Sleek, Toned Arms in Just 4 Steps!

By on January 15, 2013

Winter is soon going to be over and the days where we can hide our flabby arms underneath thick sweaters is almost drawing to a close. Summertime is on its way and this can only mean one thing – baring more skin. If it’s time to get your arms in the best shape they’ve ever been, you need to follow these four very easy steps!


  1. Learn how to use a kettle bell. This simple weight loss gadget is designed to help you tone up and lose weight in the arm area and can be the biggest and best work out of your life! Using acceleration and deceleration motions, the muscle is toned at a much faster rate than by using dumb bells and with just a few short minutes per day, you could have killer arms before you know it. Even something as simple as moving the ball from one side of your body to the other in a diagonal notion can transform your arms in just a few workouts – you may even find that it helps to tone up your abs too!
  2. Use your arms while you are sat down! Either using the kettle bell or a set of dumb bells, move your arms around while you are seemingly sat doing nothing. Even the smallest of movements can help to burn fat and tone up muscle, and if you think about how much time you are sat there doing nothing while staring at a TV or computer screen, you could be getting the arms that Madonna would be envious of!
  3. Rock your arms while you are walking. On the morning trek to work, move your arms as you would if you were running. You may look a little crazy but this actually works, especially if you wear those little wrist weights that you can buy in the form of larger bracelets. This is actually a very simple trick and as we have already mentioned, any movement makes the difference so the more you move, the more toning you are doing!
  4. Finally, use a yoga ball while you are sat on the computer at home. As you read this, you could be tightening up your core and working almost every muscle in your body at the same time. You could even wear the wrist weights at the same time – you will be moving all of your body in a bid to sit still and even your arms will be being used as you try and find a balanced spot – give it a shot and see how you get on!


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