually fulfilled can actually help to fight against the aging battle? That means that the more sex you have, the more hormones are released and the better your skin will look and you will feel. If there was ever an excuse to have more sex, this would definitely be it!

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