Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In The World

By on September 15, 2013

1. Florence, Italy 

The skyline that reigns across Florence is truly a sight to behold. Remarkable in all ways, Florence never let’s down those who pass through. The Italian city is brimming with the Renaissance era and is speckled with almost too-good-to-be-true bridges, piazzas and palaces. The architecture is built strongly with romance and coated with not only history, but true art.

2. Paris, France 

Besides the famous and gorgeous Eiffel Tower, there are so many breathtaking sights that await in the French capital. The air in this beautiful realm is no less than dripping with culture, romance and the absolute prettiest of lights. It’s very easy to fall utterly in love with the many stunning views Paris holds within its city limits.

3. Lisbon, Portugal 

When it comes down to it, Lisbon is mostly full of a very unique charm that’s hard to deny for anyone who’s been there. From the scenic hills and rivers, to the story-book like buildings, this city never ceases to leave one awestruck.


4. Rome, Italy

It is very safe to say that the Italians never fail to present gorgeous, history-filled cities that really truly brighten the world. A visit to Rome will have you feasting your eyes upon various monumental pieces of significant history. Whether you pay a delightful visit to the Vatican, the Colosseum or the Sistine Chapel (a few among many more amazing pieces of history) you will find yourself in disbelief that such beauty exists in reality. You may even find yourself closing your eyes to see if you can get a wish to come true at the amazing Trevi Fountain. This is not only a city of beauty at its finest, but also a city of grace, too.

5. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is all about its natural landscape and lush scenery. There really is nothing else like the astonishing views that Rio offers to its viewers. Not only are the buildings completely stunning, but it’s art and widely known Sugarloaf Mountain are of a true beautiful essence, as well. This masterpiece of a city is almost overflowing with a luxurious vibe, tropical land and an ocean scene to be treasured.


6. Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Elegance is often a word that is associated and comes to mind with the city of Amsterdam. This wonderful place holds within its confines an original and well-put together arrangement. The organized, beautifully made buildings are lined along one of the absolute most dazzling canals in this world. Just strolling down the cobblestone streets will overwhelm most with a mystifying charm that is hard to shake. Besides the charming atmosphere, there are serene cafes, museums and much more that will make you become smitten with this picture-perfect city.

7. Venice, Italy 

In all of its romantic glory, Venice, the city known as the ‘City Of Water’, does not ever seem to disappoint those who have laid their eyes upon its beauty. With millions of tourists a year, Venice holds almost as much originality as a single place can. Romance, a history to reminisce in and the uniqueness are always lingering afloat throughout this magnificent part of our world. The buildings glow proudly through their wear and tear and the locals are always ones to welcome you, making anyone’s visit even more satisfying.

8. Munich, Germany 

With its serene mountain surroundings, Munich’s beauty may steal your heart without any hesitation at all. Unlike other gorgeous cities, the history that this city provides is of a whole different world. Everything about Munich is drenched with magnificent culture and it is graced with its absolutely unforgettable museums, a true set of authentic scenery, remarkable architecture and almost too much mystique to handle.


9. Vancouver, Canada

Not only does the astonishing city of Vancouver offer you a gratifying sea-side atmosphere with its amazing beaches, but it also gives you honorable mountains to really enjoy. This city is filled with enlightenment and is a wondrous place to be. This Canadian city brights to life a beautiful sight of lights at night, an exquisitely friendly atmosphere and also clean-cut, yet magnificent architecture.

10. Budapest, Hungary 

Hungarians have blessed the world with their magical city of Budapest. This city sings of the 19th century and anyone who has the pleasure to pay Budapest a visit, will find themselves in awe by its Gothic tone and Renaissance attributes. It’s filled with detailed bridges and palaces that will take away your breath when seeing them for the first… or even fifth time! The unique city is carved almost as if to lure you into its true beauty.









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