The 10 most beautiful places in Asia

By on January 19, 2013

If you are looking to vacation in Asia, countries like Thailand, china, Japan, Mongolia and many more should feature within your areas to visit. An Asian cruse is enough to take you through all those amazing places as it makes strategic stops depending on the cruise plan. However, you could also fly to either of those places in person or with your family.
Angkor Archeological Park

Angkor Wat
The Khmer Empire that lies in the northern Cambodia is a must visit attraction site which has now been revered as an archeological site. It is among the most exciting areas in Southeast Asia.
Bali in Indonesia
Unless you tour this habitat of the Indonesian culture, your Asian trip would be missing something. There are beaches and mountains right at the heart of the islands of the gods.
How about Dead Sea?

dead sea

This place is popular with tourists due to its ability to extend therapeutic effects, and its water is very unique due to higher salt concentrations when compared to those in other sea bodies.
And the great wall of China?

Great wall
You cannot say you toured the whole of Asia if you did not pay a visit to the Great Wall of China. Constructed as a defensive mechanism for many years the wall extends from the lialoning province throughout Hebei all the way to Beijing an parts of Mongolia among others.
Lake Baikal as a fresh water lake

lake baikal
This is said to be the deepest fresh water lake in the world and supplies about fifth of the entire world thus why it has been the center for UNESCO.
The highest point in the world is Mount Everest?

Mount Everest
And what shall we say if the Himalayas which house Mt. Everest are not brought into the picture when touring Asia? The tallest mountain of course at the center of China and Nepal has attracted many people in the world.
Have you heard about Petra?

This is well known as the ancient Nabataen city along the southern part of Jordan. Petra has made history by being historical and a major tourist attraction center.
Registan brings memories of Persian Empire

If you want to understand why Registan carries another meaning as sandy stone, you have to visit the area and bear witness to so much you don’t know.
The Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

Undying love for his young wife, Shah Jahan makes history by constructing the Taj Mahal and now the most beautiful building in Asia.
Wat Phra Si Rattan Satsadaram

wat phrasri
It remarked as the leading and most sacred Buddhist temple, there is a lot you can get from this land mark in the Thai society.


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