50 Best Edgy Haircuts

By on February 19, 2014

What’s one of the hottest hairstyles of this year? Edgy haircuts. We’re talking totally wild and alluring styles that are completely different from the ‘norm’. Check out these celebrities who rocked (or are currently rocking) some edgy cuts that are unique and stylish- you might just meet eyes with your next vibrant ‘do!

1. Kimberly Caldwell Edgy Hairstyle: Wavy, Layered ‘Do


Just as edgy hairstyles are all the rage this year, the runner-up trend is bangs. Kimberly Caldwell shows us an adorable pixie cut with plenty of waves and layers-layers with add tons of body and piece-iness to the overall do. If you want to rock this edgy cut, add tons of layers to your side bangs and don’t forget to wave it up- unless you’re one of those lucky girls with naturally gorgeous waves!

2. Hilary Duff Edgy Hairstyle: Dark and Tussled


What could be more edgy, dark, and mysterious than gorgeous brunette hair with plenty of highlights and lowlights? Hilary Duff showcases her luscious dark locks in a tussled ‘do that is really rockin’. Make this edgy look complete with plenty of dark makeup- especially around the eyes. Simply stated, we love this vampiric and edgy look.

3. Jennifer Lawrence Edgy Hairstyle: Blonde Tussled Pixie


By now we’re all aware that pixie cuts are seriously on-trend this year. And if you’re not already sporting this cute hairstyle, consider Jennifer Lawrence’s cute tussled pixie. Sweep it to the side and add plenty of layers for an edgy style. Take it one step further with bright blonde locks for an eye-catching look!

4. Ciara Edgy Hairstyle: Short Ombre


Leave it to Ciara to make a simple short cut look hip and edgy. Ciara has completed her short hair with the classic ombre style with darker hair leading to a honey blonde color, finished with a few simple waves. Oh, and let’s not forget the middle part which obviously adds to the chic attitude of the entire look.

5. Jennifer Morrison Edgy Hairstyle: Braided Mohawk


Does Jennifer Morrison get the gold for wildest hairstyle? Maybe- but hey, that’s not a bad thing. This funky braided mohawk is undoubtedly an attention-grabbing do that we absolutely love. Edginess at its best, this stylish hairstyle brings tons of delightful braids ringed at the top of the head for a mohawk style that’s absolutely on-trend. The next time you’re feeling adventurous, try out this style.

6. Katy Perry Edgy Hairstyle: Bright Blue


Let’s just say nobody has a problem spotting Katy Perry from a mile away- maybe even a couple miles (or 3, or 4…or 15). Katy Perry ignited her locks with plenty of blue and purple hues. The outcome? Wild, shockingly bright hair that is surprisingly very delightful to the eye. If you’re in the mood for a vibrant hair color change, choose the path of Katy Perry and go for something brilliant and bright.

7. Kelly Osborne: Colored Bun


There’s a couple things we love about this hairstyle. We’ll start off with the blunt bangs. Totally hip and totally in style, these blunt and thick bangs frame the face brilliantly for an overall gorgeous style. Next let’s talk about the bun. We’re all aware of how incredibly popular buns are, so this edgy bun style is an obvious win. Completed with a braid swooped around the bun, this edgy style is a must. If you’re really feeling wild and crazy, try adding some color to your hair like Kelly Osbourne.

8. Miley Cyrus Edgy Hairstyle: Shaved Pixie


There’s probably not a single person who isn’t aware of Miley Cyrus and her crazy antics. And in the midst of these insane episodes Miley Cyrus showed up with a sexy and chic pixie cut that has plenty of attitude. Lovely pixie style with shaved sides- it doesn’t get any fashionably wilder than that.

9. Ashlee Simpson Edgy Hairstyle: Straight Platinum Pixie


Ashlee Simpson is no stranger to the edgy hairstyle scene- so it’s really no wonder why she’d make it on our list of top 50. Here you see Ashlee Simpson sporting a layered pixie with a bright, platinum blonde color that is vibrant and chic. With plenty of layers and sleek, straight strands, this pixie cut is a simple edgy masterpiece.

10. Natalie Dormer Edgy Hairstyle: Shaved Side


Have you been on the city sidewalks lately? Hair rocking a single shaved side is seriously stylish right now- practically everyone is doing it! Could Natalie Dormer be the one to blame? Whether she was the inspiration for girls everywhere or simply following trend, we love her rockin’ hairdo. Talk about a style with tons of grunge and attitude!

11. Demi Lovato Edgy Hairstyle: Multi-Colored Twist


When Demi Lovato walked out wearing a leather jacket, a golden spiked bracelet, and a crazy updo- we were a little bit in shock. But let’s face it: we were a little bit excited, too! Demi Lovato has inspired us to try out blonde with pink tips, a totally edgy color combo that looks amazing. Her hairstyle is completed with an interesting updo smack dab on the top of the head- both of which adds dimension, height, and attitude to the overall theme. Looks good, Demi!

12. Anne Hathaway Edgy Hairstyle: Edgy Crop


We’ve been so used to seeing Anne Hathaway with long hair that this was a bit of a shock- but boy do we absolutely, positively love this style. This adorable shaggy pixie cut comes with plenty of stylish layers and a tousled manner that provides an overall chic and flirty look.

13. Jada Pinkett Smith Edgy Hairstyle: Shaved and Bleached


Here’s another great edgy hairstyle featuring the infamous side shave. Here you see Jada Pinkett Smith sporting a cute ponytail ‘do complete with a shaved side- which, of course, is accented with bright blonde highlights. And just take a look at that volume up top! Definitely an edgy style you might want to consider- it’s anything but the norm!

14. Nicole Richie Edgy Hairstyle: Gray, Old Lady Chic


For years women have gone to great lengths to hide their gray locks- hitting the salons, going in for touch-ups the moment a gray hair sprouts, buying expensive products to reduce gray hair- you know, the whole nine yards. And then out comes Nicole Richie, rocking a head full of gray hairs- none of which are natural, I’m sure. What did we end up with? A brand new trend with old lady chic. Who knew gray hair would be one of the hottest colors to rock this year? We didn’t see this one coming!

15. Charlize Theron Edgy Hairstyle: Man Cut

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

When it comes to Charlize Theron’s hairstyle, the shorter the better. Here you see this gorgeous woman sporting a haircut that’s typically seen on men; but Charlize Theron shows us that ladies can easily sport this very short man’s cut, too. Thanks Charlize- you’ve definitely given women everywhere the confidence they needed to rock a short ‘do!

16. Pink Edgy Hairstyle: The Short Wave

40th Anniversary American Music Awards - Arrivals

Pink. Of course this edgy lady is going to make it onto the list of 50 best edgy haircuts for 2014! Here we see this lovely woman sporting a hairstyle with plenty of attitude. A very short cut lined with beautiful platinum blonde coloring, finished off with a top wave that is fun and cute. Surely a style you’ll want to consider rocking this summer!

17. Evan Rachel Wood Edgy Hairstyle: Short Waves

Variety Studio At 2013 Sundance Film Festival - Day 4 - Park City 2013

Let’s just be honest here: we love this edgy hairstyle because it isn’t shocking, anyone can pull it off, and is insanely easy to put together. The short ‘do cuts just below the jaw line and is accented with beautiful waves. Perfect for woman with naturally wavy locks or those who love to boost their hair with a little shape. Truly a flirty and fun style that looks great on any woman!

18. Halle Berry Edgy Hairstyle: High Up

Halle Berry, Michael Kors And The United Nations World Food Programme DinnerWhat comes to mind when you think of Halle Berry? (You know, besides stunning woman, amazing actress, etc). Her trademark short hair, of course! If you’re thinking about the perfect haircut for an edgy look this year, consider Halle Berry’s beautiful short cut. Buy up some gel and firming products to achieve the hot standup do on top of the head.

19. Emmy Rossum Edgy Hairstyle: Straight and Sleek


Edgy haircuts don’t always have to mean pixie cuts or short ‘dos- and Emmy Rossum proves it. Her beautiful locks are adorned with plenty of gel to give them the ‘wet’ and sleek appearance, leaving this gorgeous lady with incredibly straight and sleek hair that is laid flat, close to the head. A wonderful look to consider if you don’t want to chop your locks but still wear an edgy style!

20. Victoria Beckham Edgy Hairstyle: Graduated Bob


Here you will see one of the most popular haircut styles: the graduated bob. Literally everyone is doing it, trying it, or just plain out loving it. This sexy style leaves the hair longer in the front, shorter in the back- perfect for a woman with plenty of ATTITUDE. Not to mention this particular style is highly revved up with the platinum blonde as you see here with Victoria Beckham!

21. Ke$ha Edgy Hairstyle: Pastel Combo


I think we all know how incredibly popular pastel colors are, whether you’re wearing pastel skinny jeans, pastel tops and jackets- even pastel hair. Here we see Ke$ha sporting beautifully long hair, complete with an edgy middle part and, you guessed it! A shocking combination of pastel pink, blue, and platinum for a very stylish and eye-catching look. Definitely a style to try this upcoming spring and summer!

22. Lady Gaga: Platinum Blunt Bangs


Whether you’re a fan of her music or not, we can all agree on one thing: Lady Gaga’s shockingly platinum blonde hair is simply gorgeous and her blunt, full bangs are seriously hot. This is definitely an edgy haircut to consider if you want to keep your hair long but mix it up a bit.

23. Rita Ora Edgy Hairstyle: 50’s Inspired


Rita Ora definitely made a bold statement when she walked out with this beautiful hairstyle. Not only is the color excellent, accenting her skin tone magnificently, but the overall haircut and ‘do gives it a 50’s blast-from-the-past theme that is edgy yet sophisticated. Splashed with some layers and waves, this is a sexy haircut for any woman.

24. Jessica Biel Edgy Hairstyle: Wispy Bangs


Feminine with plenty of edgy attitude: that’s what this hairstyle is all about. Jessica Biel switched up her long hair with a few simple waves and wispy bangs that frame her face perfectly. If you don’t want a shocking style or don’t want to make an extreme cut to your long locks, consider some wispy cute bangs.

25. Demi Lovato: Side Part


Demi Lovato is on point with this beautiful haircut. A side part is met with beautifully long side bangs, accented gorgeously with a few layers, flips, and curls amongst the mysteriously dark hair color. Truly an edgy style that offers some elegance and sophistication along with its fierce attitude.

26. Hayley Williams Edgy Hairstyle: Vibrant, Bold and Blunt


Ok, so maybe you aren’t a fan of pastel colors like Ke$ha. You prefer bolder, more vibrant colors that really stand out from the crowd. If this sounds like you, then you’ll probably love Hayley William’s obnoxious, edgy ‘do. The two vibrant colors of hot pink and bright orange come together in a cute medium-length cut complete with short, blunt bangs for a really edgy style.

27. Chloe Moretz Edgy Hairstyle: Medium Length with Side Part


Chloe Moretz shows us a simple, cut, and totally edgy medium length cut dressed up with subtle waves for a voluminous effect. Complete with a generous side part, this ‘do can easily go from day to night with ease.

28. Brittany Snow Edgy Hairstyle: Angular Bob


Brittany Snow’s sharp, angular bob is aligned with sleek, straight strands left longer in the front and a bit shorter in the back. This angled style is incredibly hot and easy to work with. Polished off with strands of platinum blonde, we’re simply adoring every inch of this edgy haircut.

29. Nicki Minaj Edgy Hairstyle: Medium Length Ombre


There’s no denying it: Nicki Minaj is the definition of edgy style, so of course she’d have the hair to match. Here we see this lovely singer sporting a medium length cut just past the shoulders. The hair is left completely straight with a middle part, where we see the dark roots escaping from the scalp leading to platinum blonde strands. This ombre look is totally sexy and is definitely an edgy haircut we love.

30. Julianne Hough Edgy Hairstyle: Skinny Volume


Julianne Hough gives the simple short haircut a fresh new style by keeping volume at the roots of the hair, but keeping the ends tamed with a flat iron. This basic look gives the hair a voluminous and edgy feel while still being basic and cute. Definitely a style to try if you’re loving this short haircut- and don’t forget the generous side part!

31. Sylvie Van Der Vaart Edgy Hairstyle: Spiked


Want to take the short, male inspired ‘do to an all new level? Take a page out of Sylvie Van Der Vaart’s book and spike it! Come on, how can you not look edgy with spiked hair? That’s the ultimate when it comes to style and attitude. Plus it’s really easy to put together, and goes with almost any outfit.

32. Kherington Payne Edgy Hairstyle: Layered Lob

Celebrity-Short-Hair-2013-4What’s not to love about this adorable style? There’s plenty of volume, dimension, and attitude wrapped up into a stunning lob. To achieve this look, cut the hair in a long bob style and traumatize it with tons of layers. The end result? A short, choppy haircut that can be styled in some seriously tremendous ways. Spice it up with some extra edge and make it blonde like Kherington Payne!

33. Pink Edgy Hairstyle: Lob with Side Bangs

Celebrity-Short-Hair-2013-10 Much like the beloved hairstyle from Kherington Payne, Pink’s haircut featured a blend of layers all different shapes and sizes in a trendy lob cut. The only difference? This style is rocking a very deep side part which adds obvious edginess and chic attitude to the entire look. Dressed up with a few hot pink strands, this edgy style from Pink is sure to take the hairstyling world by storm.

34. Rihanna Edgy Haircut: Firey Crop


We absolutely love this cut crop haircut from Rihanna. It gives the hair plenty of volume and dimension while still remaining incredibly short. The side is shaved and the hair is pulled over from the sides and back to the front, creating a top-heavy look that is simply gorgeous. Not to mention the fire hydrant red color of Rihanna’s hair, which totally adds a huge level of edginess to the entire look. Hint: If you really want to make your hair edgier. try adding a splash of wild color like this firey red, bright orange, hot pink, or another crazy color!

35. Nicole Richie Edgy Haircut: Long with Choppy Bangs


Similar to Jessica Biel’s style, Nicole Richie is seen here with gorgeous long, dark locks that are accented magnificently with subtle waves. The look is finished off with a series of very choppy bangs, all of which give her a boho-chic style that is completely on-trend. Maintaining a tremendous amount of edgy attitude, this style can easily be worn with all of your favorite outfits for the office or late night outings.

36. Cassie Edgy Hairstyle: Creative Shave

Louis Vuitton Celebrates The 40th Anniversary Of The Lunar Landing

A shave doesn’t have to mean ‘buzz, buzz, buzz’ and you’re done. In fact, Cassie shows us quite the opposite with this amazing creative shave cut. Instead of leaving the side of her head bare, Cassie dresses up her bald side with zig-zag decorations that are not only appealing to look at, but add plenty of wild edginess to her entire style. If you’re considering rocking the one-sided shave look, take a lesson from Cassie and make it stand out from the crowd. You won’t regret it!

37. Skunk Anansie Edgy Hairstyle: Bald

Salma Hayek And Francois-Henry Pinault Celebrate Second Wedding In Venice

If you have the perfect bone structure to pull it off, why not try Skunk Anansie’s bold haircut- completely bald? Yes it’s gutsy, and maybe even shocking. Maybe it’s not the first idea that comes to mind when you’re considering a brand new edgy look. But we’re telling you- there’s truly nothing more edgy or outrageous then completely shaving your locks and letting your skull get some fresh air. All my crazy girls out there, this one is for you!

38. Agyness Deyn Edgy Hairstyle: Pixied Bangs

Anna Sui - Backstage - Spring 09 MBFW

Didn’t think you could have adorable short bangs just because you decided to go with a short pixie haircut? Think again! As we see here with beautiful model Agyness Deyn, you can have your cake and eat it too- and look totally hot doing so. Note that her hair is covered with brilliant layers which mold to her face perfectly. The short bangs add an edgy touch that we’re very, very fond of. This haircut isn’t represented often, so if you decide to go with this edgy haircut you’ll definitely notice head turns- and for good reason, too!

39. Jennifer Anniston Edgy Hairstyle: Medium Length Layers


We can always rely on the beautiful Jennifer Anniston to show off subtle, long hair that is feminine and flirty. Here she is seen with a medium length cut right above the shoulders with tons of obvious layer which add dimension and depth to the entire ‘do. With plenty of lowlights and highlights mixed with her blonde locks and an edgy middle part, the look comes together miraculously. A simple, yet totally feminine and chic haircut that looks good on just about anyone.

40. Jessie J Edgy Hairstyle: Blunt is Best


If there is a single word that comes to mind when you see Jessie J’s haircut, it’s BLUNT. I mean, there is a series of distinctive, blunt cuts every which way. Let’s start off by taking a look at the thick, heavy, and seriously blunt bangs that run right across the top of the eyelids. This is an undeniable chic and edgy look that gives the face a beautiful frame. Now to move on to the rest of the hair, where we see one side hanging lower than the other. This boosts the entire look with a bit of angle and funk, something any edgy haircut needs. Polished off with a develish shade of black, this is undoubtedly one of the hottest hairstyles we’ve seen in awhile.

41. Reese Witherspoon Edgy Hairstyle: Short with Side Bangs


It’s not wild. It’s not exotic. But hey, it’s drop dead gorgeous with plenty of edgy attitude and femininity. Of course it’s none other than Reese Witherspoon’s beautiful haircut, featuring shorter locks of hair hanging at her shoulders with plenty of all over layers that look playful and fun. But what we really love about this haircut is the side bangs. They aren’t too thick or overbearing, which is not something you typically seen. They’re rather fringy and cute, which draws attention to her lovely face rather than hiding it with blunt, full bangs. We love this adorable haircut!

42. Kim Kardashian Edgy Hairstyle: Long and Strong


Exuding class, elegance, and sex appeal- could we really expect anything less from this gorgeous diva? Here we see Kim Kardashian rocking her lovely long locks, pulled back and slicked down for an overall edgy style. No special layers or flirty bangs- just pure, sensational hair that glides down her back. And we are loving it.

43. Mary J. Blige Edgy Hairstyle: Bowl Cut

37th Annual FiFi Awards - Inside

The bowl cut may have been the reason for jokes and snickers in elementary school, but as we can clearly see with Mary J. Blige, it’s now one of the hottest and edgiest styles in the fashion world (and, of course, she looks totally sexy with this fab cut). This bowl cut is feminine and cute and leaves plenty of room for styling. It’s also the perfect haircut for girls who don’t want an incredibly short ‘do but still want to rock short locks.

44. Cameron Diaz Edgy Hairstyle: Layers Around the Face


If you want to try styling your medium length hair in an all new, sophisticated way, try Cameron Diaz’s simple style. It’s positively edgy and cute and adds a splash of distinctive elegance to the face. The look is easy to accomplish. Simply leave the hair long, adding a few long layers around the head. When it comes to the face, frame it with a few shorter layers that will lay beautifully. The end result? A beautiful hairstyle that can be worn to the fanciest dinners or to wild beach parties.

45. Julianne Moore Edgy Hairstyle: Razored Ends


This style is for the gal who likes to play it safe, yet still wants to kick her ‘do up a notch. Julianne Moore shows us that it’s easy to amp up your subtle style in an instant: with razored ends. Razored ends gives hair the oomph it needs to go from dull to fab, adding plenty of funky volume and dimension. Add some beautiful waves and even try out this gorgeous soft red hair color for a look that really turns heads!

46. Martina McBride Edgy Hairstyle: Short and Wild


Tired of dull, lifeless hair that lays flat and is, well, rather boring? Then take a look at this short and wild ‘do from the lovely Martina McBride. She’s got all the funk and wild behavior wrapped into one cut-off ‘do that is nothing short of spunky and fabulous. It begins with a cute side bangs that isn’t overly thick, but still has plenty of fullness to frame the face. The top and back of the head is aligned with tons of short layers to give it that almost spiky look. It’s a seriously crazy look that has so much attitude. Plus it’s easy to style! What woman doesn’t want that?

47. Laura Linney Edgy Hairstyle: Long, Long Layers


If you want to rev up your simple medium length hairstyle, here’s a subtle way to do it: with plenty of long layers like we see here in Laura Linney. The rest of the hair is left alone, giving it the elegant and soft appearance a lot of woman love, yet the ends are perked up with a series of minuscule layers which obviously add height and beauty. It’s a glamorous and edgy style that doesn’t go too overboard and we adore it!

48. Rose Byrne Edgy Hairstyle: Blunt Bob


A little bit fierce, a little bit of attitude, yet still classy and romantic. Rose Byrne’s simple short cut featured blunt ends for a full, thick appearance that surrounds her face beautifully. With a series of thick bangs pulled softly to the side, this overall style can easily be worn to the finest black tie affairs or the simplest get togethers with the girls. The perfect look for a woman who loves short cuts but wants to add fullness and chic attitude to the look.

49. Katie Holmes Edgy Hairstyle: Framed Bob


Ah, Katie Holmes. We can’t thank you enough for showing off this gorgeous bob cut. It might not be extreme or eye-catching, but the subtle style adds a definitive amount of chicness and edge. Notice how the cut frames her face beautifully. The hair is cut slightly shorter in the back and longer in the front, following her bone structure to a tee. The middle part finished with a set of bangs is what really pulls this short style together brilliantly. If you like short hair and have a heart shaped face, this is a style you need to try.

50. Angelina Jolie Edgy Hairstyle: Volume


Angelina Jolie never fails to give us a breathtaking style that we all want to try. Here she is seen with voluminous hair that is nothing short of elegant and gorgeous. Her long locks are cut at an angle with simple long layers to give the hair a boost of volume, while the side bangs and generous side part give her a classy and edgy stride. Not to mention her beautiful, chocolatey brown hair color accenting her skin tone and eyes. Final product? A stunning haircut that any lady will love.


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