Top 20 Most Famous Beaches In The World

By on September 18, 2013

1.) Bottom Bay, Barbados

This is a very serene beach that is far more favored among most of the other beaches that Barbados has to offer.  Of course, that is mainly due to the fact that Bottom Bay has steered clear of more modernization than most of its other neighbors have. Which actually leaves it to be a much more natural place to be  and filled with sweet, pure tranquility.


2.) Cape Maclear, Malawi

At the edge of the stunning lake, named Lake Malawi, lies the absolute gorgeous beachfront known as Cape Maclear. Visitors who find themselves here, always enjoy themselves. They can arrive and find themselves kayaking in the beach’s shark-free waters, they can go swimming in utter peace and this ocean-like lake offers some of the coolest snorkeling experience.



3.) Margaret River, Australia

With a surf like Margaret River’s, how could hardcore surfers not love this beach? Besides drawing in loads of surfers, anyone who enjoys a swim in the waters surrounding this beach will also find themselves enjoying a likable and timid climate. The precious white-sandy-filled beaches with pamper your feet and nature will give you an unforgettable pedicure.  If you do go, do not forget to visit one of the wineries and try some of the absolutely mouth-watering wine.



4.) Boulders Beach, Cape Town

Close your eyes and start putting together a picture inside your head… Imagine a slowly played out scene of yourself joyfully experiencing the sights of near 3,000 penguins making their way to and then from the sandy shores of Boulders Beach. Are you picturing it? No wonder this beach is so well-loved.



5.) Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Queensland, Australia presents this truly gorgeous beach within the confines of the Whitsunday Islands National Park. Although there is a camp-ground that sits on the south end, visitors must check in before touring it and they can usually only take in the amazingly wonderful sights of  Whitehaven Beach for just a few hours- which, if you think about it, is mostly like any other national park out there.


6.) Venice Beach, California, U.S. 

On the edge of the West-Coast of the United States lies the very lively and never dull boardwalk of Venice Beach. It’s almost like a constant, 24-7 carnival there, too. This beach never ceases to amuse any of those who walk along it. Truly exciting and beautiful (especially at sunset and sunrise) most enjoy their trip to this thrilling SoCal beach.

7.) Balos Beach, Greece

This is a picture-perfect beach on Crete and is mainly known for its stunning vibrancy at its absolute best. Along with many other colorful pastel features, there also awaits a dazzling turquoise sea to dip in and a soft, bright sandy shore.



8.) Warwick Long Bay, Bermuda

This beautiful beach silently screams out relaxation and those who visit are overwhelmed with what appears to be true tranquility. It may be the amazing pink and orange sunsets on the horizon or it may be the refreshing smell of fresh tropical air as you sunbathe… Either way, no matter what it is that draws you in, it is most definitely deserving of its popularity!

9.) Crane Beach, Barbados

Gorgeous coral sands, the exciting and fun activity of boogie boarding and a complete serenity that is hard to find anywhere else… That is what awaits you on this lovely white sand-filled Barbados beach. This is another favorite among the many. It is hard to find another place quite like this sun-kissed beauty.



10.) Tulum Beach, Mexico

On the very edge of a large cliff that sits in Mexico, lies the ruins of truly ancient Mayan history. The sights Tulum has to offer will leave you filled with awe. Not only that, but it has almost emerald-like waters that are always awaiting below the extraordinary cliff for people to come and try out an amazing diving experience after seeing a view unlike any other.

11.) Bora Bora, Tahiti 

This Tahitian beach is the definition of paradise at its best. At eighteen feet, this glorious beach wraps you right up in its perfection, stunning sandy white beaches and quiet, peaceful beaches that will help you truly start to relax to your fullest potential.



12.) St. Bart’s, Caribbean Sea

St. Bart’s seems to  fill each of its visitors with a complete feeling of allure, delight and it is brimming within nothing less than a classy vibe. This beach gracefully delights whomever steps upon it with delicious French delicacies and pure enjoyment at its finest.



13.) Champagne Beach, Vanuatu

This is literally the perfect beach to sit down and pop the cork off a bottle of bubbly. The beach earned its name from the shallow waves that appear to start fizzing when the tides are low. Sounds like it would be amazing to watch, right? Oh, it is! It is especially something to see when the sun starts to lower beyond the horizon. That is when the pale pink skies shimmer off of those champagne like waves, creating a remarkable sight.



14.) Kauna’oa Bay, Hawaii

Aloha! This spectacular spot takes on a very surprising shape of a half-moon. Kauna’oa Bay is never a place to lack swaying palm trees and perfect sand to enjoy. It’s a very popular destination in Hawaii and those who have had the pleasure of going there have the utmost fun and find supreme peace by snorkeling or even just laying out in the sun.



15.) Perhentian Kecil, Malaysia

There are two Perhentian islands that inhabit the area. Kecil gives us the wonderful Long Beach and the amazing Coral Beach. These beaches bless their visitors with a comforting and sociable atmosphere and relaxing places to lounge and dine at.



16.) Gardener Bay, Galapagos Islands

You can visit this adorable beach and relax on the sand- alongside cute sea-lions! Not only will you make some new friends on the shore, but you can  become buds with manta-rays there, too. How fun!



17. ) Rabbit Beach, Lampedusa Sicily, Italy

Ever wanted to view  the miracle of a sea-turtle egg hatching? No promises, but you just might right here at Rabbit Beach! These protected animals drop off some of their cute little eggs right on the shore so that they can grow and eventually start to hatch. Plus, you do not want to miss the amazing surroundings of this beach. Beautiful white cliffs surround this special place and give you an unforgettable visit.



18.) Anse Source D’Argent, Seychelles 

Let your toes bask in the glory of coral-pink sands at this luxurious beach. You can feast your eyes upon the worn, but extremely breathtaking granite rocks that set the backdrop right next to a turquoise colored sea.



19.) The Hamptons, New York

This pretty famous destination is a common vacationing point, summer home area and popularly talked about among the more wealthy (especially New Yorkers) because of its ever so darling  appearance with its beautiful shores, first-class resorts and easy escape route from N.Y.C.



20.) Navagio Beach, Greece

Otherwise known famously as “Shipwreck Beach.” This beach earned it’s well-known name in a mistaken manner. A large vessel had shipwrecked upon shore and the ship was thought to be one smuggling drugs. You can visit this piece of history and even climb around inside of the wreckage!

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